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Chris Lemire at NSC Minnesota Stars Combine


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Looks like the first of two combines - something like 100 players in all:


Has he been kicking around Edmonton for the past couple of years?

Also, it looks like there is (at least) one more Canadian there, a guy named Dillon Torindo.

Crazy, that guy's been living in Yellowknife for the past few years, played against him a few times in men's league. I can only think of 1 better player than him in YK, he really stands out. Tall, fast, good in the air, apparently he had a trial with the Whitecaps a few years ago too

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A couple more Canadians (??) in the second combine list. The second list looks like a "Who?? Who??" rather than a "Who's who" of second tier pro soccer in North America.

They might find the odd gem in the rough there but if they are seriously hoping to compete with the likes of Vancouver, Montreal, Portland, etc with these guys then geez...I dunno...

More power to the guys trying though. Gotta admire those chasing dreams.

Steven Craig - got into some trouble at Concordia around eligibility

Jarrod King - an amateur apparently out of Manitoba


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