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Laval International Tournament


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Here's are the teams that will participate to the tournament:

Pool A

Belgique (RWDM)

Canada (Dynamites F.C.)

Danemark (Tollose B.K.)

Italie (Savuto Calcio)

Pool B

Espagne (Dinamo de Sevilla-Nervion)

Etats-Unis (Capital Soccer)

Italie (Corticella Calcio)

Portugal (Sporting Ideal)

The belgium side is playing in the 5th division, I would like to get some informations about the other teams. Thanks.

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quote:Originally posted by Bxl Boy

Laval, 2nd team of Quebec, lost 1-3 against RWDM, approximately 150th team in Belgium...


On what basis are you calling Laval the 2nd best team? Membership in the CSL? Laval also recently got beaten by Ottawa St. Anthony 4-2 who are an amateur team and probably far from the 2nd best team in Ontario. 3 CSL teams lost to amateur teams in Ontario in the recent Open Cup competition. It is quite possible that Laval may be well down the totem pole as far as best teams in Quebec go.

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quote:Originally posted by Sigma

Here is the homepage for Savuto Calcio...


This appears to be strictly a youth club/soccer school from Altilia, a tiny town in Calabria (the "toe" of Italy). They participated in the 2005 Little Super Cup, an annual U17 international tournament in the GTA, losing the final to Burlington of the OYSL on PKs.

quote:Originally posted by loyola

Italie (Corticella Calcio)

This is officially called US Corticella, a full club (senior team and several youth teams) from Bologna. They (senior team) won their group at the 8th tier last season and were subsequently promoted to the 7th tier for next season.
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quote:Originally posted by Daniel

Laval has a lot of players that showed they were among the best in the LSEQ and some that have played for the Impact.

This may indeed be true but if you look at their results in the CPSL and Open Cup they are not very impressive. Either Quebec teams (Impact excepted) are far behind their Ontario counterparts or there are a number of Quebec amateur teams who are much better than Laval.

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