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  1. All great points and fair feedback. To be clear, I'm not advocating for personal struggle just seems to be that this type of person preserver more often than not. But that could be my media bias, where these personal struggles are highlighted for a good story vs. a kid that was just good and made the first team. So I did a little research on Armas' time with Redbulls (2015-2020). Marsh was the head coach from 2015-2018 and Armas as assistant coach during that time. It was the same high-pressure tactical system. During that window of time Redbulls produced - Miazga, Tyler Adams
  2. I must have watched a different game. He was serviceable in his first game and maintained the defensive structure with a few good touches and passes. He didn't impose himself. This is a long burn prospect and the hype train will be very disappointed and unfairly. He's got good feet and technical ability and kept up with the pace of the pro game. To me that is a big challenge is to find himself and this level of pace. It may take a couple of years as he has a reserved presence of play. His development is predicated on opportunity and mentality. With Priso being so good so fast the m
  3. I listened to Richard Peddie at a conference I attended. It was part of his book launch a few years ago. The way he described MLS/TFC was focused on creating Enterprise Value for MLSE and he knew very little about soccer. He pointed to the underlying demographics of Toronto and participation of amateur soccer to substantiate the investment. I believe it was a $10M MLS entrance fee at the time which was one or two bad hockey contracts so very little risk. Plus, the stadium was largely financed by the various levels of government. It was essentially a no-brainer given that MLSE could lever
  4. Okay, I misread that specific part but it has some merit. If you look at the pyramid of CDN soccer this the is only place where it could be implement. You can't align the amateur clubs in this country. They can't even agree within their districts. https://totalfootballanalysis.com/article/club-brugge-their-domination-of-the-belgian-pro-league-19-20-data-analysis-statistics To prove the point against me: Club Brugge started the season playing with four at the back in 4-1-4-1, 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 formations. When schedule started mixing with the Champions League group stage he ad
  5. I apologize in advance for a bit of a diatribe. A mix of commentary and areas of improvement of CPL. Kah's comments about the lack of experience of WCQ U23 team made me reflect more on the state of CPL. My observations aren't quantified so its a bit anecdotal and easily challenged. I think Kah's assertion is correct that lack of experience hurt our chances against Mexico. I also think being out of season is a huge factor and without addressing that issue, it's extremely hopeful for the next U23 cycle to have all in-season European based players. I have done research on Belgium FA
  6. https://canpl.ca/article/concacaf-president-montagliani-looking-forward-to-cpls-encore-performance-in-2021 Montagliani, a 55-year-old native of B.C., was impressed with the CPL’s staging of The Island Games, especially when you consider more established leagues around the world struggled to deal with the pandemic. “The (CPL’s) second season, like every other league in the world, hit the brakes pretty hard last year. But then what impressed me was how the leadership of the league pivoted quite quickly into creating a bubble in PEI and having The Island Games,” Montagliani told CanPL.c
  7. Sorry, that's me predicting a change of position to max his value to European clubs.
  8. Wow. After watching that video, because it's the only one that I've seen of him, you can see him being another attacking FB.....on the right side as opposed to Davies left side. This team is getting so deep. Now if they can convert Noble Okello into a dominating CB we could see a huge step forward.
  9. I googled Lucas Dias and found he was an alumni of Sporting FC Toronto. I clicked on Alumni: https://sportingfctoronto.com/alumni/daniel-costa/ Does anyone know who Daniel Costa or have context to the academy he is part of? Is he Canadian?
  10. Really good point by Pa-Madou Kah Olympic qualifying difference between Canada and Mexico: Mexico Starters had 1,400 Games of Experience, 1,200 Games Started with 179,000 min played Canada Starters had 280 Games of Experience, 189 Games Started with 17,000 min played Mexico had 88 Senior Caps in Experience Canada had 31 Senior Caps in Experience He thinks that CPL is the perfect platform to address the experience gap. I don't disagree with him
  11. Knockout stage Bracket Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final July 2021 – TBD Winner Group D July 2021 – TBD
  12. We are in a Group with the US which makes for an intense game. It also means we will probably play Costa Rica or Jamaica in the Quarters. Then Mexico in the Semi's. If we beat Mexico and if Honduras doesn't have a strong tournament, we play the USA in the finals. That's full value viewing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_CONCACAF_Gold_Cup Group B Pos Team v t e Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
  13. I had considered trying to fit one of Lucas Dias or Marcelo Flores in the squad. To do that would mean dropping Striker or Mid. Tough to do and have sufficient depth. I also assumed that if they want to keep their options open they won't go to the Gold Cup
  14. It is a very good point. Not sure what the right answer is. I thought Davies at LB could provide sufficient coverage and Laryea can play both sides. Plus, Kamal Millar can play FB. We always seem to be missing an extra CB at these tournaments either through injuries or cards.
  15. I went to look at the MLS schedule and it plays right through July. Gold Cup is July 10th to August 1st (Final). https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/09/28/concacaf-2021-gold-cup-draw-usa-and-canada-face-group-stage WCQ Aruba (June 5th) and Suriname (June 8th). When does WCQ continue?
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