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Big Thanks to all Voyageurs


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Hey Guys. I wanted to give a big thanks to Grizzly, Daniel and I'm sure countless others for the organization and leadership yesterday in Montreal. (Great job with the shirts Rascal).

That was only my second game and I'm already longing for the next opportunity I'll get to march with the V's and support my country. It was great to meet and shake hands with so many of you.

I was pretty bummed out by the result but there were lots of positives last night that I witnessed and would like to share:

- The overall support would have been a complete disaster without the V's. I came to support Canada and in the end I felt like was trying to defend it from a Honduran invasion. That footage on RDS of the last part of the march was great.

- We had the country covered. From the Atlantic to the Pacific we had people from all over the country (and even out of the country) which was nice to see.

- It was good to see U-Sector and Red Patch supporters among the contingent even though TFC was playing. From what I can tell TFC supporter groups have been a huge factor in the support for this WCQ campaign. I hope you guys continue to support Canada on the side, your country needs you more than ever. The more organized support we have for Canada the better.

As for the negatives (other than the result):

- If the CSA cares the least about getting home support they have to work better with the ticket retailers (admission in this case) to separate the supporters for each team. I've heard a lot of estimates and there is no doubt that we were (clearly) outnumbered. I can't help but think if all the Canadian Supporters were together we would have faired better. It's hard to cheer for your country when you are unorganized (walk ups, casual fan) and surrounded by opposition support. Those supporters need to be at least near us if not mixed amongst us. That will increase our presence and support overall.

- Big business sucks. It was pretty clear last night that real winner was big business. Blue and White BMO bangers. Thanks for making us feel like we were in Honduras North.

This post is running long I've already repeated a lot of you guys so I'll finish with this... I figure if I go to all my regular doctor check ups I should be around for another 60 years, that's another 15 WCQ campaigns! If we can make it to the World Cup at least one more time in that span (and score a goal) I think I'll be able to die happy!

... but this campaign's not over yet. I know how you feel, I share your sentiments, but it's our job to keep on cheering, hoping and dreaming. There's still four matches left, I don't want the boys to give up yet so I know I'm not about to and I know the rest of you are going to hang in there as well!

Onwards and Upwards.

Allez les Rouges!

Thanks Again,

Chris (Lurker)

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Yeah, I want to thank all the Montreal hosts(Grizzly and Daniel in particular)for leading the way on Saturday. You guys have given your all for the Voyageur cause and you should be commended.

I hope the CSA are aware of how much work and personal sacrifice was given to get the support we had. We have come a long way in recent years and it is because of a few individuals who live and die for the Canadian team that this progress is possible. If the CSA can show the same kind of commitment I'm sure change is possible.

For the time being I will replay the Serioux goal and catch a glimpse of the Voyageurs celebrating a great moment and what could have been a great night.

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