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  1. Lets be honest, someone with his resume, if they had an European/South American passport, we'd be reacting differently. Objectively, he checks all the boxes: has coached in Canada, knowns CONCACAF, was a former international assistant coach during WCQ and a World Cup, has coached in Europe and has done so at the highest level, and is a good motivator. On top of that, he seems to dislike Berhalter and likely has a bone to pick with the USSF. Arguably one of higher profile and experienced coaches we have ever hired. IMO its worth giving the man a chance.
  2. Its not a lack of exceptional skill that's keeping him from seeing minutes right now. We all knew it would take time for him to adjust to Serie A, specially when playing with the current best team in the league. He'll get there. In the end his talent will shine through.
  3. Given the way he started his professional career, and where he was 4 years ago, if this transfer goes through then IMO Tajon's meteoric rise will be second to none (bar Davies). Its crazy. Super excited for the guy. If this goes through, you just know Inter will milk the Canadian fan base with being the only Serie A club with a Canadian in it. And man, their kits are nice.
  4. bit harsh when all he really has gotten are garbage minutes. But if he keeps scoring in the Netherlands first division he should get a shot at starting a game IMO, see what he can do during a longer stretch. At the end of the day, really happy for Brym, here is a guy who just seems to refuse to give up and is finally starting to see the fruits of his hard work. Starting to become pretty clear why Herdman keeps calling him to camps.
  5. just here to remind some folk that "LaRiN DoesNT ScoRE in BiG gaMes"
  6. I keep saying it, give him good service, and he WILL score. He might not be the most technically gifted player, he is gifted at finding spaces, being at the right place at the right time, and staying cold in front of net. Its promising to see how quickly he has adapted to the tempo of La Liga that he is actually getting himself involved in the build up of the goals he has scored. He became a different player during his time at Besiktas.
  7. Cyle has exceeded at every single level he has played at, and I have a feeling this will be no different. If anything, I think he will thrive in a technical league like La Liga, where even bottom table teams still possess technically skillful players. As long as he gets good service, which he will, Larin will keep finding the back of the net. Valladolid's problem this season has been a lack of finishing, but they know how to create chances, and we'd be fools to bet against Larin finding himself at the end of them. From Sigma FC to La Liga... if you are good enough, and hungry enough, the pathway is there.
  8. Yes... it would be a hell of a business plan for a club to always sell their more promising looking players just because people on the internet believe it may provide a "better developmental environment"...
  9. man... I really want Tajon at Napoli... I need an excuse to buy that kit
  10. Agreed. Much better for him to stick with his hometown club, retire here a legend, and get paid in the process. He is only 30, and will still very much in the cards come 2026 (good thing about Oso is that his game doesn't really heavily on physical prowess, so as long as he is still sharp, he will still have something to offer the national team, even if he is no longer a starter)
  11. meh, IMO I never saw Crepeau as the undisputed #1, specially with Dayne so close on his heels. That is even at more risk now, because the fact is St. Clair is the #2 for the World Cup now, and should anything happen to Borjan between now and in tournament, its St. Clair who will get the chance to showcase himself, and that would be huge for him going into 2026. Also... Crepeau will be out of action for a bit, that injury looked nasty, so who knows how long the recovery will take, and if he will even be the same afterward. Crepeau isn't exactly the biggest of goal keepers, so part of his game depended on quickly shifting positioning and having to make an acrobatic save here and there.
  12. Honestly, the only difference is that Crepeau got the opportunity, and not St Clair. There is nothing to suggest that St. Clair would not have been capable as well.
  13. St Clair is no drop off at all. IMO he has a higher ceiling. This is his shot to claim that #2 spot for good and make a push to be the main guy in 2026.
  14. One thing is for certain, he's destined for a top 5 league.
  15. This kid starting a game in Qatar would not be crazy at all. He's ready.
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