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Edgar staying at Newcastle


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I just saw this while looking at the Sky Web site.


So it's good news for Edgar that he's getting noticed and is appreciated by his own and other clubs. My only worry is that Newcastle may just hold on to him too long and not give him any starts, much like they did with Jaime McClen.

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After finaly having a look at the fellow in Holland not much to say other than good luck. Not surprised. And good on Newcastle to recongnise they have a growing commodity on their hands and make an offer in order to retain him. (I'm going to assume it's a pretty smart contract).

A loan? If you can be certain of the quality of development coaching? Then sure. Why not?

Yes. Excellent....

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Guest Jeffery S.

I think what Malaga can offer is that they are one of the two top flight teams with their B side in second division (Real Madrid is the other). Meaning that they can sign a young guy and play him at a high level with tough pro competition, even if he does not get first team time. That is a lot of exposure and a great development opportunity. Then, if they need someone for whatever reason, they know that someone who can handle Spanish 2nd div should be ready to step up in a pinch for 1st div duty.

In any case, I am impressed that he looked so good.

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A similar article also made the Evening Chronicle in Newcastle. I didn't know about the paternal link to Newcastle...

Edgar"s not for sale say Magpies

By Alan Oliver

334 words

5 September 2005

The Evening Chronicle, Newcastle



© 2005 The Newcastle Chronicle & Journal Ltd

Newcastle United are to put their teenage central defender David Edgar on a new contract this week to keep him out of the clutches of Spanish football, (writes Alan Oliver).

David, the 18-year-old son of former United keeper Eddie Edgar, was one of several young Newcastle players who starred in Friday night"s 2-0 defeat by a full-strength Malaga in Spain.

Indeed, chairman Freddy Shepherd said: "The Malaga people were so impressed with David that they asked us if we would sell him to them.

"But long gone are the days when we sell our best young players, so I told them that David would not be allowed to go to them or anyone else for that matter."

While United are ecstatic at the signing of Michael Owen and the return of Nobby Solano they are also delighted at the way the young players are coming through in the reserves under Tommy Craig and from Glenn Roeder"s Academy.

Roeder said today: "We have been putting together a new contract for young David Edgar and we will be asking him to sign it this week.

"Without putting any pressure on the lad, people are starting to sit up and take notice of him. Wycombe Wanderers boss John Gorman has asked us if we would let him go down there for a while like we did with Steven Taylor.

"Steven came on in leaps and bounds at Wycombe before coming back but as far as David is concerned it"s only the manager Graeme Souness who can decide."

If Edgar were allowed to travel south, he would find that Robert Lee, the former United midfielder, is still playing for Wycombe at the age of 40.

Eddie Edgar played for United in the late 1970s before emigrating to Canada.

Roeder will also make another important signing this week when Shola Ameobi"s younger brother Sami gets a full-time professional contract.

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