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U-23 Roster vs El Salvador

Ian Kennett

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Now that the mysteries of the WC team are being sorted out, we need to try to figure out the U-23 roster. So, here goes.

Based on the following:

1) Squad selected for the US Virgin Islands matches

2) CSA coaches deciding (and a wise decision at that!), to not raid each other's squads for players/

3) Decision to play the player at the appropriate level

18 players -

Goal - a tough call. Likely Raynor and then . . .

Defence - Pozniak, Braz, Arango, Klukowski, Harmse

Midfield - de Guzman, Thompson, Nsaliwa, Williams, Masciantonia, Hutchinson, Placentino

Forward - Hume, Friend, and ?

Now comes the tough call. There are a couple of other players involved one or the other, or not at all.

Dunfield, Oppong, Canizales, Godfrey who are/have been hurt but could/have recovered, or should be included either in a larger squad or at the expense of somebody else.

Savaria, Peters (U-20), Chin (U-20) would not be included.

So, thoughts anybody?

Cheers! ;)

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Olivieri will get the call in goal. He has been getting all the major minutes in the lead-up.

I agree with most of the rest of your squad Ian, but think Canizales and Oppong will be there for sure with Godfrey and Bellotte possibilities up front.

I think Dunfield will play before Placentino.

Is Fronimidas eligible? Understand he had a good year.

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Unless they are injured, I'd assume that Oppong & Canizalez will be there. Probably Dunfield as well Rayner & Oliveiri to be keepers I suspect. Also would think Belotte might be looked at for a striker position. Not sure about Hume - he's good enough, of course, but given that he would miss quite a bit of first team action with the U20 tournament at the end of the month I'm not sure we will see him with the Olympic team as well, especially with other strikers available that could do the job without missing first team action (like Belotte & Godfrey, who play with the reserves of their squad).

We may wish to start inquiring about tv coverage for this & the other huge matches coming up this month - a ton of important Cdn. soccer coming up soon & thus far I haven't heard a peep about tv coverage for any of it.

We have a lot of depth for this team and now that Olympic qualifying won't conflict with World Cup qualifying, we should be looking to have our best possible team.

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Guest Jeffery S.

I can't see any player on the U-20 squad being obliged to not go to the camp in Turkey and instead play in El Salvador and Kelowna. It would not make sense, either you prepare for a tournament properly or not at all.

This is why the U-23s should be able to make do without Hume, Godfrey, Hutchinson, or Harmse. Or Belotte.

I agree that it looks like Olivieri will be in goal, or else some young A-league keeper I don't know of (don't know their ages). If Rayner is called it would mean that he is not going to UAE, so that would in fact be a bit of a letdown. Three of Fernandes, Djekanovic, Rayner and Karim will be on the U-20 squad. Who will be left off?

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