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  1. If he ever bulked up and became more aggressive he would make a great CB. His passing abilities out of the back would be exceptional for the position. He's fast enough for a CB but not quick enough for center midfield IMO and, likewise, not aggressive enough to be defensive midfielder and not offensive enough either. He's kind of an in between player IMO. But we've seen midfield players move back to the defensive line and excel like Laryea, Davies. For some reason down the spine is a harder transition than the wing.
  2. I think this Joshua Belluz would be an excellent replacement for Mo Omar. https://www.mlssoccer.com/players/joshua-belluz/ Connections through Vaughn.
  3. There is luck involved in development mostly correlated with opportunity. Alistair and Cyle had the fortune of going to expansion clubs and were given playing time immediately. Miller and Layrea were late bloomers and had to move before they found their place in the league. Buchanon took a couple years to develop and was a sub for most of his first year. CPL is a good option for young players to get playing time. NYFC has a lot of homegrown players so it was always going to be difficult for him to displace them.
  4. The bottom line is Marcelo needs to play professional games to earn his spot on any international squad. Squads have been reduced from 26 to 23 players for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Every spot has to contribute to the squad. An attacking midfield player is not someone you bring for a depth position as cards tend to build up amongst defenders and central midfielders. The World Cup is in November and the Premier League starts in August. Unless Marcelo is able to secure a loan from the start of the season and prove himself as a starter, I just don't see him making either squad. This is a big ask for an attacking player where production is expected right away. The only scenario I see is him getting a loan to a Liga MX team for the apertura tournament (running from July to December) with the loan team hands him the keys to the offense. https://www.wakingthered.com/2022/4/1/23005906/previewing-canadas-roster-for-qatar-2022 With the togetherness of the squad and limited players you can bring, I just don't see him making the Canada squad on merit. Unfortunately, there will be a lineup of people against the kid if he stumbles professionally and he will stumble as everyone stumbles.
  5. Just based on the highlights, he is a real prospect. The way he puts the defense off balance with slight moves is transferable to any league and some of his successful switches were beautiful. Once he gets more starts I think he would play more within himself and stop trying to make attention grabbing plays that try to create offense that mostly result in giving possession away. Would work in lower levels but it won't translate into higher quality play.
  6. I think this is smart move on Mo Omar's part. He's 22 years old and it is unclear what is his best position. We often see talent wilt on the vine without playing time. He's going to get a playing time under Stephen Hart and probably be groomed as a CB. Especially with the two CB's they have being internationals (Schaale and Santos).
  7. I think this is a great move! Tabla needs playing time and his confidence back. Ottawa is also connected to Madrid which is a motivator. He will have a direct pipeline back to Spain. Watching him against the Wanderers you could tell that he's a more mature player. I looked up his age and he's only 23. If he excels in CPL he can regain some of luster he deserved when he was younger. Personally, I want to see the silver died hair back.
  8. My next prediction is Okello moves to CB
  9. Liam Fraser is the Ali Gerba of the midfield! Also, what we are learning is that Canadian players are wildly undervalued. Think how good Adekugbe has become in the last year. Once European team start recruiting our middling players to higher competition it will make a world of difference. It to scout Alphonso Davies and Cyle Larin. Mark Anthony Kaye only had 64 games in USL ages 21-24. Liam Fraser has had 57 games in MLS ages 19 - 23. There's every chance with a run of consistent games that Liam Fraser turns into a very decent player. Hopefully he gets that in Belgium.
  10. Herdman talks about the how bad he felt after the loss to Haiti in 2019 Gold Cup and how bad it was to send Atiba out that way.....
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