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I have been talking and writing about this for it seems several decades. I get crucified by miss nightingal,Benny Knight for my stand against these writers,media and yet it happened. Benny get out that pen that puts that Canadian media in place and show some balls.

Anyway,there it is one more of my many forecasts came through and the solution,well folks get use to soccer excitement that is being banned by other sports.Our fans are highly motivated and from what I see and believe that motivation does not stop at the soccer game,this is an inborn desire and feeling which I believe carries on in life.These kids can't be losers,there simply is to much motivation in their system.If the media wants to kill that type of excitement I guess they are doing more than that.Our kids are the winners that nations are made up of and TFC plays a very vital role in Canada and it's future.All of North America needs a good dose of soccer excitement,it will do wonders,guaranteed.

According to the corporal Rudi,none of the instigators were known soccer fan members, so who were these guys.

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