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What's your favourite soccer stadium


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have you been to san siro? I live right beside the stadium. The only thing i agree with are the fans..passionate and Italian civility at it's finest.

The seating is brutal. They are always filthy and in true italian style...a pain in the ass to get to. Consession and ticket stands are in a consant state of chaos...but for some reason or another it doesn't seem to bother the people. It's just how it is. Security is tight, however, and you feel safe. You can't fight in the stadium but you can light a bonfire in your seat and stay warm.

Did i say you can't fight in the stadium? Hmmmm, what was i thinking. I went to Milan / Napoli and it was a war zone. Because there are so many Neopolitans in Milan they couldn't seperate all the fans.70,000 supporters for both sides...sitting side by side!!!! You figure out the rest. That being said..San Siro is my favourite stadium as well. It's full of life.

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