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USector.ca Exclusive - An Interview With Alecko


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USector.ca Exclusive - An Interview With Alecko Eskandarian


quote:RS: Now that you’ve been in the league a few years, you’re earned the status as a veteran. We all know that the vets like to give the younger guys a hard time in training camp. Is there any good-natured ribbing going on out on the field with the younger guys?

AE: (Laughs) You definitely asked the right person that question. I guess I have built a bit of a reputation as a prankster. I actually just got back from the equipment room where I switched Jim Brennan's practice gear with Marco Reda's. I'm sure I will be hearing about it in a few minutes... But yeah, myself and my roommate Ronnie O'Brien have been messing with the rookies all preseason .....

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