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Pk plague


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Anyone watched the MLS lattely. Seems like half the goals are PK's.

I am not against PK's but hell, Dallas tying with PK's only. Half of TFC's goals are PK.

Does the league need strikers, or better defensement who don't check runners but steal the ball instead. Or all in all they need better referees!

I don't know but there is nothing more annoying than seeing the strings deciding a match!

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shrug.... It is what it is. It's early days yet and teams are still finding their feet as it were. Think the number of penalties will go down as the teams get to in-season mode.

Not to sound disrespectful or anything but it's a pretty athletic league and when you get down to if you're a bit short of talent or ideas get back to basics, speed kills. Throttle can make up for a lot of short comings. Let the greyhounds hunt and maybe the'll fetch a penalty, or a corner, or a punchers chance for a goal.

Can't say I think MLS has the best refs on the planet but I don't think they're too to bad and I certainly don't think they're inflating the score lines with penalties for marketing reasons.

P.S. Does the league need strikers or better defenders? Yes and yes, but good luck with that on the salary cap.

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