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  1. oh you poor soul... thank you for not giving up on the team right there and then. No one would have blamed you if you did. On another note, oh man, if you though the guys were hungry last night against the USA, wait till we get to face Honduras again If Herdman can finally put those 8-1 demons to rest then **** it, make him GG or something.
  2. Not starting Cavallini and Hoilett and saving them as late subs was brilliant. They aren't as young and energetic as Davies and David, so they can't go full intensity for 70 mins. However, when they both came on they were able to go at full pace for 20 minutes and the American defenders and midfield were to exhausted to do anything about it. Cavallini harassed the hell out of that American backline, not allowing them to settle down and get anything going. I'm glad he got his goal, truly deserved it.
  3. The timing could not have been better... in retrospect if there was a good time for this team to have such a heart breaking setback, it was during the Gold Cup, and not when they had to play matches relevant to World Cup Qualification.
  4. Just cap the guy already, this is cruel and unusual punishment
  5. While pressing teams like Mexico and the USA usually proves effective, its a very high risk game plan IMO. If we had better defenders could be depended on to put out a fire, then yeah, we'd have the offensive tools to press them, however, Vitoria is not the fastest, and Cornelius and Miller are still young and susceptible to mistakes, which they would likely make if suddenly placed under a ton of pressure due to an American counter. This is a game where I really wish we had Henry available, and for James to be in form.
  6. Would LOVE to see him get involved with CPL however, If not as a player then in a coaching capacity, there is SO MUCH a guy with the experience as his could give in order to help grow the league and sport in the country.
  7. In the past sure, but right now WIth David and Cavallini (and heck, even Larin), he would not see the field and would take a spot away from another position of need.
  8. alright, this game is over, someone start up the Canada vs USA thread now!
  9. Ballou has tons of quality, and I will not be surprised if he becomes one of the best young players in MLS in the remainder of the season. He is only 20 years old and needs to be playing, this is a good move for him.
  10. It is, but clearly the Impact values Ballou more over him, and rightfully so. Ballou can break into the Impact's starting 11, and he will be playing along Guillard whom he is close friends with. Remi Garde is also a good coach and knows how to spot and bring out young talent. This is what Ballou needs right now, he needs playing time in order to get his confidence and swagger back. He is still extremely young and has tons of potential.
  11. Being rumored PSV is interested in him
  12. Good move for Larin, perhaps we all underestimated the transition challenge to Besiktas. Larin is still a good striker, he just needs to play and get his confidence back. He had some really good moments during the Gold Cup (got incorrectly called offside against Mexico), but the rust took its toll. Belgium is a good level for him.
  13. Because of one lost? Specially when the team had a collapse that not even the best coaches in the world had any way of foreseeing? You do know there's this thing called a "contract" that costs $$$ whenever it ends prematurely right? I knew it was good to stay away from these forums after the GC, and upon reading seeing this thread I knew I had made the right choice... damn it
  14. James? edit: NVM, I need glasses clearly
  15. Canada also played minnows often when guys like DERO were on the field... and he still wasn't scoring at the rate David is. The last time Canada's senior team played Cuba, it was in Toronto in cold temperature against a Cuba team that had mostly defected... and still they only managed to get 3 goals. Give credit where credit is due. David is the real deal (or are you forgetting his killer instinct for the world to see in that steal and assist against Mexico?). He is only 19 and no where near close to his prime.
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