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Impact presence on Canadian roster.


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Okay so Radz. is out and Frankie realy had no choice but to call in a domestic. But with Mauro Biello in that gives us 4 Impact starters in Frankies's roster of 18. That's pretty impressive and I can't remember a time since the 'Duz era that a domestic side contributed so many players to a full international match.

Sure, Holger had little use for the so-called lack of A-League quality but is Yallop's NA experience steering the good ship Canada towards the other extreme pole? Under rating to over rating.

And another thought, do all these Impact players add a little on field familiarity? Dought it as I don't expect to see more than one Impact player on the pitch at a time.

So here goes.

---- Onstad ----


Serioux--Hutch--de Guzman--Simpson

de Rosario--Occean

If I could think of a better candidate for right fullback Diesel would be in the middle and I'd swing Hutch out to the wing (Imhof with Jazic on the left?). Peters and Pesch. of course will see the field and Gervais has to get some time in too.

Happy to get a half out of de Rosario and if The Guz and Simpson can get forward enough I don't feel so bad about Radz. being absent.

Like Matthew wrote, nothing but happy thoughts. Happy, happy,,,happy thoughts. Yeah. Happ-eee.

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i think yallop may be overestimating a bit, but remember. where do guatemala's player's play? since the chances of the impact players all playing at once are about zero, i don't think we have anything to worry about. are guatemala's substitutes playing at a level higher than the a-league, or the mls? are there starters playing at a higher level than second tier european clubs? doubt it.

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