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Calgary Bus Charter for Sept 4, Canada vs Honduras

Former Champ

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The plan is a go (maybe).

I've got it all worked out, and I have the bus company selected (National Motor Coach). I have to book before I leave for Vancouver for the Guatemala game. Our coach will include video screens, washroom, AC, and maybe a smoking section.


I will put up posters at SAIT, U of C, Mount Royal and the Calgary Soccer Center and some pals are gonna put some up around town as well. Also a free ad in a local 'zine. I will personally harrass all Calgary and area V's at some point as well. Also, I can arrange to stop along the way to pick up people, in say Red Deer, or Olds;). I could even accomodate a group of 200.

Package Prices (Discounts available for groups of 5 or more)

Get your own Ticket Package (Transport only) $32

General Admission Package (Gen Admin Ticket plus Transport) $39

Reserved Package (Reserved Seat plus Transport) $49

Voyageurs Package (Seat in Fan Club Section (U) plus Transport) $59

Gold package (Best Reserved Ticketplus Transportation) $69

(game tickets will be purchased on a per order basis. payment deadline August 26, 2004)

Approximate Travel Schedule

1:15 pm Depart Deerfoot Mall

- 10 minute Pit stop en route

5:00 pm Arrive/Dinner Stop - Edmonton

6:30 pm Arrive Commonwealth Stadium

7:00 pm Game Time

9:00ish Game Over

9:15 pm Leave Commonwealth Stadium

- Pit stop (optional)

1:15 am Arrive Calgary, Deerfoot Mall

For Reservations Contact...

Phone or e-mail:




In Person (downtown Calgary):

Empire Car Wash

Parkade Level 4 - Calgary Eaton Center/Canada Trust Tower

(Bob) 263-0777

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Thanks for the props. ;)

Give me a couple of days to bribe the wife into letting me go and re-arranging my golf weekend for Sept. 3-4 and I'll get back to you.

You obviously have linked up with the ASA or ticketmaster as well? Great work. I'd be wanting one of the Voyageur section tickets if it's a go.

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Just wanted to say nice work in organizing this, Champ. I'll be in E-town visiting family for the long weekend anyway so I can't take advantage of your offer.

It may be worthwhile contacting the U of C rec leagues and the CUSA about getting the word out for your deal (e.g. email to team captains).

Wow, I just checked www.cusa.ab.ca and they already have an ad for a ticket & airfare package on their front page!

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I contacted CUSA. Thanks 'hurt person'! That's the kind of help that's really appreciated (hope you're feeling better). I've got a ton of positive support that this will work(but only $39).

I've been telling people who want Section U tickets to wait until I get back from Canada/Guatemala before they pay me, (so I don't spend their money in Van[8)][8D]:D) so I can get a chunk of seats together.

I'm taking notes, and if this works, then any city within bus distance can use my blueprint and bring the MNT (or any soccer) to a wider audience. (shudda bin mur T'ranans n Kingston, y'awl).

I just got back from watching the Calgary/Vancouver game at the local pub with some of the Mustangs and thier supporters. I swear you guys, in Canada, soccer types are a supperior breed of people. It was nice to let people know that I was real, and to put a face to the offer.

I got another reservation for section'U', 2 more maybes and an offer of support from a Mustangs rep (I'm sorry but I forgot your name). My posters go up this weekend. (mo' buses, mo' buses)

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Funny thing happened today.

I am working for a temp agency right now, and they sent me to Forzani's warehouse to work today. It is in a part of town outside of my known universe and I wasn't sure I would find it. However not only did it turn out to be only a couple blocks from the Calgary Soccer Center, but when I walked into the lunch room, my bus charter poster was hanging on the wall. Wicked.

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I met with some nice folks at the CCC and am going to get a bit more promo. I had fancier poster made today.

Thanks to public input I am now really hoping to attract enough people for 2 buses, as a family bus has come up a couple times. One bus for the rowdies, one bus for the others.

Plan C is now a school bus if we get between 25 and 40.

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Hey Current Champ, consider me in for a section U. Sorry it took so long but I re-arranged the golf weekend and swayed the wife into letting me fly solo. Tell me what you need and when and let's make it happen somehow. If I can arrange a pickup here then great. If not we'll still make it work.

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With the exception of Andrew W it's like rats from a sinking ship! Jesus I hate trying to get other people to get thier **** together. Everyone in this town talks out of thier ass!

Andrew got tickets for his B-Day (bonus!), all the chicks have dropped out, because Canada might not win (i.e. U-19). A couple have claimed bankrupcy, and Moosehead is apparantly not speaking to me. (I was only kidding)

I may be ordering 2 tickets on Thursday.:(:([B)]

I really tried... honest.

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Thanks Dave

WHen I saw you responded I was afraid you'd kick me when I was down and claim another victory in the battle of Alberta;);).

Don't get me wrong y'all... I'm really excited about this game, and the Edmonton City Police have met me before[:P][}:)][:o)]. So it'll all be good.

I lost a few hours of my time (but I'd a done that anyway) and about tree-fidy (tree... fidy)

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It was a bummer to bail on the package CC was offering, but I opened my usual boring birthday card from my wife's grandparents and out fell these two tickets. Needless to say they are getting a much bigger Christmas gift this year. The only bummer is I'll be pretty much opposite and across the stadium from the Voyageurs, but I'll be there (trying hard not to embarass my better half).

BTW, thanks CC for all your efforts in this.

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I am sure with the amount of advertising this game has had, you won't have a trouble finding a seat on the Voyageurs side or any part of the stadium. I don't think anyone has really heard anything about this game so far and it's actually less than 2 weeks away from the game. So, try to get over on to our side and help us out :-)...To be honest, if we get 10000 for this game, I would be shocked because I don't think outside of diehard fans anyone has heard of this thing.

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