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  1. No way. A tiny fraction of people in Canada watched this because it was not on television. It’s a real shame. The live streaming only option is a disaster for the exposure of soccer in this country. Kids have no access. Casual fans have no access. It’s for middle aged, wealthy urbanites. A niche viewership of core supporters. Will have a long term impact in my opinion. European football has basically vanished from mainstream conversation in Canada.
  2. Why is everyone lining up to jump off a bridge. Did we really expect to get anything from two games v Mexico? Did we really expect four points to be enough. Nothing has changed this week. We've always needed something out of our last two. We've always needed Mexico to beat everyone else.
  3. well...we didn't lose...as a long time supporter, we haven't been able to say that very often. Junior is a big help but we need one more legitimate player up front to have any real hope.
  4. I had no idea...I've always wondered why we seem to have many more players in germany than in countries like france, who's language and league quality would seem to fit canadians....does this explain that?
  5. one guy currently playing in a top 10 league in the world.... .....and he played about 20 minutes last season. ...there's also the guy who will never commit to us i guess.
  6. Sadly, for some reason in one of the richest nations on earth the cost of maintaining the playing surface that the highest level of game is to be played on is prohibitive. This has left us with only two international calibre soccer stadiums in the entire country.
  7. five starts all season and a contract ending this year....not likely to advance with the squad.
  8. didnt commonwealth have plastic end zones for a few years before they got rid of the grass?
  9. i think this year nobody should win. Club or country it has been a low not seen in decades....for club, most of our players stepped back in level or are not playing...or both...the weekly players abroad thread is downright depressing...unused sub, nowhere to be found, didn't play, third tier came on as a sub 87th minute.... internationally, we cant even discuss. make a statement. Leave it blank.
  10. Xanthi's attendance last season averaged 1390! yeesh...big leagues.
  11. its why names from iceland, norway, denmark and sweden often end in either son (sweden, iceland) or sen (denmark, norway) but finnish names often end in nen. they look similar but the language, lineage and traditions are completely different.
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