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Butler, Thurman and Biel in "Playing the Field"


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Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel play soccer-moms in a comedy “Playing the field“ with Gerard Butler acting as soccer coach and dad in a Nu Image/Millennium Films venture, reports Variety.


Gerard Butler plays an ex-soccer professional trying to connect with his son by coaching his team. His problems start when moms of other kids start making unwanted romantic advances.

Jessica Biel plays Gerard’s ex-wife and Uma Thurman essays the role of a parent on the prowl.

Gabriele Muccino [seven Pounds, The Pursuit of Happiness] will direct the film with a script by Robbie Fox [so I Married an Axe Murderer]. Butler is also producing with his Evil Twins partner Alan Siegel, as well as Jonathan Mostow, Kevin Misher and Heidi Jo Markel.

It is reported by lovefilm.com that the story was originally based around a baseball team, but the sport was changed to soccer for better international appeal.



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The plot thickens... add another Hollywood icon.

Zeta-Jones to play ‘Beckham’ football star’s would-be lover

WELSH Oscar winner Catherine Zeta-Jones is set to return to movie work in a new film believed to have been in part inspired by David Beckham’s shock move to the US.

Playing the Field is the first film for the Swansea actress since her Tony award-winning Broadway debut and husband Michael Douglas’ well-documented battle with throat cancer.

She plays a sexy English newsreader chasing after a playboy footballer, played by Scotsman Gerard Butler, who sets the hearts of US “soccer moms” aflutter when he moves state-side to save his marriage.

The script of Playing the Field has at least some similarities to Beckham’s big-money switch to Major League Soccer (MLS) four years ago.

Beckham, who rose to fame at Manchester United alongside fellow Old Trafford youth star Ryan Giggs, was at Real Madrid when it was confirmed in January 2007 that the world’s most famous footballer would be joining Los Angeles Galaxy.

The announcement made headline across the globe with the five-year deal initially reported to be worth $US250m but it was eventually put at $32.5m in total or $6.5m a year.

In the film, Zeta-Jones, 41, and Judy Greer, 35, star of the Fox TV series Arrested Development and romantic comedy films like The Wedding Planner, play two of Butler’s love interests.

Butler plays a rich and successful British soccer star moving to the US to try to mend things with his estranged American wife, played by 29-year-old US actress Jessica Biel.

He tries to win back his wife’s affections by coaching their son’s junior team, but his plan starts to fall apart when local “soccer mom” Uma Thurman (Pulp Fiction, The Avengers, Kill Bill), Zeta-Jones and Greer all throw themselves at him.

Playing the Field begins filming this month under the direction of Italian Gabriele Muccino with a view to it being released in 2012.

LA Times film writer Steven Zeitchik said: “The sport of football will serve as a backdrop for what is a kind of Shampoo (the 1975 film about a charismatic hairdresser starring Warren Beatty) set amid American manicured lawns.

“Originally conceived as a Little League (baseball) story entitled Confessions of a Little League Coach, the project has morphed into a tale about football.

“Basically, it involves an accomplished Beckham-like pro (Butler) who after living a playboy life throughout Europe, returns to his estranged American wife and child to try to reconcile with them.

“He begins coaching youth soccer to show his commitment.

“But things get sticky when a number of the local women take a shine to him, including characters played by unfaithful wife Thurman, vixen newscaster Zeta-Jones and Greer, a hot-and-bothered housewife.

“Despite the American setting, the project has a transatlantic feel with Italian Gabriele Muccino (The Pursuit of Happyness) behind the camera.”

In addition to Butler, Heidi Jo Markel, Kevin Misher, Jonathan Mostow and Alan Siegel are producing, with Millennium Films the production and financial backers.

US film writer Penn Collins said: “Despite the unfortunately punny title, Playing the Field has some things going for it, not least of which is the cast, which added the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Judy Greer to existing players Gerard Butler, Dennis Quaid, Jessica Biel and Uma Thurman. There’s sure some good-lookin’ folk in this soccer dramedy.”

Douglas, meanwhile, is continuing his fightback after completing chemotherapy for throat cancer in November.

The 66-year-old’s next film will see him playing flamboyant pianist Liberace alongside Bourne star Matt Damon and Liberace’s long-term younger lover Scott Thorsen.


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Like Every other Lightweight Soccer Movie, apart from Victory/Escape to Victory, it will hopefully be hauled off (the screen) after 10 mins.

Actually Fever pitch was fairlty decent, but to be honest the footballs all backdrop really. Frodo the Footy Hooligan (greenstreets) was just offensive to the senses. Football factory had far more gravitas.

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Like Every other Lightweight Soccer Movie, apart from Victory/Escape to Victory, it will hopefully be hauled off (the screen) after 10 mins.

Actually Fever pitch was fairlty decent, but to be honest the footballs all backdrop really. Frodo the Footy Hooligan (greenstreets) was just offensive to the senses. Football factory had far more gravitas.


What about Wil Ferral in "Kicking & Screaming"? Pretty funny movie... "Don't drink the coffee, it's boiling hot!"

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I try to avoid anything with the Ferral William in.

It stems from a conversation with a bbc reporter who mentioned the IPL in passing and he as he had nothing pertinent to say (Like ,"Sorry I no nothing about cricket-P*ss Off!) just droped into a rather offesive mock indian accent remissent of a spudo-racist comedien I had the misfortune to hear back in the Early 09's. More annoying was the fact the subject of ridicule was Muttiah Muralitharan who's actually Sri-Lankan.

Okay I know its a trivial reason but the same applies to Dr Pepper.

An advert they ran in the UK had the Tag line, "Whats the worst that could Happen" as the protagonist life collapsed around him.

That very day I bought a bottle before attending a training session and ended up getting seven stiches in the top lip, and a night in the local NHS hell hole due to the wayward boot of a centreforward!

I have never touched a drop since. (seriously)

Still I'll try and give it a go, just for balance. (Will ferrel that is. NOT the Dr Pepper!)

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Green Streets was lamer than lame. The Damned United was really enjoyable, especially if you played in the 70s.

Michael Sheen is a Damnd fine actor. Also had trials in the North East as well.

Keep a look out for "United" a BBC movie which reflects on Jimmy Murphys involvement in getting the Busby Babes back into action after the Munich Air Disaster. Its a little dewy eyed, but suprisingly the corny lines of dialogue are taken from the memoirs of those involved.

Also if you ever get to hear Harry Gregg's conversation with Stuart Hall regarding his actions during and after the crash I swear you'll be wiping the tears away.

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