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  1. He's improved, and his development as a coach is clear. He's certainly a better coach now than he was 3 years ago.
  2. I've always been a fan of Herdman since his time with the CWNT and have unapologetically defended him on this website. That said, whatever lingering doubts I might have had, those were completely erased with how to team performed against Mexico. That performance was a watershed moment, it will give the players something to rally on going forward, they played on even term with the giants of CONCACAF, and gave as good as they took. Its obvious that when he took over the program he was still just learning the men's game and what CONCACAF was like from that side, but yesterday, during that second half, he was able to adapt to the game, changed the team's tactical approach, and outcoached Martino for long stretches (you can see that Martino himself embraced Herdman after the game, and appeared to have genuinely congratulated him for how Canada performed, his body language vastly different from the first time they faced off, as if there was a new found respect). Herdman is a student of the game, and oh boy has he been learning. He is 100% the man for job, zero doubt, and if anyone is going to get us into a world cup, and be able to compete, it's him. The players believe in him and will run through brick walls for him, now its time we start to believe in him too. We talk about player development, but we have to keep in mind that great coaches had to start somewhere too, and Herdman is so far proving to be a great coach. I am also not worried about any other football association trying to snatch him up, Herdman seems fully committed in taking the CMNT to a world cup, and competing at home.. and lets be real, he likely wants the accolade of coaching both a Women's and Men's team that hosted a world cup for the same country, so yeah, he ain't going anywhere.
  3. I hope he never fully loses that naivety because it means he will always try things, however, his inexperience did show at times, lots of raw talent, but still needs to learn how to pick his moments.
  4. Kamal has so far proven himself against top CONCACAF opposition, that in itself has him over Kennedy as it is.
  5. fucking proud of this team. Excited for the hex, so many players have stepped... once Atiba, Wotherspoon, Arfield(maybe) come back... do any of them play? I really liked that trio of Kaye, Oso, and Eustaquio. Also, our defense has not looked too shaby. Gold Cup was just the apetizer, I'm sure not winning it just made the boys hungrier, good, because in a bit over a month they'll have a chance to feast
  6. Mexico had no answer for him, lucky for them he was getting a bit gassed towards the end. But damn, you are nuts if you don't think we need to have him and Davies starting together for WCQs
  7. Unfortunately Hart was also in charge of the program during our lowest point ever
  8. €2M per year anywhere goes a long way 😅
  9. oh lord... why does this thread exist??
  10. so, I'm all for Stephen wearing the captain armband against Mexico if Hoilett doesn't do so. He is essentially out midfield general at this point. Stephen embodies leadership.
  11. honestly, I'm all up with giving Pasher a shot here, I'd like to see what he and Hoilett could do up front together. Pasher is more dynamic than Tesho IMO
  12. starting to think its not so much Canada not wanting to bring him into camp, but more so Vancouver begging the CMNT coaching staff to not take him away right now (since they'd be forced to release him)
  13. Mexico also doesn't respond well to being pressed, its part of the reason why they are so dominant in CONCACAF, teams show them too much respect (understandable), but watch Mexico play against any high level opponent who isn't afraid of them, and they struggle. Likewise, the last time we played them, things got really interesting when Canada brought on the big guns and started pressing them, they looked very uncomfortable. I don't expect Canada to win this game, but right now we are playing with house money, and I think the main objective should be to send a message to the rest of CONCACAF, if we beat Mexico awesome, if we don't, then lets keep the game as close as possible.
  14. Wheeler does strike me as being that petty, and quite fragile too. I get the homer biased, fair, its a product aimed at a Canadian audience.. what I don't get is the need to be a cheerleader fanboy, it comes off as very unprofessional and extremely cringe. Now Clare Rustad, thats a good pro Canada commentator (would love OneSoccer trying to get her onboard for the Ocho)
  15. but he hasn't shown he is a premier league player now has he? If we are starting youth players based on promise and potential in matches against the likes of Mexico then the program is not going in the right direction. The first thing Theo must do to get starter minutes is to first permanently graduate from youth football into a senior team, whether at Wolves or somewhere else on loan. As it stands Buchanan is clear, the fact he plays in MLS is irrelevant here, it's obvious Buchanan is on a whole other level. And no, just being Wolves fan and watching him play a lot is not the same as being a trained professional in the coaching staff and seeing the nuances where he needs to improve first hand. So no, you don't start a youth player against a senior Mexican team. Right now with sub minutes he is getting a taste of the level the competition is at, and is not being left hung to dry. Theo is only 18, he has all the time in the world, but right now he doesn't displace anyone in the squad.
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