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Stadium / MLS / MLSE - it's for (almost) real


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I'm starting an other thread to piss the mods off. :D (Although, it's not like there is a billion threads around here, so if there is 2-3 threads going on about the same thing, I think it will get more people involved, cause I know I ain't reading through 6 pages of any thread).

CNE board "unanimously" approved the stadium plans. See article below.

Pipe was on the FAN 590 this afternoon and I didn't hear all of it, but he said something about MLSE has agreed to put up the $10-million they expect for naming rights until they are sold (on top of the $8-million). MLSE will cover 100% of any construction costs over budget (if this is for real I can't believe it). MLSE also "guaranteed" the stadium will be ready for the 2007 WYC championships.

All that is basically left is City Hall next Wednesday (Oct. 26). I can't see how they can turn this down. A $9-million investment to get a stadium and all the other benefits. There is no way they can screw this up.

Pipe also said that MLSE has agreed to cover the first I think he said $250 000 of any annual loss of the stadium, and after that MLSE will split the loss with the city (he didn't say anything about a profit).

Pipe said, "MLSE has stepped up to the plate". If the deal he described is accurate (sorry if I don't have any confidence in him), then MLSE has not only stepped up to the plate, but they hit a Joe Carter-esque home-run (bottom of the ninth World Series winning home run - for those of you who are like, "Huh?!? What is this dork on?").

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Soccer has a home in Toronto

TORONTO (CP) - The Exhibition Place board of governors has unanimously approved plans to become home to a soccer-specific stadium in Toronto.

Wednesday's vote removes another hurdle in the way of the proposed 20,000-seat venue near the waterfront. On Tuesday, the Canadian Soccer Association, City of Toronto and Maple Leafs & Sports Entertainment concluded an agreement on how to run the stadium. MLSE needs the stadium to land an MLS expansion franchise.

The $63-million stadium still has to get the green light from city council's policy and finance committee Thursday and then from the full council (44 councillors and the mayor) on Oct. 26.

The federal government has pledged $27 million with another $8 million from the provincial government. If the city provides its $9.8 million, that leaves a little more than $17 million needed for the $62-million project.

Naming rights and a reported $8-million contribution from MLSE are expected to make up that shortfall.

Major League Soccer gave MLSE and the City until Oct. 31 to sort out the stadium issue, threatening to look elsewhere for an expansion home unless the issue was settled.

The 12-team MLS added two new franchises this season: Real Salt Lake and FC Chivas, which plays out of Carson, Calif. Those expansion franchises cost $10 million US apiece.

MLS says the expansion price tag this time will be "slightly higher."

The league is looking for a second expansion team in 2007, with the leading candidates Cleveland, Philadelphia, Houston, Milwaukee and St. Louis, Garber said.

Exhibition Place is located opposite Ontario Place on the lakefront. It used to be home to the Toronto Argos and Blue Jays at Exhibition Stadium, and currently houses the American Hockey League's Marlies at the Ricoh Coliseum.

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thread jack .... are they going to use the original stadium plans as released by the csa a couple years back? does anybody actaully know where to find those renderings?

back on topic .... this rocks. so long as the city doesn't decide to stage the world's biggest brain fart then we're golden. mls and the wyc are going to be amazing.

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Yeah, at this stage, and with the news that Elias posted about the MLSE providing the missing cash that some people were worried about, and even lending the stadium the naming rights money (why don't they just call it Maple Leaf Stadium and spend the cash?), its difficult (though admittedly not impossible) to see the City turning this deal down. It can't be because of Downsview anymore, it would have to be for financial reasons, but with the deal they are getting, that now seems unlikely.

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quote:Originally posted by Varsity Tyler

thread jack .... are they going to use the original stadium plans as released by the csa a couple years back? does anybody actaully know where to find those renderings?

I doubt it. Original $83 million plan was for 30K seater shared with the Argos, expandable to 70K. Hopefully the capacity reduction to 20K, and exclusion of the Argos facilities (i.e removeable endzone seating, CFL locker rooms) could free up money for a roof for the east grandstand. Stadium Consultants International did the design.



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