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  1. The next season is just a few months away, and I have heard more new's of the NY Cosmos then the Montreal Impact about the MLS. When do you believe the Cosmos will join the league. I see it as being two options: They join in 2012 and share a stadium before getting theirs build. They join in 2013 in their own stadium. Somehow I would rather see them come in in 2012 even if it would make for a bigger competition for the draft for Montreal. What are your predictions?
  2. I fell on this site wondering what where the soccer artifacts that existed in the MLS. http://soccerarchives.blogspot.com/ My next question is to you what are the Canadian soccer artifacts! To me it would have to be: Soccer jerseys. George Pakos and Igor Vrablic jersey's and shoes for their goals against Hunduras. Attiba's Hutchinson gear for the 2007 fiasco's in the Gold cup. The refferies wistle! English manager Tony Waiters 's, game jackets for the help he gave in getting the Canadian team together. What else?
  3. See the following article: http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/2010/12/07/dobson_klinsmann_vision/ In that article Jurgen claims that a second DP with experience and leadership could be welcome! Why not JPA? He would fit with the attacking style of football Jurgen is trying to sell and he has more mls experience than most. Even to he does not have many years left in him, Toronto Fc does not have much time left until the start of next season, to get a good chemistry going. I would only pick him on the condition that he would be paid at DRo's level, to be fair! So technically I would make
  4. So many trades! Of the original 10 here is what is left the night of the draft! 21 Mid Sanna Nyassi to Colorado Rapids for an international player spot 25 F/M Atiba Harris 23 Def Nathan Sturgis 24 Mid Shea Salinas 29 Fwd Alan Gordon to Chivas USA for another international player spot 24 Fwd O'Brian White to Seattle Sounders FC for allocation money 31 Fwd Alejandro Moreno to Chivas USA for alloc
  5. That is only true if you are from outside of Canada. If you have studied in english outside of Quebec but in Canada or have parents who studied in english in Canada you have the right to study in French or English.
  6. Its the abreviation for: Montreal's Football Club.
  7. The Montreal Impact has just announced the creation of three new development teams. One team of U14, U15 and U16 players. This news is most welcome not only because it would be great to see more home grown players in the first team in two years but also because a lot of skilled teenagers stop playing at that age since there is nowhere for them to go. The Team will join forces with high schools and cegeps (on the english and french side) to merge sports program and the academy's new teams. http://qc.news.yahoo.com/s/17112010/3/sports-impact-la-pyramide-du-developpement.html
  8. As you can see the next article states that most big names european clubs survive on a pile of debt. Do you believe MLS, and MLS clubs will be able to avoid that trap. http://espn.go.com/sports/soccer/news/_/id/5580467/european-football-eating-itself
  9. I think this makes some sence but seems somewhat harch! Yes the prices are high! Yes its ludicrous! And yes I would be pist off if I had registered for a package. The thing is that BMO has many empty seats during league games, I know the seats are paid for, but the atmosphere sufers! If this pricing system works perhaps it will deter people who would not always be present to buy tickets. Thus allowing more supporters to purchase 1 ticket at a time. This of course would only work if the fan base is there. So I am wondering why piss them off so much rigt hup the gecko before you even sc
  10. Funny how I posted that 2 days before they went public with the news.
  11. My question is simple, Would Montreal signing MLS players next season, help them get ready for 2012. Or might it simply be better to stick to their guns for 2011. I love these players but except for Matt Jordan who could continue to play as a keeper past 35, I don't see the other in the following list making it to MLS, so why not trade a few of them away and sign some mls players who could implement the work rate they have learned it takes to make it in the MLS. Wesley Charles 35 Matt Jordan 35 Patrick Leduc 33 Nevio Pizzolitto 34 Eduardo Sebrango 37 Potencial players could
  12. I sincerely hope you guys are right. Can't wait to see next year's coach and roster!
  13. In case you did'nt already know, Juan Pablo Angel is expected to change clubs at the end of this season. There seems to be interest within the league to keep him but as Juan's season is'nt done yet there wont be any talk's until the offseason. The revolution who had a bismal year (16 lost) may tap in the DP pool next year if they listen to Shalrie Joseph, and could be interested in the colombian international. http://www.goal.com/en-us/news/1110/major-league-soccer/2010/10/22/2177561/exclusive-new-england-revolutions-shalrie-joseph-would It would be a shame for Juan Pablo Angel
  14. Can't wait for the first Sounders v Caps game
  15. Prediction: Somehow, I feel the press is understating the stress Preky and Mo had on the team, and that the new relief will result in a blooming in creativity and a better cohesion in the team. My prediction for tonight is a 2-0 win by TFC if they play their A team otherwise I see a 1-0 defeat. Dasovic will be great for TFC.
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