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  1. Why are so people so insistent on players getting transferred out? Geez, just because he would be hypothetically playing in a bigger club does not mean he changes as a player. For now its perfectly fine for him to stay where he is if thats how things work out. He is developing well, has the coach's trust, is starting games consistently, and scoring goals. Players shouldn't move just for the sake of moving.
  2. I would not be against Davies playing at LB for the game against Mexico, as I think he has better defensive instincts than Kaye, and has the pace and energy required if he needs to get up and down the field in order to join the attack. I also think Guillard is a better player and should get the start against Mexico, and whats the deal with Henry? Is he still injured? or is Herdman just giving him more time to rest?
  3. Sick, I live a 15 min TTC bus ride from BMO, so damn right I'll be at both games
  4. I always encourage players go where its best for them, i.e. more opportunities and better $$$
  5. or we can just assume the worst and "cap" him anyway
  6. Well.. I guess they were listening
  7. https://twitter.com/CanadaSoccerEN/status/1138306011465314306 https://twitter.com/CanadaSoccerEN/status/1138306011465314306
  8. Damn, that run by Davies to dribble past the defenders and send in the cross on that first goal...
  9. I wasnt aware he had played official youth games with Chile
  10. still not officially cap tied though
  11. Thats one hell of pass with the outside of his right foot.
  12. The guy wants to play for Canada... make it happen!
  13. Agree, for all the criticism Herdman has gotten since taking over the CANMNT program, no one can deny the fact that he is filled with valuable international experience, and knows how to approach the challenges that come with international soccer. I do believe GB is a good coach, but he is proving too slow to adapt. its not the same working with a team over the course of a season, as opposed to a limited number of international camps months apart.
  14. I don't even care if the CSA gives this game cover or not, I just want to know if there is any way for us to somehow watch it.
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