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  1. Quoted for everything this says about the Voyageur's forum. I'm out. Have fun guys.
  2. Look, I'm not really interested in this, but this is how conversations get derailed. Page 5? @shermanator For the record, I originally made a relatively flip general statement I have seen, YOU imputed an additional meaning that I didn't even imply, and are now holding me to some standard of proof. We're already past the point of arguing about arguing. Next it'll be goalposts. The pro/rel discussion is more productive. (Not really.)
  3. Reddit every time the CPL idea gets mentioned (though, tbf, judging by flairs that's regularly, though not exclusively, from Americans who seem to want to tell Canada how to organize our professional game). I'm sure I *can* find examples on this board generally. And going back through the thread, the notion that the CCL spot should be given should be taken from the VoyCup--which would all but kill the tournament--and given to the CPL exclusively turns up on about p 6.
  4. Not sure where I said that it was. (And now you're making me want to go look.)
  5. Who knows, it's not impossible that the CSA isn't determined to shoot the brains out of Canadian pro soccer. The reality is that there are three stable professional clubs who have made the pro game work in Canada, and grow, for the first time in decades. Those clubs all operate second teams in the USL. Maybe the CSA just wants to find out about how that relationship is working out for MLSE. ... Nah, who am I kidding? Let's kick the country's three most popular clubs out of the Voyageur's Cup (like I keep seeing suggested). That's su
  6. Jacob Peterson, Dan Gargan and Chad Barrett were three players that Toronto FC never should have got rid of.
  7. You could probably argue that every club in the world, and playing in every league beyond the top four, is a development club for about 10 clubs in 4 leagues.
  8. I think paying players to play soccer is what makes a league professional. Opinions may vary.
  9. Ya know, when you're going to double down on being completely wrong, there are better and worse ways to do it.
  10. That is simply incorrect. MLS has no game day roster rule in relation to any type of domestic, Canadian or otherwise. Those players make the game day rosters because they're good enough.
  11. We don't need a league to fulfill either of those objectives. We need clubs. Let's start creating some.
  12. Lots of results in the last 10 years show that the existing situation is working for Canadian soccer. Part of the problem is conflating the results of the Canadian Men's National Team with the totality of Canadian soccer. The primary point of professional soccer is to give spectators teams to watch, and players a place to play. We have three teams operating at a higher level of professionalism than there has ever been. They play in front of large crowds in modern facilities that appropriately display the sport. The games are on television. Players on those teams can earn a living playing
  13. I love how most solutions for "fixing" Canadian soccer involve destroying the parts that are actually working, instead of the ones that aren't.
  14. Larin's greatest attribute is his quick release: the ability to generate power and accuracy without a hard plant and very little pull back on his kicking leg. You think he doesn't have the space and before you blink the ball is in the back of the net. But to make it work, you need to get him the ball between the penalty spot and the top of the 18, inside the width of the 6. Strangely, Canada fans don't seem to have any awareness of how good he is at this... It's almost like he never gets the ball in those areas... (He is somewhat weak on one-on-ones and doesn't make the best dec
  15. With the Chicago Wilt project announcing that 2017 is a no go, if they lose the OKC franchise--under the Rayo banner or not--they also lose the three timezone criteria they have been already getting a waiver for. Arguably, that doesn't have to kill the NASL. I've made the suggestion elsewhere that there is a smart business case, for sanctioning purposes, to drop to D3 under the USSF criteria and consolidate there. Formal divisional status puts no limit on budget or roster for the few clubs who have the wherewithal and desire to be ambitious. The only tangible sporting downside is starting
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