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  1. As far as I know Canterbury United played its final match of the 2018-19 season on March 22, 2019. Maksym Kowal was in the line-up that day. The Handa Premiership does not start up again until November 2, 2019. Apparently you know what Kowal does during the off-season.
  2. Thus far, what have the most notable differences between the CPL (now) and the CSL (then)? (Stupid shit removed)
  3. The CPL attendance numbers are not insignificant. If they were, people here wouldn't be writing 35 pages worth of posts talking about it. Reality hits quick and hard in the business world. Everyone who cares about this league, deep down in their gut knows that an average of 4,000 per game isn't going to cut it. Not for long, in any case. With 4 out of seven clubs hitting below that average, it's only a matter of time before the first one will fold. A 4,000 per match attendance also doesn't attract much interest in anyone else wanting to join the CPL party. Thus, there are at least 4 CPL o
  4. Updated 4 P.M., August 11, 2019: 2019 CANADIAN GOLDEN MUKLUK Goals / Player / Club - League 11 - Lucas Cavallini (Puebla FC - Liga MX) 10 - Scott Arfield (Rangers FC - Scottish Premiership) 08 - Tesho Akindele (Orlando City FC - Major League Soccer) 08 - Jonathan David (KAA Gent - Jupiler Pro League) 07 - Terran Campbell (Pacific FC - Canadian Premier League) 07 - Tristan Borges (Forge FC - Canadian Premier League) 07 - Tosaint Ricketts (Suduva Marijampole - A Lyga) 06 - Simeon Jackson (St. Mirren FC - Scottish Premiership) 06 - Maksym Kow
  5. Yes, that's exactly what it's like living in a country, whose national soccer association and national team coach do not want the national men's soccer team to be a top-6 CONCACAF country.
  6. What's this @Binky sh_t? There is no @Binky. Just Binky! I not on the twitter, and I don't do Facebook, and I also don't own a smart phone, or post on one, or watch streamed soccer games on one. I'm just an old fashioned big-screen commercial broadcast kinda guy. As to when it comes to copying and pasting no-discernible-value stuff, I find that there is a whole bunch of worse no-discernible-value stuff that gets posted on this board than the statistical material that I post. So my answer to you is, respectfully, NO! Might I respectfully suggest you invest in a MacBook Air, or a MacBook P
  7. If Canada fails to qualify for the HEX, we better be ranked no worse than 7th or 8th come June 2020, or else our path in the lower-seeded round will force us to play against the 7th or 8th ranked CONCACAF country in the semi-finals of the knockout stage, as opposed to at worst the 9th or 10th ranked CONCACAF country in the semi-finals of the knockout stage. Currently Canada holds down the 8th spot, but Curacao is in 9th place only 3 points behind us. If Curacao happens to beat Panama in their scheduled friendly on October 10th, and we don't play any friendlies, then Panama stands a good chance
  8. We will have to play a ton of friendlies if John Herdman and the CSA are serious about trying to make the HEX, which so far does not seem to be the case. Looking at how the CONCACAF top-ten countries fared in the FIFA/Coca-Cola rankings from the June 14th rankings to the July 25th rankings, which included the Gold Cup tournament, the results are as follows: +47 points - Mexico +53 points - United States -08 points - Costa Rica +28 points - Jamaica -00 points - Honduras -00 points El Salvador +09 points Panama -02 points Canada +07 points Curacao
  9. I'll never give Onesoccer a effing red cent! Worst thing to ever happen to soccer in Canada! Death to Onesoccer!
  10. Just in case: 242.177 - Current 2019 CPL total attendance 051,018 - 2019 CPL 7 home openers 191,159 - Current 2019 CPL total attendance after deducting the 7 home openers 004,156 - Current 2019 CPL average attendance after deducting 7 matches from the 53 total matches played thus far. Again, by the end of the season will the League Average be over/under 4,000?
  11. 2019 CPL HOME OPENERS: 17,611 ~ 27-04-2019 ~ Forge FC (vs York9 FC) 05,154 ~ 28-04-2019 ~ Pacific FC (vs HFX Wanderers FC) 06,113 ~ 04-05-2019 ~ HFX Wanderers FC (vs Forge FC) 03,486 ~ 04-05-2019 ~ Calvary FC (vs York9 FC) 10,156 ~ 04-05-2019 ~ Valour FC (vs FC Edmonton) 04,238 ~ 12-05-2019 ~ FC Edmonton (vs Pacific FC) 04,260 ~ 25-05-2019 ~ York9 FC (vs Forge FC) 51,018 Total Attendance 7 Home Openers I'm sure that you can do the math.
  12. 17,611 - League Average April 27th, 2019 5,442 - League Average May 26th, 2019 4,569 - League Average August 5th, 2019 ?,??? - League Average October 19th, 2019 By the end of the season will the League Average be over/under 4,000?
  13. To me, the only thing this thread has proved is that there are way too many over-inflated egos on this board who don't know Jack _hit about soccer!
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