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New women's World Rankings Out Oct. 5


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Fifa will publish the updated World Rankings on Friday Oct. 5. This ranking will of course use the results of the just completed World Cup plus any results since the last posting in June.

Post your predictions here. Canada currently ninth. Will we retain that position? How far will we drop? How much will Australia improve? How much will Brazil improve?

(By the way if we study the results of the World Cup can we conclude based only on the record (Wins, losses, draws, goal difference etc.) that Canada was the ninth place finisher at WC 2007?)

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Latest Standings just published today.

pos country pts change pts-change

1 Germany 2201 1 53

2 USA 2192 -1 -12

3 Brazil 2082 5 82

4 Sweden 2070 -1 -1

5 Norway 2035 -1 -20

6 Korea DPR 2029 -1 -23

7 France 1993 0 -15

8 Denmark 1973 -2 -46

9 Canada 1950 0 -12

10 England 1944 2 13

11 Japan 1943 -1 -1

12 Australia 1928 3 35

13 China PR 1918 -2 -16

14 Italy 1910 -1 -5

15 Russia 1903 -1 6

16 Finland 1877 0 1

17 Ukraine 1846 0 3

18 Netherlands 1833 0 -1

19 Czech Republic 1812 0 8

20 Spain 1802 0 0

Canada remains ninth dropping only 12 pts. Big winners is of course Brazil up 5 positions and Australia up 3 spots, but even Argentina with the worst performance went up one spot and Ghana with the second worst performance went up two. Big drop by China and Denmark, down 2 and one place down for each of Sweden, North Korea and Norway. Canada -12 in points seem to indicate that Fifa considered Canada's performance as average, or to be what would be expected.

While I would have liked us to have done better it still comes down to if we would have given up one less goal to either Australia or Norway, or even if Norway would have scored one more goal against Australia we would have advanced.

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too many if this and if that, bottom line is we failed our primary goal of advancing we knew we had to win against Australia even before the tournament begins and we didn't.we all can see that Australia is on the right path their approach to the game is more professional and the quality fo their build up is more entertaining to watch.the only thing that was going for us was Sinclair the NCAA athlete of the year still the system employed limited her from using her skills and ability with the ball inside the 18 yrd box.

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Of course we failed to advance, but we did do better than some higher ranked teams and although close only counts in horseshoes, we did come close to advancing. If we would have advanced either through not giving up that final goal to Australia or perhaps having Norway score one more goal in their bame against Australia would we have been a "better" team because of it? We would have basically been the same team we are now. Canada's performance was disappointing to Canadian fans, but it was an average performance (or expected performance) from a ninth ranked team.

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