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Voyageurs coming to Edmonton.. roll call~


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I am coming and I am bringing quite a few..not necessarily Voyageurs ( a couple are), but people who don't mind cheering...Make it 9 for now, but a couple of more that might come as well.

So, 15...

According to Beach, we were around 50s or so a few days ago...I think we'll hit the 60s probably if that is the case...

Geoff from Victoria and his group of 6, Free Kick, Beaver and a few Ottawa guys are also there...

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quote:Originally posted by Reza

I am coming and I am bringing quite a few..not necessarily Voyageurs ( a couple are

quote:Originally posted by JuanValdez

I will be there. I am driving up to the Chuk tonight. Not sure if I count as a Voyageur, as I'm kind of new here. (Definitely a voyeur though!)

It was explained to me that if you support the MNT (or any National Team) you are allowed to consider yourself a Voyageur. Some hardcore local league supporters are hyphenated V's; Ultras/Voyageurs, Southsiders/Voyaguers ect. I was not affiliated with this group for a long time, but I was a Voyageur all along, I guess.

As we are loosely organized, the chat group seems to be the only semi-formal means of interacting and giving yourself a handle.

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I went down to the stadium today to get my Voyageurs tickets. Couple of random comments:

- looks like the first two rows and half of the second are sold out for Voyageurs. That's roughly 50 seats.

- The "Voyageurs block" has been opened up now. Any ticketmaster can access that section now (first 5 rows of section U)

- The Alberta Soccer Assoc. office has sold about 2500 tickets themselves, match that with whatever Ticketmaster has sold and the rough guestimate is about 10,000 tickets already sold. The hope is for a large walk-up crowd, somewhere in the 10,000 range to push the grand-total to roughly 20,000. I can see this happening as a) that's nearly exactly what happened in 2000 when T&T were here... and b)even a hardcore supporter like myself could only get his ass in gear to get tickets the day before the match. I can see less motivated types simply going for a "I'll grab tickets at the stadium" mentality.

- The pitch looks good, except for mud patches at both touch lines along the centre line. This is due to the placement of the Eskimos CFL team benches. Otherwise the pitch looks quite nice, if a bit damp.

- SportChek sucks. I stopped by the City Centre one on my way back to work. They had England, ManU, Arsenal and some spanish ones.. but no Canadian ones. When I asked the sales girl about it she said "we don't carry those". She probably didn't deserve it, but I said "gee.. I should check my passport, I thought I was in Canada..". Grr.... looks like a long drive to the north side Free Kick store for me.

- On the up side, I ran into the match officials at SportsChek~! I said welcome to Canada and please don't listen to any Honduran whinning~ :) They were pretty easy to spot... 4 guys in matching Green/Black FIFA track suits... they looked Mexican to me! I think they were surprised by the random soccer fan encounter. Luckily I was wearing my white/red!

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I'm in Edmonton now. Staying at the Westin - was surprised to find the Honduran team is staying here as well. Had an interesting discussion with a couple of Honduran media types - they don't understand why Canada doesn't do a lot better (neither do I, frankly.) Craig Forrest and Gerry are hee too. See you guys later.

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