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Guess who's slagging off Arsenal?


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quote:Originally posted by Cheeta

Dose that qualify as slagging off?

Sounds like an echo of what's been said already. More than once.

Think I give this one to the German club but I don't know. Should be a great test though. Had to buy more tapes! Life is good..

On second thought, yeah, i don't know if it qualifies as legitimate 'slagola'.

Yes, life can be good. In small doses. At times.

Are you really an insomniac Cheeta?

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Being forced to play nothing but friendlies in the run-up to the Volkswagen Alcopop Bratwurst World Cup clearly hasn't blunted Germany's competitive edge. Not that of goalkeeper Jens Lehmann, anyway. Back in the national squad for tomorrow's limb-stretcher against Slovakia - having been omitted from the last one because coach Jurgen Klinsmann now alternates between Lehmann and Mary Shelley's Oliver Kahn in a bid to keep the two sworn enemies apart (apparently in the futile hope that they'll have forgotten their differences by next summer) - the Arsenal No1 took yet another tilt at his blockheaded foe.

"I'm sure I'll be in goal at the World Cup," Lehmann parped, before admitting that while Kahn may not be good enough to keep him out, he himself may squander his place through a characteristic madcap dash from his box. "It could always happen that I play the first three games, then get a red card, but I'm sure I'll be playing."

Lehmann clearly enjoys lampooning Kahn, never more so than last year when he poured gallons of his own scorn onto the fire of condemnation that engulfed Kahn when tabloids revealed he'd left his pregnant wife for a barmaid ten years his junior. "Lehmann can't cope with being No2, he doesn't seem to be able to live with it," retorted Kahn at the time, before warning: "the direction he's going in is insane." Today, the square-haired stopper simply sounded exasperated: "It's astonishing how disrespectful it is to bring this rivalry up again," he gnashed. "The rules don't seem to have any meaning for Lehmann."

Kahn then called on Klinsmann to decide which keeper is his top choice now - and cast the other one into oblivion. Perhaps not the wisest move given that Klinsmann's first decision after becoming German manager was to strip Kahn of the captaincy and award it to Michael Ballack. For the moment, though, Klinsi's staying true to his reputation as a Beetle-driving, daisy-chain-making, peace-and-love merchant, quietly assuring that "both men will get their chance, this will be decided in May." When, presumably, the two men will be given muskets and a ten-second countdown.


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