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Millwall lads in your game last night

The HOFmeister

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Good to see Serioux make his international debut and do so well by all accounts. Will you now listen to me as a Millwall fan who saw Bircham play week in week out -- Bircham BAD, Serioux GOOD. Bircham basically runs around a lot, but the thing I did years ago sums him up:


Long term Serioux is a WAY better bet for you. Bircham isn't a First Division player let alone an international player.

A little disappointing to see Josh not do so well, but as others have pointed out, it has been something of an amazing couple of weeks for him and it had to catch up with him sooner or later.

Hope that Serioux isn't too tired from the game to do the business for us on Saturday.

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