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Calgary Mustangs latest article Nov 18


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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Mustangs let loose

A-League team gets new name


Calgary's reborn professional soccer team has a new general manager, a new head coach and, officially, a new name.

The team formerly known as the Calgary Storm will be called the Calgary Mustangs and the former coach of the Storm, Thomas Niendorf, will be the bench boss and GM.

Niendorf confirmed yesterday he'd be at the helm when the team opens the 2004 A-League season after being assured by club president John Torode he'd be able to recruit players as he sees fit.

"I needed confirmation that I can do proper recruiting, that was really important and that's why I didn't commit earlier," he said.

He's already been scouting players to fill the club's roster.

"I'll be able to bring some professional experienced players to the franchise and with my connections in Europe, I have strength in that area,"said Niendorf, adding the team will have a mix of local talent as well and probably some players from last season's team that ended with a dismal 4-21-3 record.

Team officials wanted a name with a western theme that hadn't been used or wasn't being used by any current Calgary teams.

But, much to their chagrin, they found out the Calgary Mustangs represented the city in the Canadian Professional Soccer League in 1983.

The Mustangs, a non-profit organization, had also hoped to play in Burns Stadium.

But the City of Calgary rejected the proposal to have soccer games in the facility, declaring Burns a baseball only facility for next year.

So the Mustangs, as of right now, will likely be back at Foothills Athletic Park.

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That's not the official logo. Sheesh.

As I explained to Luis last week:

"They probably just put up the site to give people some eye-candy and build the sense of anticipation. Regarding the logo, obviously that is not the real one. C'mon, they put something plain, so it would not be confused as being the real one. If they put some cutesy, but more realistic temp logo together, then you'd be freaking out about how "crumby" it is. Chill."

p.s. - Hamiltonfan, if you were one of my students, I'd have failed you in Language Arts :)

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I think Thomas does a great job at developing talent, but what this team needs is a fast start to try and win some of the causal fans over and build up a better base and atmosphere. Given comments about one year commitments from the owners the results have to happen this year so Thomas will have to slowly work his youngsters into the lineup or they all better make Owen H look like a B-Team player. Unfortunately, I don't think the owners, fans or city is going to support a team that isn't competitive right out of the gate. I know they want to work on a developmental model, but the past history has put the Mustangs directly behind the [8]

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