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  1. ugh... if a game had been on a weekend I would have totally made the trip to Edmonton
  2. If their job is to entertain, I'd say they are doing just fine.... "Oh Canada, Oh baby!" bahahaha, that shit is so cheesy but gets me all the time (and Wheels himself seems aware of it, which makes it even funnier)
  3. because having a homer makes it more entertaining/hilarious, and in the end, its a game, and its meant to be entertaining
  4. I feel dirty for admitting this... but I'm starting to find Wheeler's over the top cringeness quite endearing... he's cringe, but he's our cringe. Hearing Dunfield and Wheels fanboy commentary is quite hilarious, don't think I'd have it any other way now.
  5. he gone, sooner you come to terms with it, easier itll be
  6. Rather have Akinola get those minutes next season over someone like Cavallini tbh
  7. If Vancouver tries to offload him, then I hope TFC goes for him (doubt Jozy will be around much longer)... The Whitecaps were just never going to be a good fit for him, and unfortunately, its proving out that way. He would be a good fit with TFC, and I'm sure he'd enjoy being closer to his family.
  8. you know games can't come soon enough when....
  9. really happy to see him called up, virtually out of nowhere he played his way into senior team. Well earned.
  10. If I'm Herdman, and we are tied or losing by 1 goal by the 70th minute, I throw in all the big guns then, cause with them on the field we definitely have a shot at getting something.
  11. Given the volume of games in such a short period of time, if we want to not see a drop in quality in any of the games, then we need to bring all the quality we can, specially for wide players, as neither of our wingers will be able to play all 90 for every single game.
  12. Well, given his form with 2 weeks till the next round of qualifiers, he's pretty much in the squad now. Also, Larin appears to be dealing with nagging injuries and is questionable for the next window, so although not a like for like replacement, there's def room for Liam.
  13. I'm just happy for Sam, it's nice to see him doing well in a good league, with what seems to be a good team so far. Having a LB playing at high level also allows Herdman more freedom to play Phonzie higher up the field more often, and it helps that he and Sam seem to be really good friends off the pitch.
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