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Everyone's down on the Italians?


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wolf, what are you saying man?

What is this Italian bashing of game and culture?

You may not appreciate the serie A nor the Italian game but it should be respected. You may not aspire in the Azzuri play of the game but you should not revolt it. Italy has always produced the greatest coaches, goltenders and defenders with no doubt. Europes most successful Football Nation does not deserve this line of thread that is only fed from someones hate and nothing less.

If you have driven the Amalfi Coast, visited the Eternal City, stared up at the Sistine Chapel, experienced the Trevi Fountain, walked Michelangelos Florence, St.Peters Basilica, Chianti Region of Tuscani, the Patheon, Collisium, the Duomo of Milano, the Vatican and its museum, taken a gondola in Venice, Pompei and Vesuveus, the beaches of Sardenia, the derby of the San Siro in Milano it goes on and on and on; you will have the respect for one of the world’s richest cultures.

My father was Italian and my mother from Argentina. I have been all over this world and I despise the hate that some with no culture at all spit out at the greatness of a peoples from other corners of the world. All Nations have their darker sides.

I choose to smell the flowers rather than the sewer.

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Get a grip soccman there's worse things in life then Italy winning the world cup and when you grip don't come my way I already have my wife for that.

quote:Originally posted by SoccMan

For your sake and sanity I hope Italy does not win the next World Cup, you see Wolf I care about you.

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wolf, WOW. Did an Italian kid steal your lollipop on the playground when you were little? There's dislike and then there's pure venom, your posts drip with the latter. "When Rome is burning"? Was there really any need for that?

Italian football is definitely Machiavellian to an extent. Teams do whatever they can, and stretch the rules to their limit, to win. Where was that Machiavelli guy from, anyway? Hmm. The prime example of this would be Claudio Gentile, who was an absolute master at tackling players just hard enough not to foul, and then when the situation called for it, fouling but not hard enough to be booked.

And, on the other hand, as people have said, Italian football has produced sublime talents in all areas of the pitch, like Dino Zoff, Gaetano Scirea, Gigi Riva, Roberto Baggio, etc.

Things like purposely wasting time and generally getting under opponents' skin are part of Italian football, because they're technically within the rules. As I said previously, Italian football is more of a mental game, a big part of it is the mind games teams and players play with their opponents.

Other football cultures have things that go against this "spirit of the game" you seem to be appealing to. As all V's can attest to, Central and South American teams will spend the entire second half writhing around on the ground when they're winning, will blatantly break the rules (ala Maradona/Messi) and they dive rather a lot. British players intentionally try to injure each other and also dive, though they won't admit it. Most Mediterranean players, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. are definitely not above bending the rules, either. And interestingly enough, the catenaccio style everyone so hates was pioneered by a Swiss coach and 'perfected' at Inter by an Argentininan coach.

The bottom line is, there are underhanded tactics in every game, in every country, in every football culture. The only difference is the tactics themselves, the ends they serve and the attitude they represent.

You seem to indicate that you prefer Spanish football because you consider it more beautiful, and that's fine, because that's your personal taste. I, on the other hand, prefer Italian football because it's competitive. Defence is an afterthought in Spain, which is why it's exciting. If defenders in Italy were skinned as often and as badly as they are in Spain they'd be roasted alive by the media and probably be sold to Serie C2 clubs.

As gringo said, you don't have to like Italian football, but the 4 stars speak for themselves. Even if you don't like it, it has to be respected. Just like how I wouldn't pull for Brazil in the World Cup, but I have the utmost respect for their game.

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