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  1. Really unlikely he resigns with CA. Of course he would say the "right" things in an interview, its what it means to be a professional
  2. nah, the coaching staff knows his worth.
  3. Everyone who knows a thing or two about this games can tell that he has been doing everything right, it was just a matter of when and not if.
  4. He might not be scoring in truckload, but its clear the Lille coaching staff highly rate David, and he has been rewarding their trust, specially since he is clearly putting better performances game after game. He had a great game overall today, and the goal was really just the cherry on the top. As his teammates start to get more costumed to him, and vice versa then expect him to get more assists goals. If anything, guarantee that he will make the entire Lille offence, and the players around him better.
  5. Anyway you paint it, those are very good stats. The guy has a nose for goal. Get him good service and he'll score
  6. Canadian connection.. but man.. this guy is on a roll...
  7. Atiba to Larin... oh man, you just love to see it 😅
  8. My bad, should have added a "seems" in there
  9. The new crop of USA player is overall more talented than the last... however, they just don't have that grit and "no quit no matter what" mentality that old USA teams had, and there's an air of arrogance, or entitlement about these new kids. It's a different generation, but they just don't seem to have the fight that previous versions of the USMNT used to have.
  10. handful of folk on this site still didn't think he was good enough...
  11. Galtier isn't an idiot, he'll soon realize where David's strengths are better pronounced on the pitch. If anything, he strikes me as the type of guy who is willing to experiment until he founds what clicks. They've been extremely patient with David for a reason.
  12. Nah. it's pretty funny. If a struggling David still gets the nod, it's a testament of how far down the depth chart Weah is.
  13. Huge fan. And I am a good guy, and I think you're a good guy too. But being a clown and a good guy aren't mutually exclusive.
  14. It's amazing how Ikone and Bamba single handedly stifle out the majority of Lille's attacks.
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