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  1. honestly, lets not fixate on what El Salvador are doing (or are not), the fact is that this is an opportunity for Canada to gain 5-6 points and start closing the gap on El Salvador who have chosen to do nothing towards qualifying this month. Who knows, if Canada gains those points while El Salvador are doing nothing, it could down the line ultimately come back and bite El Salvador in the ass
  2. I have a feeling Eustaquio will walk into Pacos' starting line up, he's that good
  3. Laryea plays at a higher level in MLS, and Vitoria plays in the Portuguese 1st division. ZBG and Cordova deserve a shot first over Haworth... and the only reason Godinho has gotten "better" is because he is playing down a level now. And no, no Kyle Bekker ever again, he had his shot when he played in MLS and contributed to absolutely nothing. We need to move on from these sort of players, they are not good enough for international football, period.
  4. lol of course the MLS site will say its a derby in an attempt to hype it up... just like they continue to erroneously refer to their franchises as "clubs", and keep boasting about glorified friendlies such as the "campeones cup" and that other thing not worth remembering nor looking up that they are now doing with Liga MX
  5. err... Larin should get a start on the next CMNT. Him and Tesho are on whole different levels.
  6. if he wants to never win anything... sure
  7. of course he will stay hot in MLS... and it will prove absolutely nothing. If Larin stays hot in Belgium and Cavallini in MLS... its a no brainer who the better striker is. Its an unpopular opinion, but Currently Larin is the striker on better form, scoring in a more competitive league, and younger, and with Cavallini going to MLS, it will just solidify Larin's spot as a CMNT starter.
  8. Ugh, the last place I want to see Eustaquio is MLS. I hate how the league treats young non dp players.
  9. If this is true then my heart breaks for him... My father passed away when I was 23 and not a day goes by when I don't miss him, yet still I can't imagine how hard it must be to lose your mother at 19
  10. easy for you to say, but for players this is a legitimate career concern... how about telling them to get over it?
  11. our best hope right now is to try and get our ranking close to ES to give us leverage to the point they can't refuse to play us, a scenario where beating us would 100% solidify their spot on the hex, but also run the risk of them not making the hex if they lose. the CSA has A LOT of work to do, ultimately our lack of friendlies is coming back to bite us in the ass, and the cheap bastards better acknowledge that and get to work in trying to fix it NOW
  12. Sam just looked out of form, which wasn't a surprise given no play offs for him.
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