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  1. err... the only players better are David, Larin, and Cavalini.. I'm sorry, but guys like AKindele, RIcketts, and AJH are left in the dust. Ayo is clearly a step up in quality from them.
  2. I know you understandably hold a grudge cause he hasn't committed to Canada, but you're really reaching to negate any positives he had today and it just comes off as petty. The fact is he had a very good performance given his age, and has tons left to grow.
  3. If he commits to Canada, great, he's clearly behind all of Larin, Cavallini, and David, but it wouldn't hurt to have another option. He's a strong and big guy, and could easily play in a 2 man attack. As a TFC fan though, I'm glad someone other than Jozy can start finding the net.
  4. David is clear of them all. I do not doubt for a second that David will soon become a fan favorite for Lillie supporters. I'm still convinced that he's a better player than Davies. If he can help make them competitive then he's in for a big move after.
  5. oh if he became an undisputed starter for his club then he definitely benches Borjan
  6. David to Lille is not a bad move at all. Its a prestigious enough club such that if he completely kills it there then the possibilities for him moving forward are endless (any top 5 club in the world would chase after him then)
  7. Larin is better off leaving Besiktas altogether, it's not the most forgiving club for younger players if they make mistakes.
  8. different type of players for different situations/game plans
  9. One thing we can all agree on is that Eustaquio needs to be called up regularly going forward, and that he offers something neither Piette or Kaye do. The 3 of them are very different types of players, and that sort of versatility will only benefit the CMNT going forward
  10. There's always a catch...
  11. baby steps! Seriously though... if James can gain peak form then it would definitely provide a solution to our CB problem
  12. Couldn't find a thread on him, so figured one should be started. Anyway, recently joined Schalke and will play with their U19 side for the time being, so worth keeping an eye on. Illegible for both Canada and Ukraine, had a stint with the CAN U15 back in 2017 I believe, and was involved with the Whitecaps Academy... has been involved with Ukranian youth teams as of late (still we keep on letting these players slip through the cracks...).
  13. Seeing those first touch long passes of him, which seem to be a habit, I could see him suddenly setting up a guy like Davies for a sudden counter
  14. Other than David, I see Eustaquio as another player playing in a top 5 European league in the short future (It appears he himself is not to keen to return to Cruz Azul). He is silently carving out a very good career trajectory.
  15. I love Piette.... But Eustaquio is on a whole different level. He is someone we should all be excited about. Hard worker, strong technically, great tackler, quick decision making and passing, and a hell of a first touch. I can easily see guys like David and Davies playing off him.
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