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  1. Stephen is good enough for a big Portuguese club, hell, wouldn't be surprised to see him in The PL or Bundesliga eventually
  2. Really good goal too, love how quickly he is to see the opportunity and pounce. 2 touches and its in the net.
  3. nooope, he's clubless and formless, therefore IMO should not even be considered for a call up.
  4. I've personally had a lot of patience with Herdman, but man, if he benches Eustaquio I'd lose it 😅
  5. Love Piette, will always appreciate him for what he has done. But right now, everything Piette (and Kaye) can do, Eustaquio can do, and more. On top of that, Stephen is not only playing at a much higher level than both guys, he is playing, and a lot, and he is a difference maker for his team (He is a reason why Pacos are where they are right now). With Stephen playing as he is, him not starting is unfathomable. Not to mention the fact that it is very unlike Stephen doesn't move to a Portuguese giant this summer, and starts seeing UCL action.
  6. its not just that. Just the way he carries and asserts himself on the field, and the fact he was able to overcome such an injury and come back from it stronger than before says A LOT about his character. I honestly view him as a Canadian version of an in prime Michael Bradley, the guy also has an engine. We focus on guys like Davies, Davies, Millar, i.e. the flashy players, but I believe Eustaquio's injection into the line up is the one that would provide the biggest boost in quality and structure in midfield, providing a sort of "connective tissue" and outlet. I honestly love watching him pla
  7. Eustaquio is the player I'm most looking forward to seeing with the CMNT. He doesn't strike me as the type who'll break if playing down in front of a hostile and rowdy Central American crowd. Big game player.
  8. That's what's frustrating. Extremely talented player, but man, just doesn't seem to be able to keep things simple... his judgement is something else... there are times when a simple pass is enough. At times he loses possession not because the opponent took the ball from him, its cause he tripped himself.
  9. The more I watch Sanches the clearer it becomes why he didn't make it at Bayern...
  10. yet some of "those players" , who've clearly had inferior careers and play for inferior clubs/national teams, have managed to become back to back world cup veterans... all this "on paper" stuff is just that
  11. ^^ glad you said it not me 🤣
  12. One could argue however, that now the younger players making the jump from MLS to Europe or European academies are doing so better prepared to succeed, as opposed to 5-10 years ago.
  13. True, but now those 2 players will likely progress more in the next 2 years, and get closer to their potential sooner than if they had stayed in MLS. Davies would not be a top 3 left back right now if he had stayed with Vancouver, even if he had all the physical tools. He would not have improved anywhere near as much had he spent the last 2 years with Vancouver. By 2026 the depth, and quality, of the USMNT pool will be scary as hell.
  14. not a cheap shot at all, anyone that's been calling David a "fraud" is by definition clueless and a clown (given what he did in Belgium), and it was never directed exclusively to Americans 😛
  15. who cares what a bunch of clueless clowns think
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