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  1. Meh. Not at all surprised by Bair's performances. I previously got flak for not rating the guy and stating so. Guess its all just playing out now (not at all happy for it, I rather our players all have successful careers). Its important to remind ourselves that youth careers are rarely an indicator of how a player's senior career will pan out, and that not every player is going to be international caliber, or even be a consistent starter at club level, and that talent alone is rarely ever enough.
  2. Doing well so far. Good opportunity for him to make a statement tonight.
  3. out of those 4, Lawrence and Laryea are my starters. Auro has yet to find his form, and Morrow is clearly on the decline, but they still provide good depth.
  4. magic clearly, geeeeez try to keep up 😂
  5. Ironic... weren't you just boasting about having a science degree a few essays ago? I guess it's not just people without science backgrounds that make vague and lazy statements then? I guess this could serve as a lesson that anecdotal experiences don't provide a large enough sample size to make any defining conclusions (FYI mRNA tech has been around for quite a while)
  6. Pretty much, and if things don't workout he can either fall back to a lower level that's still higher than MLS... except now he'd be considerably more wealthy. Ultimately such a move would make too much sense for him career and life wise to not go for it.
  7. Pretty much lol, speak for yourself But all that side, I should add that there was the irking aspect of a guy who gets paid a shit ton of money to kick a ball for a living going on a tabloid to bitch about how hard his life is because he has to be away from home and can't do the things he wants to do, whereas its the same for everyone else, with the exception that almost everyone else has had their livelihoods affected in the process. Then goes on to bitch and smear the tools and efforts present to save lives and try to bring society back to where it was pre pandemic. So y
  8. I think that's short sighted. Ultimately we want all our players abroad to do well on their clubs, its what will give future Canadian players a chance. A guy like Larin doing that, and doing it in the EPL (even if he never sees the same success with the CMNT) does just that. National team performances aren't the only way players can contribute to the national team/program.
  9. oh my we're still on that topic? 🤣 I guess now's a good time as any to jump back on... I mean, ya'll can imagine how disappointed I was when I didn't grow an extra limb or something of sorts after getting my 1st shot, so bashing on anti vaxxers seems like a good way to vent that frustration... now, where were we... something about doctor google?
  10. They compliment each other really well.
  11. Geez, I've always rooted for Larin (gotten into heated arguments with various folk on this site as a result haha), but man, I never expected him to light it up like he has been. Damn. What a monster season he's been having.
  12. He still has a better shot at playing time if he's not competing against Bradley/Priso/Okello
  13. Oh, and I realize you might not be TFC supporter, but I am, and I rather not have mediocre jackasses represent my team and city.
  14. Okay. 1. Im not your "bro" 2. Figure it was as good a time as any to bring up a player I wish was gone while finding myself in a thread about a player currently leaving. 3. Yeah you're not funny 4. I don't much care for the public health opinion from a guy who's job is to kick a ball. Yes, one must be a complete idiot to be an anti vaxxer in this day and age. (No wonder he seems to take forever to come back from injuries, seeing medicine is not something he believes in)
  15. nah, don't hate the guy, he isn't worth hating. And not, not unusual at all to dislike someone for being a selfish asshat (i.e. a squad had 10+ other people). And it certainly doesn't take big balls to be an utter idiot either. But that's just part of it.
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