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  1. Nothing he did surprised me, specially since we all know he has the talent and ability to be a game changer if he gets back on track. He needs to gradually build his confidence back up and become more consistent. And yup, AJH should have scored, Tabla served the ball for him on a platter.
  2. Not sure if I want David to go to Bayern. Not because he is not good enough, but because I feel it will be harder for him to break into the starting XI (I don't want to see him wasted in a bench) than it was for Davies. Davies was struck a bit of luck when he was placed at LB due to all the injuries Bayern was suffering, and he also has had Alaba to mentor him and ease his transition into a fullback, and I don't see lightning striking twice for David. David is in a crucial step of his career where he needs to be playing every week in order to keep getting better.
  3. David playing behind Haaland would cause headaches for Bundesliga defenders
  4. Don't want David anywhere near Arsenal, or any Premier League team that doesn't see consistent UCL or Europa League (preferably UCL). David would shine at the Bundesliga, and I would honestly love to see him in a Dortmund Kit. He would fit into that club like a glove.
  5. Man, I really want this kid to go to Dortmund. Him and Haaland would tear up the Bundesliga.
  6. Err... he has literally NEVER done that. You may not like the guy, but that's no reason to defame his character with blatant lies. If anything, he has done the opposite in regards to Davies. If anything he likely knows the kid better than anyone on this board, as he has had actual intimate conversations with him multiple times, and is likely in a better position to judge his character than anyone here.
  7. He's better than Pulisic and Lozano, I don't care what Americans/Mexicans think. He is a far more complete player, the perfect mix of world class athleticism and technical ability. Defenders genuinely seem scared to take him 1v1, specially in open spaces. Davies is a difference maker for Bayern Munich and his rise through the ranks to the top has been nothing short of spectacular. He is a bona fide Bayern Munich player, and guaranteed starter. We are not worthy of him.
  8. He has outgrown the level, the only reason he should maybe consider sticking around for another year is IF Gent somehow get to play Champions League next year, even then, IMO a few UCL games would not be better than consistently playing at a higher level on a bigger European league. He did not at all look out of place against Roma, he was being his usual self and getting into good positions, it's mostly his teammates who could not keep up at times. A summer move is eminent, specially if the rumors of the clubs who allegedly seem intent on going after him are true.
  9. Couldn't agree more. He was visibly frustrated at times.
  10. He made a lot of good runs, and almost bagged an assists after shaking off a defender, but man, his team mates are just not on the same wavelength it seems. Always looked dangerous when he had the ball and got room to drive it forward. Frustrating game because Gent could have at least tied this, and David could have well had a goal or two with better decision making from his team mates.
  11. I noticed in the game against RB Leipzig that their defenders panicked anytime he was in open space and running. Bundesliga defenders are literally getting nervous at the prospect of having to defend him 1v1, he rarely loses his duels.
  12. Oh totally, no one comes close to Phonzie's athletism, but as a pure footballer, I still think David is ahead, he's just such a smart player, and plays like a veteran despite being so young.
  13. Honestly, I'm still convinced David is a better player than Davies (though they are both REALLY close). Davies plays for a bigger club surrounded by world class player that almost always dominates their games; this allows Davies to play his football more freely and bring out his flare. Put David in a better team than Gent with other world class players, and I guarantee he'll turn things into a higher gear.
  14. No, no, no, and NO. Davies can play as a LB for Bayern because he has 10 other world class players on his team to bail him out and close any gaps he might leave while moving forward. Canada DOES NOT have this luxury... its really not that hard to understand. Davies a LB for Canada is a complete waste, specially when him and David together in attack can make any CONCACAF defense uneasy.
  15. Ugh, Davies will NOT be an effective LB for Canada as he is for Bayern. In Bayern he is sorrounded by other world class defenders (one of them David freaking Alaba, a world class LB himself) who can quickly fill in any gaps left behind if Davies decides to move forward. Canada does not have that luxury. Just because he plays as LB for Bayern Munich does not mean he would be able to successfully do the same for Canada.
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