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  1. Playing as a left back for Bayern is NOT the same as playing as a LB for the CMNT... why do so many people have a hard time getting this?
  2. 21 years old and starting in MLS is a good level for him, specially since he is visibly improving... maybe in 2-3 year if he keeps progressing then he can start thinking of Europe.
  3. Among the final 40 for Golden Boy award.. and honestly when you look at the competition, he is definitely the front runner.
  4. You'd be surprised what playing negative football does to a player's psyche and confidence
  5. Always though him going to Vancouver was a mistake... sadly its proving to be true. That team has a way of killing a player's soul.
  6. Guy's having a massive game against SKC
  7. Even if he is not in Besiktas' long term plans, this is a win win for Larin, if he keeps playing and keeps having good games then either other suitors will continue to want him (he's already proved himself in Belgium) or Besiktas will start to seriously consider keeping him for good. Larin just needs to keep making the best of his opportunities. He is still relatively young and not quite at his prime yet.
  8. While we're on the topic: 😅🤣😂
  9. I take the value of MLS teams with a grain of salt. Until the core a team's players resembles the quality of the 800k-1.5M player, then sure, but for now, no. Eustaquio is still better off in Portugal, and it puts him within knocking distance of the door step of a better team within the Portuguese league (preferably one that plays Europa League or UCL), or another European league. Until MLS finds a way to allow teams to spend more on players, while still maintaining to sort of league parity, then it will continue to hold itself back. (the big teams in the league clearly are ready and willing to spend more, but then you have the Vancouver Whitecaps of the league who are more than content with things as they are)
  10. He's getting lots of playing time on a good league. Really good move for him.
  11. There's room for improvement sure, and his first touch could use some work, but he just appears to be in overall better shape now, moves better, more agile, and finally appears to be using his big frame to his advantage. The truth is that Larin will have to keep competing and proving himself to get playing time... Cavallini with the Whitecaps won't
  12. His hold up play has improved massively. Given Cavallini's current form and considering the level Larin is currently consistently getting playing time at, I'd argue it's a no brainer who deserves to start for Canada right now.
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