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  1. Does anyone know off-hand if these will be publicly released today or in the coming days?
  2. No doubt... we all have parents. Likely many on this forum are parents. We all know parents are always going to be their child's number one supporter. So yes, you take things with a grain of salt. But what shouldn't be disregarded, is the direct knowledge that he obviously would have as a parent, in that Herdman, Biello, or whoever from Canada Soccer, haven't even been in touch with his son. You would assume Canada Soccer would at least touch base with its prospects, especially ones playing at the level he is. Is there something else going on in the background with that situation; who knows?
  3. So interestingly enough, it would appear that not only is Mitrovic interested in playing for Canada, but actually wants to play for Canada. The kicker, he was never even contacted for the U23. The source - his father, who is not too happy about that. And really, neither should Canadian Soccer fans. Yes, it's great that we're going through a bit of a wonder kid generation at the moment. But do we really have the kind of depth to be ignoring someone playing in a 1st division Euro league at that age?
  4. Nice! My tweet made the Forum lol. You can add Lucas Dias to this list (according to his uncle anyway). Looking like we're piecing together a solid squad. Curious if Brym and the Paton brothers get the call as well. Also feel free to follow me hahaha.
  5. https://twitter.com/DominiquePichel/status/1354371761673031681?s=20 According to this Dutch sports journalist, Sturing is returning to FC Den Bosch. Win/win situation in my opinion. Hopefully he plays well and maybe it buys him another European opportunity. If not, the Eerste Divisie season ends in May; so it is still conceivable that he would be available for the 2021 CPL season.
  6. Article from Valour website Goalies Incumbents: James Pantemis, Matt Silva Signed: N/A TBD: Silva, Pantemis Defenders Incumbents: Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Arnold Bouka-Moutou, Federico Pena, Stefan Cebara, Dante Campbell, Yohan LeBourhis, Chakib Hocine, Raph Garcia, Julian Dunn Signed: Jean-Baptiste, Cebara, Bouka-Moutou, Pena, Amir Soto Leaving the club / Not returning: Campbell, LeBourhis, Hocine TBD: Garcia, Dunn Midfield Incumbents: Raph Ohin, Brett Levis, Moses Dyer, Fraser Aird, Dylan Carreiro, Diego Gutiérrez, Daryl Fordyce, Jos
  7. Danubio starts training for the Clausura tomorrow. This will be a good gauge to see where he is in the pecking order going forward or if he needs a change of scenery. Hopefully he can wrestle his starting spot back on the 1st team.
  8. Lille are a very strange team. They play with such a lack of cohesiveness, yet oddly get results. You have to wonder when their luck is going to run out playing that way. A previous poster mentioned the locker room and egos. I think this is very much the case with this squad. The only thing Lille has less of than cohesiveness, is comradery and leadership. As far as David specifically is concerned, and this is purely speculation and personal observation on my part, but for whatever reason it visually appears that Ikone and Bamba seem to have a complete disregard for David; which only adds to Da
  9. As per Carlos Cordova (of Televisa, and the most connected media member to Cruz Azul), Eustaquio is under contract with Cruz Azul until December 2021. The plan right now is that Cruz Azul will continue loan out Eustaquio to Pacos into the new year. Keep in mind Cruz Azul is a bit of a tire fire right now, so not sure how that might affect this situation. But if I had to guess, there wouldn't likely be a permanent move for Eustaquio until the summer transfer window at the least. I'm sure Cruz Azul will want to maximize on their investment. Keeping Eustaquio in Liga NOS to finish out the se
  10. From getting released by a USL squad to a probable loan spell/option to purchase in the EFL Championship; all within 3 years. That is the definition of an upswing. How awesome is that?
  11. He worked his way up the Danubio system from the youth squads to becoming a full fledged first team starter in October of 2019. To my knowledge, this would still be the case if not for some personal/private matters beyond football. Great to hear he's back! I would assume this present time spent with the reserves (similar to Eustaquio's time spent with the Cruz Azul reserves), is likely nothing more than a conditioning stint to get his form and fitness back to where it was at the end of 2019. Looking forward to see him rep the Red and White with the rest of our young standouts.
  12. Interesting if true. I wonder if this could also influence his brother Cristián.
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