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  1. Frankly, I'm finding it more and more difficult to stay emotionally involved with this team. That's not to say I wouldn't still travel to go see them, because I definitely would. But I'm really tired of all the noise from the players about the coaches being inadequate and the CSA not offering enough support. Those were valid complaints while the team was getting good results in spite of the poor coaching and the tools at the CSA, but lately it's become an excuse for indifferent performances. It's one thing to play hard and still lose, it's another to get crushed and not offer any kind of f
  2. He hasn't featured in months, he's gone way downhill, he wasn't effective at all last season. Juve have a lot of players under contract who have high wages but aren't playing at all, they made a lot of very poor signings in the past and so they have practically a whole other team of mistakes who sit in the stands.
  3. Except that Stade Saputo has a roof, something that apparently Toronto fans haven't "earned" yet. That's not something I'd ever confuse BMO Field with.
  4. Do you follow Serie A at all? Del Piero still very much has it. Juve have tried to replace him this season with Giaccherini, Estigarribia and Vidal but none of them have the impact Del Piero still brings. They look much better when he's on the pitch.
  5. From www.football-italia.net: "Canadian Major League," yes, that'll be the day. Reporting fail aside, it is so frustrating to be a Toronto fan and see them go after second-rate players while Joey Saputo boldly goes out and tries to sign someone like Del Piero. He's the best owner in North American soccer IMO, with the amount of money he's poured into the stadium and his obvious desire to have a winning team. Even Del Piero's obvious skills on the pitch aside this would be an amazing signing from a publicity point of view, given the huge Italian community in Montreal and Del Pie
  6. Sorry... I need to back out. Circumstances transpiring against me. Anyone who still needs a seat, PM me.
  7. Looking for one ticket in 118 for Detroit...
  8. Ugly and no long sleeve... Definitely not purchasing unless we win the Gold Cup with this shirt or something.
  9. Terrible, I definitely won't be buying one. I'm not a fan of Umbro kits to begin with, I wish we would have gone with a company like Kappa or Puma. Still, that being said, I don't care what shirt the team is wearing so long as they win in it.
  10. Sorry, been AWOL for a while, I'm "D. Canning" and I'm in Toronto...
  11. Early days yet, but after 5 matches, Crotone sit on 7 points, which puts them 5th in the table: http://www.seriebwin.it/campionato Here's hoping, obviously, that they can get promoted. Uccello as mentioned came on in the 87th minute against Albinoleffe.
  12. Fantastic news! I hope he continues to impress and keeps playing in matches. Serie B is a difficult league, if he keeps getting matches there's no doubt that he'll be featuring for Canada soon. Congratulations to you and your son, from a lifelong Udinese tifoso. And Toro are a strong, but underachieving, team, so a point is a good result for Crotone. For those interested in keeping up with scores and the table, by the way, look here: http://www.legaserieb.it/it/serie-bwin/campionato
  13. Being at the match, I thought we had a good first half, but so often couldn't find the killer ball, or when we did, someone's first touch let them down and ended the chance. We came out flat at the start of the 2nd half and for most of it the momentum was always with Peru. A number of errors led to both of their goals, just poor defending. Lars might've been able to do a bit better with the 2nd one but it was still all too easy for them to get into the box. As for the support, it was great across 112-113-114, but I would've like a fuller stadium. I was pleased, as well, that even afte
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