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CSL Week 18


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quote:Originally posted by soccerman2

Monday, September 11

There was one game in the CSL tonight:

Serbian White Eagles 3, Toronto Croatia 1

Were week 18 summary doesn't say much about the actions of the "fanactical groups" in the stands how come? Or White Eagle domination one the field?

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Result of the Wednesday September 13, 2006 CSL game between Caribbean Selects and Windsor Border Stars played at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough at 8:00pm.

8 min…Borders Stars Woreth Sampson GOAL…WBS Jeff Hodgson passes ball forward in box and Sampson rounds sprawling goalie Ramon McIntosh and rolls in 5 yarder from right into center of open net.

35 min…Selects RED card…Ajani Stapleton earns a direct expulsion by referee Steve DiPiero for pushing down WBS JJ Dowhan from behind although CS had just won freekick at center line sideline.

50 min…Border Stars Gronthik Chatterjee GOAL…WBS Aaron Byrd crosses from left near 15 yards 5 yards from end line and Chatterjee in open sends bounce 7 yard shot under goalie.

62 min…Border Stars Aaron Byrd GOAL…WBS Woreth Sampson on left centers pass to Byrd who chips goalie from 15 yards into net.

74 min…Selects Keon Cordice wins a penalty kick when he’s pulled down in WBS box after he’s charged through three players up the middle.

75 min…Selects Mario Osbourne GOAL…Osbourne on Penalty kick chips shot into top right corner of net as goalie Anthony Santilli sprawls low left.

85 min…Border Stars Wil Kletzien GOAL…WBS Woreth Sampson while being checked back heels ball across box to Kletzien who rolls 8 yarder just inside left post.

Final Score:……Caribbean Selects…….1…………Windsor Border Stars……..4……..

Attendance was 9 (nine) on this mild evening. The field turf was wet because of the rain for much of the day but there was no rain fell in this game. This game had been rescheduled from 1:00pm on Sunday July 9th at Esther Shiner Stadium because of the outcry from soccer purists that this was the same time as the World Cup Final game. Ooh. Gee no one will go if it was held on the same day as the World Cup Final. Well this isn’t much worse although it was held at Selects renovated home stadium.

The rescheduling of this game to midweek made it tough on the Border Stars who had a four hour drive and got here on their own after work or school was over. They brought only 12 players. Erik Elmauer was not a starter but came in at 59 minutes as a sub for Mario Scicluna. From reading other message boards I heard he left London City because of not getting enough playing time but he told me after the game that he is much happier on this team.

The Selects only had 12 players as well. They were in trouble after going down a man at 35 minutes because up to then it was a fairly even game. At 25 minutes they had a good chance when a Selects player blasted a 10 yard roller from the right off the left goalpost and CS Ajani Stapleton gets 20 yard rebound blast just over the net.

At 77 minutes CS Maxine Dorneval rolled at 15 yard shot and WBS goalie dived right to save on post when CS Keon Cordice crossed from left corner. At 80 minutes, CS Mario Osbourne took 32 yard freekick by pushing ball forward to charging CS Lawson Cordice (brother of Keon) who hit left post on 12 yard shot from left.

At 79 minutes CS goalie Ramon McIntosh dives to steal ball off foot of WBS Woreth Sampson in alone at 10 yards. He then stopped WBS Erik Elmauer’s 12 yard blast on left deflecting it for a cornerkick.

A small crowd means we can hear the players and so can the officials. Aaron Byrd picked up a Yellow card at 30 minutes for complaining about an offside flag even after play resumed. He risked a second one in the second half when he kicked away a ball after another offside flag. Actually both teams complained about offside calls and non-calls. Both teams defended with offside traps which often worked but sometimes didn’t.

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