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  1. I guess when you post on the club's official facebook page, the club will listen. https://hfxwanderersfc.canpl.ca/article/wanderers-hand-trial-to-ncaa-striker-will-baynham-in-search-of-different-dimension-in-attack
  2. ----------------Bair, Millar ----------------Borges Choinere----------------Tabla -----------------Fraser Bassong, Cornelius, Miller, Godinho -----------------St. Clair
  3. What an eye-opener. Canada has come a long way...wow tough to narrow down the list: GK: St.Clair, Pantemis LB: Bassong, Abzi CB: Cornelius, Miller, Sturing, TMG RB: Godinho, ZBG CM: Fraser, Paton AM: Borges, Chioniere Wingers: Tabla, Shaffelburg Secondary Strikers: Millar Center Forward: Bair, Campbell, Ongaro I know I will get blasted for including Ongaro but he offers something completely different. In a tournament against smaller opponents he could be immensely useful. I also had a predisposition to call people who are playing often.
  4. Sign this guy then a good international CF. Will Baynham - Canadian Centre Forward (Former Teammate of Mateo Restrepo) UCSB Top Goal Scorer.
  5. It is true that all of the above players can score. I see the players in camp fitting into these roles: Centre Forward - Sanoh, (Morelli) Secondary Strikers - Morelli, Garcia, (Marshall) Attacking wings - Riggi, Marshall, Kreim, Bent (Garcia) Box to box midfielders - LBG, Rampersad, Sissoko, Firth Left Foot CB - Santos, Geffrard Right Foot CB - Schaale, Nsa RB - Restrepo, Ruby, (Nsa) LB - De Carolis, Kinumbe, (Santos) It will be interesting to see how Ruby, De Carolis, and Sanoh fit on this team. There is tremendous flexibility in roster design with each player having multiple positions. I still think we need more at the centre forward position and defensive back.
  6. Derek Martin@WandererDerek·41m Very exciting additions to our club! To be clear these are our final signings before training camp opens next week. We have strategically left two roster spots available to fill as opportunity or need dictate. Looking forward to getting the squad together and watching them work!
  7. “Sanoh offers us a different option in the squad because unlike Akeem Garcia, he’s a bigger player who is a bit more of a target player that we will able to play through and he’s also a proven goalscorer and we all know we lacked goals last year,” said Fegan. https://hfxwanderersfc.canpl.ca/article/wanderers-add-depth-to-attack-with-signing-of-maritime-college-star-ibrahima-sanoh Garcia will push forward with the depth in the midfield but we do need another target striker.
  8. "The signings complete the Wanderers 2020 squad. There will now be 21 players at the Wanderers training camp in March, including the club’s two University draft picks, striker Cory Bent and defender Jake Ruby." https://hfxwanderersfc.canpl.ca/article/wanderers-bring-samba-style-to-halifax-with-brazilian-pair-joao-morelli-and-eriks-santos I think this quote is misleading. HFX carried 23 players last year.] Most likely, with single table format they want flexibility to bring an international goalscorer later on. Stylistically, I'm thinking a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 diamond. I thought Morelli was a forward not an attacking midfield. We are very light at the CF position and need some reinforcements at RB.
  9. Thank you, so Firth, Nsa and Kinumbe are our 3 U-21s then. After tomorrows signing, I think we will see 1 more international forward. And 1 Domestic RB presuming Cory Bent makes the team. Did any team last team last year carry a 3rd keeper?
  10. Morelli, Garcia Riggi, Sissoko, LBG, Marsall Santos, Schaale, Geffrard, Nsa Beaulieu
  11. It's also interesting to note the make up of the squad (presuming these are the signings). Overall Roster (17 signed, 2 rumored, 2 Usport Trialist = 21) 23 Max. CB - Schaale, Santos, Nsa, Geffrard, RB - Restrepo, Nsa LB - Santos, De Carolis, Kinumbe CM - Rampersad, Sissoko, LBG, Kreim, Marshall, Firth W - De Carolis, Marshall, Kreim, Garcia, Riggi, Bent F - Morelli, Garcia, Sanoh, Bent International Spots 6/7 International spots are taken (Schaale, Marshall, Garcia, Rampersad, Santos, Morelli) However, it's possible that Schaale is close to getting a permanent residence. U-21 Players Only 1 player (Scott Firth) is under 21. Which means we need 2 more u-21 signings. Although I read the signing article of Kinumbe and it says he's U 21 - maybe I don't know the proper cut off date. If that is the case then Nsa also qualifies. I dare to speculate that Oscar Marshall (NS Native/2019 Trialist/ Former U17 Impact Academy) will get another look. Jake Ruby (draft pick) is of U-21 age and domestic.
  12. I think the other player is Joao Morelli https://www.transfermarkt.us/joao-morelli/profil/spieler/359191 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6yh4fdOoMA
  13. If you listen to Jonathan Hammond's interview with Langwa (highly recommended), Langwa describes John as captain material without saying it, however, I think it will be Williams.
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