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Player discovery: Jon Henry-Hayden in England

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Kitchener-native Jon Henry-Hayden is currently playing for Ashford Town (Middlesex) in the English Southern League Division One Western, on loan from Ryman Premier Staines Town (in the same division as Elliot Godfrey's Hampton & Richmond Borough).


The winger/striker is a product of the Kingston Youth Academy (Kingston as in England, not Ontario), and at one time had played for Kitchener Spirit FC in Ontario.

Joining Ashford Town (Mdx) on loan in January, he played in three first-team matches. He then saw himself as an unused sub for several matches, and in the last two matches has not been named at all.

Ashford Town's Reserves played Brook House Reserves in the Middlesex Premier Cup final tonight... I'll try to see if Henry-Hayden turned out for that match or not.

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This is getting ridiculous. :) Please tell me this guy is actually from Kitchener and not actually an Englishman who spent a few years in Kitchener.

The team website has him on the reserves in the Suburban Football League Premier Division. I still haven't figured out yet whether it is 9th or 10th division. There's got to be a limit, boys. :)


Sat 12 Mar

Suburban League – Premier Division

Ashford Res 4 Carshalton Athletic Res 2

A fairly straightforward victory saw both Shane Graham and Jon Henry-Hayden score twice, as Ashford advanced to 7th place in the Suburban Premier Division table.

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Good eye to spot his goals in the reserves fixtures table. Not the greatest of websites. Did you find an actual match report for a Reserves game? I couldn't find any on there.

Henry-Hayden is indeed a Canadian. As the Staines Town website says, he is a native of Kitchener, and played for Kitchener Spirit FC as a kid. He then moved to England and began playing for the Kingston Youth Academy, and went to non-league from there.

The Suburban Football League is strictly a reserves league. It was recently put together by clubs who wanted a proper and local league for their reserve sides to play in. The league is limited to London and surrounding counties (Herts, Bucks, etc).

Staines Town would be considered seventh-tier, and Ashford Town (Middlesex) would be considered eighth-tier:

Premier League


League One

League Two


Conference North/South

Ryman Premier/Southern Premier/Unibond Premier

Ryman/Southern/Unibond Division One Western and Eastern

Doesn't bode well if he can't even play for an eighth-tier club's first-team, but I have a feeling he'll be back in contention if he keeps scoring solid goals.

Anyway, Ashford Town (Middlesex) Reserves lost in the Middlesex Premier Cup final (a reserves competition) last night to Brook House FC, played at Harrow Borough's ground. We'll have to wait for a match report to see how Henry-Hayden did.

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I really don't think Canadians wanting to play soccer in England or Europe for that matter is any different than Euro hockey palyers wanting to play in Canada. We've all seen the influx of Europeans filling our junior ranks. Atheletes will gravitate towards where the best coaching and competitive play is and their natural instinct is to rise to the top level to which they can achieve.

Smuggness aside let's face it, we are not a soccer power or have a soccer culture as England does. We only have 3 pro teams and even if the MLS thingy does happen we are only talking a very small percentage of our players that will benefit.

Good on this young fella if this is what keeps his dream alive and if this is the route that he sees to reach the top level of his ability ....go for it mister.

We don't mind our baseball or basketball players accepting scholarships to American Junior Colleges, as a matter of fact we view this as a step up. So if a young guy wants to play in Europe and can. Well he gets to live life and play the game he enjoys in a soccer culture that he'll never experience on this side of the ocean.

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