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another nat's stadium?...very exciting


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later today a press conference will be held to unveil a new stadium project in winnipeg. the participants are right now formulating a business plan. they are very intersted in it being a multi-functional building and like the air supported dome that is used at frank clair in ottawa for year round soccer and football. they want to make the field soccer friendly, but of course it will be field turf. if anyone has any contacts at the csa, i think it would be a good idea if someone there contacted the people behind this project to emphasize the importance of making it a stadium that is good for high level soccer. i have tried to get into it with them, but a letter from a higher up outlining exactly what is required to make it acceptable for international friendlies (without grass) would go a long way. when the bombers put the new turf in the old stadium, they paid lip service to the potential for soccer, but then made the end zones blue and did not get it approved. i dont think they really know what it means to be fifa approved. this is still at the business plan stage for all involved, so it would be a good time for the csa to at least make themselves known. who should i contact about this? any ideas? i can provide contact numbers to anyone who knows.

this is the proposal...it is pretty exciting.





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looks good! not a great place if you ask me...thats near the outskirts if im not mistaken....but im sure the buses go out that far, the bussing there seemed good (tho it's been a while since i've been back there)

not really sure who you should contact but i think winnipeg would get a pretty good crowd for a canada game.

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Red Star Winnipeg? Now that might work...;)

Still years off, but the 1st PR step towards getting goverment money and subsidies.

Very much like the bit about putting a bubble over the field during the winter months. Would be an absolute Godsend to winter footie in the city. Three mini-fields on good turf. Awesome. Would shut Soccer Spectrum right down I'm sure!

Funny isn't it how history seems to repeat itself. When Winnipeg stadium was developed years and years ago (as Osborne Stadium was scrapped) it was placed next to the old racetrack/polo grounds so that the two venues along with the Arena, would help promote each other. Now, here we go again. Racetrack, stadium, indoor venue and of cource the exhibition grounds. With a much more up to date twist with hotel and water park included.

See if they don't pull this one off.

By the by. The figuring is that the property Winnipeg stadium currently sits on is worth about $25 millions. Don't be surprised to hear the tall foreheads behind this project ask the City of W. to pony up that exact same amount to make it all work.

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