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Calgary vs Kitsap


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Found this on United's official site:

Due to circumstances beyond our control the Calgary United games against Seattle this weekend have been cancelled…..more information to follow

Bit of a shocker!!

Will be interesting to find out if this was down to Kitsap (in which case do we get credited with two wins or will the games be rescheduled if there is time) or United ?(in which case our hopes of retaining our title are nil)

And also, will we be re-imbursed for the two tickets we purchased?

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Yea I just got the email about the cancellation. What a bummer. I would have made one for sure and probably both.

I wonder what happened with Kitsap? That is one problem with the league that just doesn't seem to go away. That leaves only one game and it will be against Edmonton. I wonder if they could get Saskatoon out of hibernation for a game or two just to finish the season off after the Edmonton game?

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Calgary United sweeps doubleheader without playing a game

By Steven Sandor– 02/25/2011

The aborted travel plans of the Kitsap Pumas have greatly influenced the Canadian Major Indoor Soccer League race.

Calgary United will see it’s record go from 5-4 to 7-4 this weekend without having to kick a ball. This weelend’s scheduled home Professional Arena Soccer League interconference doubleheader against the Pumas was cancelled, after the Seattle-area team’s travel plans fell apart.

Those games will be awarded as 1-0 forfeits to Calgary United, who entered the weekend trailing the Edmonton Drillers (6-3) by one game in the CMISL standings. The Drillers have three games left on the schedule; two PASL interleague games at the California Cougars and the San Diego Sockers, then the CMISL finale at Calgary.

With Calgary getting the two forfeit victories — it looks more and more like the league will be decided on the final day of the season, and the pressure is on the Drillers to get wins in the American arenas, which feature larger nets and home teams that get more practice time than the Canadian clubs.

The winner of the CMISL goes to the PASL final tournament in Cincinnati. Each CMISL team plays a number of interconference matches against the non-Canadian clubs, which count in the standings for both teams.

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