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Gold Cup Viewing Party - Winnipeg


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Okay, might as well start this. I will be away the week of Canada Day,

but I should be able to be back on Friday, July 3rd.

That also happens to be the first Gold Cup match, Canada-Jamaica

from Los Angeles. Sportsnet will be showing it around 7 pm.

Any Winnipeg V's that would like to get together to view the match?

Can anyone arrange the venue? Would the private room at Players

(McPhillips St.) be okay? How about the next game?

Please post your thoughts, suggestions, preferences ...

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Players is fine by me as it's fairly close. If the usual suspects don't object I'll ring them Monday or Tuesday and see if we can get the private room. If not, we could always take up squatters rights in the pool hall. Pretty massive big screen and the joint shouldn't be too packed that early on a Friday.

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^Oh, you'll make it.

Okay, Players has taken on poker so you can't have the private room Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as they're now using that for poker. But they've booked us the projection screen area for Friday so....

Players Sports Bar & Grill

2184 McPhillips

7 PM

(NW corner of McPhillips & Kingsbury. The old Cue Club)

All ages welcome! It is a pool hall but a pretty tame place at that so come one, come all. There's always a few youngens and we're glad to have them. You're never too young to begin your education in the important things of life!

All the usual finger food can be had, they've got some honest domestic beer on tap, nice loungers to relax on at half time and 100 inches of projection television with Canada putting the boots to the Reggie Boyz for your entertainment.

Come oooooon Hart's Heroes!

Allez les Rouges!

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The Tuesday, July 7th fixture will be at the same Bat-place (Players) and the same Bat-channel (SportsNet) but make note of the 8 PM (Winnipeg time) kick-off time for the match from Columbus as Canada vs El Salvador is the 2nd fixture of Tuesday's double-header.

Would be happy with the "beer garden" area a-gin but if we want I don't think there will be any problem moving into the private room for this one.

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For Friday's match against Costa Rica, we are now looking for a

southern Winnipeg location. Perhaps Dylan's or the Orbit Room on Pembina.

Please note game time is 6 PM. We will try to post something by tomorrow (Thursday).

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I'll be bringing my usual 4 and maybe a few others who sometimes come out but the early kick-off is a killer. Trying to arrange things at my end so I can get there by kick-off but otherwise it might be pretty deep into the 1st half before you see me.

No way I'm getting my 2 pint pre-game warm up in.

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Okay boys, it's confirmed:

Canada-Costa Rica --- Gold Cup 2009 Match

6 PM at:

Dylan's on Pembina</u> (new name)

1875 Pembina Hwy, between A&W and Office Depot,

north of Bishop Grandin


Doors open at 4 pm, food service available, large selection of beers (it's an Irish Pub)

Kids welcome, because the non-football rowdies come in at 9PM

Please invite everyone, let's make it a huge event as Canada makes it 3 in a row!

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As much as I would like to cheer for the 0-1 Bombers, with an unproven QB,

a coach that (hopefully doesn't, but) could rival Jeff Reinboldt in the PR

department, a possible thunderstorm, and extortion parking prices that may

assure a dent in your new car from a stoned East Side pseudo-fan ...

... I'd rather spend a mere 2 hours in a comfortable, full-service pub,

cheering for a real Canadian football team with players that earn more than

the average CFLer and still do not possess the egos of certain prima donna


But you know ... Go Canada! Go Bombers! Beat...the traffic! ;)

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