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MNT Training - Vancouver, August 16

Ian Kennett

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Frank Yallop put his players through a fairly brisk workout at Burnaby Lake this afternoon. Overall the team looked pretty sharp through the 7 aside game, shooting drills, and goalie workouts.

Paul Dolan ran the show for the goalies, and he put Pat Onstad and Greg Sutton through a pretty tough workout under generally hot and sunny skies. Both of the goalies made some very quick and tough saves with Onstad having the safer hands and fewer bobbles. Both keepers were very intense and were not pleased when a mistake was made. Goalkeeping looks pretty sharp though.

In the 7 v 7, Julian de Guzman played for both sides at the same time and was very sharp. He is quick, with good vision, and his passing was very good. Paul Peschisolido looked sharp as did Paul Stalteri, Olivier Occean, and Nevio Pizzolitto. In fact, most of the team looked sharp, including Mauro Biello, even though some were seriously jet lagged. De Rosario is over the stomach ailment. Notable absent was Jason Devos who picked up a knock and is getting it evaluated.

Josh Simpson and Mark Watson had the toughest time overall. Josh struggled a little against more seasoned defenders, and Mark Watson looked a little slower and more one dimensional than the others. He is not as quick at reversing play or turning on the ball. Simpson spent a lot of time on the left wing crossing the ball into the box, but many of his crosses were poor. Pesch was getting very frustrated, but did offer a "well done" when warranted.

I will, hopefully, attaned training tomorrow at 1100 am at Swangard, and will report again. I was impressed with the overall skill and first touches of the boys, and we'll see again next time who impresses.

I spoke to Sutton, Biello, Stalteri, Jazic, Onstad, and Serioux. All are optomistic, but recognize the need to keep possession, and to keep their defensive shape against a skilled Guatemalen side. None will be satisfied with anything less than a win at home. Serioux and Biello are thrilled to get the call up, as is Sutton.

Based on today's preliminaries, although it is far too early to tell, a starting bunch might be (positions not decided for sure):

Onstad Stalteri Pizzolitto Jazic de Guzman Imhof Occean De Rosario Peschisolido Serioux Hutchinson


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Thanks for the great report... ...it brought back memories of how it all started for me as a die-hard.

As much as being able to watch the Boys prepare for this important game up close and personal, I hope you have enjoyed your time around the team as much as I did.

Keep the reports coming and I look forward to be reading more!

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More good news for Nevio Pizzolitto.

Week 18 A-League

Team of the Week

Pos Name Team Highlights

G Matt Nelson Virginia Beach Eight saves in 3-1 win over Atlanta

D Peter Luzak Richmond Assist in 2-1 win over Atlanta

D Nevio Pizzolitto Montreal Solid play in 1-0 win over Puerto Rico

D Joe Hammes Milwaukee Assist in 2-2 draw against Vancouver

M Kevin Friedland Minnesota Goal, assist in 2-1 win over Vancouver

M Johnny Torres Milwaukee Two goals in 2-2 tie against Vancouver

M Rene Rivas Syracuse 2 goals, assist in 4-3 OT win at Toronto

M Kevin Jackson Charleston Goal, asist in 5-1 win over Rochester

F Dante Washington Virginia Beach 2 goals, assist in 3-1 win over Atlanta

F Eduardo Sebrango Montreal Goal in 1-0 win over Puerto Rico

F Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar Portland Goal in 2-2 tie against Minnesota

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