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Voyageurs Cup Arrives in Montreal

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We had a pretty big reception planned for the arrival of the Voyageurs Cup in Montreal and many people both regular fans and supporter group members had said they were coming on Facebook and Twitter. The local media was also going to be there. The Impact had flown to Kansas to play Sporting KC after the game in Vancouver and brought the Cup with them. They were scheduled to arrive together in Montreal with the Cup Sunday at 4:30 pm. Unfortunately their plane got canceled which we found out about 90 minutes before they were due to arrive. After a lot of confusion about when they would come we found out that a small group of players would arrive at 7 pm and the rest of the team at 10 pm with the Cup. We still managed to have 30 to 40 people there to greet both groups of players but I am sure we would have had well over 100 had the team come on the original plane and the media also did not wait for the later planes. Nevertheless, it was a nice welcome back to Montreal for the Cup and the players who won it.

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