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  1. To think the problem is music and partying outside the hotel room is ridiculous. We went out with a negative formation, didn't adjust the tactics, and basically were outcoached. Our outside backs have been diminished into being very nervous on the ball, always making negative passes, its a bit ridiculous. There is no reason we should be losing to any of the Central american countries if we go in with the right mentality. Go in, put your foot on the ball, and make your mark. Anything less is unacceptable. Panama has no chance of making the world cup, we should have walked in and taken car
  2. Tam rocks! The guy is making music, traveling europe, doing what he can to pursue and push his career, and he is an OILERS fan! Cool website..all the best to him. I feel we missed out in a huge way not having him for the last round of qualifying..if he is fit and still playing bring him in. Does anyone remember how he played against Brazil?
  3. Dobson knows absolutely nothing about soccer. Its embarrassing hearing him wince and babble his way through a match. He has no understanding of the pace, rhythm, or entertainment value and insight needed in calling play. Sounds like Saskatchewan house league. Craig should know better, although he just seems to come off super bitter. I don't need cheerleading and big smiles...I think some charisma and sharp insight would be fine. Sure criticize, but look for those moments and signs of progress. Look for those nuances in our side that are worth discussing. Seriously I would rather listen
  4. holger osieck is coaching japan in the asian cup final today. pretty crazy to think he led us to a gold cup championship and then a few players didn't like his disciplinary style and that was enough to have him fired from the job. its not like we have a roster of superstars yet guys were able to stand up and state they didn't like how he treated them. he was our best chance to shape a team that can qualify for the world cup. he truly understands world football. ten years later we are hanging on to guys like stalteri and de rosario. since him we have had a run of brutal coaches. hart
  5. I think the match might still happen...but the prez literally is stepping in to insure. Maradona is being a prick.
  6. Okay, sorry to throw that out in haste....sounds like Maradona canceled the game..but the president herself is stepping in to make sure sure the match continues...as part of bicentennial celebrations etc. I think its still a go!!!!
  7. My friend in Buenos Aires says Maradona feels the game is too close to the World Cup. Probably nervous of an embarassment. Game is canceled as of today! http://www.terra.com/deportes/articulo/html/fox1275637.htm Cancel those flight plans boys!
  8. ha...nice journalism..to grab one world cup stat..from the 2006 world cup..and suddenly its time to write off concacaf. do some research molinaro....concacaf has been very respectable over the last 20 years. you know nothing about the game..its clear in your writing...your opinions...pseudo euro centric..not even cool euro centric. sorry dude..cbc needs further cut backs!
  9. for sure the clubs and academies take care of the development. i guess what i was implying is how can the CSA properly scout, recognize and combine talent to create teams that compete. i wonder how some of the private academies would do in relation to provincial or national teams. they train together longer, and the system of selection is based on business. the CSA has in a sense been left in the dust. along with the provincial team programs. they just don't seem as relevant as 10 years ago. good luck to this group of youth. hopefully a new wave of stars pops through!
  10. we can all lament the onstad start, as it was clearly a huge mistake which cost us three vs. 1 points in the first match. i just want to know what sort strong coaching moves have been made to define the style and purpose of this team. its not just good enough to slot players into positions and let them plug away. players looked great on and off the ball vs. jamaica, but against honduras and jamaica, it was really just a drop in confidence. where is the commitment to a system, strong tackling, shoulder to shoulder knocking mexicans on their ass? why is it ali gerba jumps into the gam
  11. this crop of players is a testament to the private academies that have cropped up across the country in the last ten years. as they grow in strength, and circumvent the usual provincial team set up, more and more quality canadian youth are gaining spots on big clubs abroad. really, the weakness comes through the CSA scouting and training programs, and the lack of elite coaching, trained coaches, experienced coaches, with licenses, experience in fully professional environments, who can guide this sort of pack into a really strong run through the next youth world cup. i am sure po
  12. i do think the players should be held accountable. i just find it annoying when we lose out on 50-50 balls..cough up possession easily, or seem really undecisive on the ball. is that because of a lower technical level? i would say perhaps, yet a lot of countries make the world cup without having a big group of top 5 league players...because they are committed to a system. too much individual play from our group. at least during big moments of big matches. not enough strong tackling!!! we are a canadian side. instead of retaliation tackling and after the fact complaining to the re
  13. are we going to go on again about edmonton and the under-20s? guys, this is a world youth tournament, that in most countries averages about 9,000 fans a match...30,000 show up in edmonton, to watch probably the most boring teams in the tourney, and still we are babbling on about a lack of support. edmonton has and always will be one of the top cities in the country for sporting culture and history. get with it! eskimo games are a big deal, oiler games are huge, the world games were a huge success. anyways..back to the bind we are in now. mitchell is useless. his tone, demean
  14. hume played awkward, horrible, lame shots, bad balls through...what is he suddenly playing some latin style? get out on the wing and stretch their defense. thats exactly what radz was doing. stay wide, stretch them, cut in on occasion...but the lame flicks and spins..sorry...hume played brutal.
  15. well they should never have sold those tickets to honduran supporters. the CSA need to wake up on this level. time and time again we say these things, and they do the bare minimum to create a soccer culture and home field advantage. its not enough! in any other country in the world. there is a section for sale that is designated for away support. sorry once that section is sold out it is done! you must have to declare your support, home or away when buying tickets, and will not be let into the stadium unless you are in the right section. its very simple. people would cry
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