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Dejan Jakovic signs with Red Star Belgrade


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quote:Originally posted by Winnipeg Fury

I think you have the reserve team confused with the TFC Academy. The reserve team doesn't play in the CSL, they play in the MLS reserve league. Whereas the players in the Academy do play in the CSL. The mandate of the TFC academy or any academy is to sign the player and develop them for first team participation or tranfer fees. They should be mostly teenagers with the aspirations of a pro career. The academy roster for the U18 team is below. There is also a U16 team ( TFC academy II )that is also entered in the CSL's reserve league. I believe that only five or six other CSL teams have a reserve squad.

TFC went with their first team in that game versus Vancouver. It shows that they are taking the competition seriously. What would have been the fan reaction had they played the reserve team? obviously that they are not taking the competition seriously.


The reserve team has players like Melo, Nana, Gala, Rosenlund, and Lombardo playing for them.

Whereas the TFC Academy U18 team has this roster:

25 Soitiri Varlokostas GK

50 Lucas Birnstingl GK

51 Jarrett Humphreys GK

33 Gino Mauro D

35 Shawn Kodejs D

40 Daniel Di Biago D

42 Tryston Mahoney D

43 Domenic Roberts D

44 Jean-Louis Perruza D

46 Donovan Wilson D

47 Daniel Tannous D

27 Keon Spence MF

28 Derick Robinson MF

31 Ashtone Morgan MF

32 Jarrett Hamilton MF

36 Latwayne Anderson MF

37 Jeremy Halliday MF

38 Erick Olazabal MF

29 Eros Olazabal F

34 Max Marsh F

39 Adrian Pena F

41 Junior Ellis F

45 Jarek Whiteman F

49 Viktor Anastasov F

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