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cpsl or jpsl (any news)

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im looking around...other than the USL and PSCL what other leagues are u talking about. This is SEMI-PRO football jaydog, its not going to be perfect, and you shouldnt expect it to be. People arent fans of the CPSL due to its great business skills or organization, we are fans because we love the game.

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Usl:All 4 leagues had there schedule set months ago.

Pcsl:Had there schedule done as well.

I can to a point understand about the schedules.I sent a email to the cpsl a about 10 days ago asking about teams that have commited and they said that will not be known untill the end of march now thats very scary.

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In the spirit of this thread, I was going to post something stupid like Man Utd will be moving from the Premier League to the CPSL.

But on an other soccer board somebody posted about http://www.caribbeanstars.com

It seems like a new team will be playing out of Scarborough (east Toronto) called the Caribbean Stars. There's really nothing posted on their website.

You wanted an update. Are you happy now jaydog? Ask and ye shall receive.

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A bit of a detour to the site from the news I read on Ontario Soccer web earlier today. That region was spelled "Carribean" by them.

It is Caribeanstars.com. Must have caught the CPSL webmasters on the weekend when they're absent.

I wonder if the team will play in the soccer graveyard of Birchmount Stadium (Toronto Olympians, and Metro Lions drew CPSL league low attendances there).




After years of absense Caribbean Stars has signed a partnership agreement with Kicker Sports Production to enter the Canadian Professional Soccer League (CPSL) for the 2006 soccer season. The Stars was one of the original members of the Canadian International Soccer League (CISL) better known as the Puma league and has had a successful run from amateur to the professional ranks. The team won the 1996/7 CISL Indoor Championship and has advanced to the play-offs semi finals every season.

Caribbean Stars move to the CPSL is based on the belief that the timing is right, and the talent base present for the soccer community to come out and support while being entertained with some exciting Caribbean style soccer.

The success of the International game between Portmore United (Jamaica) and Metro Lions (CPSL) started the wheels in motion and at that time it was felt that the Caribbean community had made significant progress by the attendance at the game. The game was played to a sold out crowd at Birchmount Stadium and the outpouring of support by the media and business community due to the proceeds of the game donated to hurricane Ivan Relief Fund after the game was postponed for a week. The pre game was a clash between an East vs. West Toronto Caribbean Soccer league (TCSL) All Star teams and set the tone for the featured game. Everyone enjoyed the evening and all went well. The sentiment was the community needed more events because the talent was there.

In an effort to showcase the All Stars another event was organized in July at Caribbean Stars Sports and Family Day where the Toronto Lynx (USL) played a TCSL All Star team and the All Stars pleasantly surprised everyone including the Lynx with their level of skill and the soccer they played. They kept up with the Lynx players stride for stride and for the most part were the quicker team before losing 3-1 due to Lynx team chemistry for the 90 minutes.

In September Stop the Violence Part I and II exhibition games were organized by the TCSL at Ester Shiner Stadium and the talent was again present with an attendance that was very encouraging.

Through the success of these events Caribbean Stars is hopeful that the business community will recognize the need for their support and assistance that will give the youths in the community an opportunity to reach or recognize their full potential.

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quote:Originally posted by Franky

this league has never had any stability whatsoever, why start now??

I'd say it was as stable as can be expected during its first five years. Then things really started going downhill in 2003.
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