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Seattle Supporters - name the band......

Winnipeg Fury

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Anyone know which band they ripped off ?

SEATTLE (AP)—The Emerald City Supporters held their green and blue scarfs high and sang in unison, their words echoing off the brick facades of the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood as they marched to a recent Seattle Sounders FC match.

“Take ‘em all; take ‘em all …” they bellowed. “Short ‘n’ tall, watch ‘em fall; come on boys, take ‘em all!”

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quote:Originally posted by Winnipeg Fury

Was that a google search or do you have their records ?


Ha! I just went to the Seattle web-site!

Honestly, even thought the tune sounds familiar, truth be told nothing by Cock Sparrow ever exactly made it in my archive of 12" singles (or cassette "burns") back in the day. At least I don't think so. Things are, *ahem* kind of blurry until the late '80s.

Still it is surprising how fresh is seems to sound now doesn't it? But really, nothing special. Text-book '70s club punk. Not exactly Ghetto Defendant is is?

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