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Voyageurs Cup Match 13: Calgary vs. Toronto [R]


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<center>Voyageurs Cup 2004

Match 13Calgary Mustangs vs. Toronto LynxSunday, July 25, 2004 - 2:00 PM MDT

McMahon Stadium, Calgary</center>


[*]If Toronto do not win then they will be eliminated from the possibility of winning Voyageurs Cup 2004.

Match Previews


   » VC:  1-1-3  5-7  4  /  A-League:  2-3-12  14-32  9

   » Cameron Maxwell, The Calgary Sun - posted below


   » VC:  1-1-2  4-7  4  /  A-League:  6-1-10  22-33  19

   » Lynx media release


Voyageurs Cup

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From The Calgary Sun:

Sun, July 25, 2004

Mustangs will miss their rivals


This Battle of Alberta is over before it really began. With the Edmonton Aviators playing out the season under control of the United Soccer Leagues, the Calgary Mustangs will likely find themselves without a provincial A-League rival next season.

And for the Mustangs, it's a win-lose situation.

"You have to look at it from two sides. First of all, it is definitely disappointing to lose a franchise like Edmonton because it would have been a nice rivalry," said Mustangs head coach Thomas Niendorf, whose team has two ties and an OT loss against the expansion Aviators this season.

"On the other side, of course, it improves our recruiting opportunities across the province again. You can really look at it from both sides but it's really more disappointing than positive for us."

Aviators ownership pulled the plug earlier this week, saying pro soccer in the provincial capital isn't financially viable.

From a fiscal point of view, not having Edmonton in the league isn't a major concern for Mustangs owners John Torode and Jurgen Hanne, who bought the team last year.

The two purchased the club from the league after the USL took over the former Calgary Storm midway through the 2003 season.

"I don't think so," said Torode, also the club's president, when asked if the Aviators' likely demise will hurt the Mustangs' viability. "I guess the expectations in Edmonton were much higher than what was the reality.

"We were pleased when Edmonton came into the league -- it's a cheaper city to travel to as opposed to some where you have to fly."

Torode said he was surprised when the 19 Edmonton owners gave up on the club because he thought the organization was stable.

Niendorf and the team's immediate concern is snapping the Mustangs' five-game losing skid with a win today (McMahon Stadium, 2 p.m.) against the Toronto Lynx. Calgary dwells in the basement of the Western Conference with a 2-12-3 record, while the Lynx comes in at 6-10-1.

- - -

'STANGS NOTES: Tonight's game marks the home debut for the two newest members of the Mustangs. Walter Otta, a striker from Argentina, and Uruguay's Ernesto Zapata were signed July 16 to bring the club some much-needed offence ... Defenders Mike Pavicic and Aaron Richer could return today from injury but whether either starts will be a game-time decision.

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Here's another preview article to which I didn't have access earlier...

From The Calgary Herald, posted by Stu on the Mustangs Alley forum:

Argentinian ace to debut today

Murray Rauw

Calgary Herald

Sunday, July 25, 2004

It's probably too late to help the Calgary Mustangs' playoff ambitions this year, but they have found a proven international goal scorer to patch a glaring deficiency in their attack.

Walter Otta, an Argentine who has scored goals for teams in nine countries, will make his McMahon Stadium debut today (2 p.m.) when the Toronto Lynx pay a visit.

"There is no perfect time," responded Otta, when asked if he was available to the Calgary A-League team earlier. "I'm coming here to reinforce the team."

With a 2-12-3 record and only 14 goals to their credit, the Mustangs have fallen into last place in the West. But they have been competitive at McMahon with a 2-2-3 record although they lacked a striker who could consistently find the back of the net.

"I have always had luck, good fortune," said the 30-year-old Otta, a six-foot, 190-pound striker who scored 24 goals in 28 professional games in Chile in 1997. "Strikers normally score goals."

In Bolivia, he registered 18 goals in a 24-game season. He later played in England for Walshall, a first Division team, where he picked up a working knowledge of English.

The Lynx have a 6-10-1 record and 22 goals this year. But they are 2-6 in road games.

Conrad Smith leads the Mustangs with four goals. No one else has more than two. Otta would be a significant upgrade if he can live up to his scoring history. He has already played two road games for the Mustangs.

He scored in his first game Sunday in Toronto and bounced a shot off the crossbar in Montreal.

"The level is OK," said Otta, "but I haven't played all the teams.

"Playing in Montreal and Toronto is no more different. The team in Montreal is very good."

The father of three has been globetrotting, chasing soccer opportunities since 1996. A return to Argentina is a vacation.

He isn't ruling out the possibility of staying in Calgary next year if he has the opportunity. If he does, he would feel at home if the city had another year of hockey celebrations in the street.

He grew up in Buenos Aires where soccer is king. He was 12 years old, but the hoopla that followed the World Cup victory in Mexico City in 1986 is still a vivid memory.

In Argentine, soccer is a passion and he started playing an organized form of the game early in life.

There were strong minor programs and good soccer instruction in school.

He said he was one in a crowd in his home country . . . there are many strong strikers playing minor soccer in Argentina.

A prolific scorer could do wonders to the Mustangs' outlook. They have been plagued by a lack of scoring and bad weather. But both areas are predicted to improve today.

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Here's a match report posted by Stu on the Mustangs Alley forum:

Match report : Lynx vs. Mustangs 25th, 2004

On a hot and sunny day in Calgary the visiting Lynx outshone the Mustangs.

It didn’t take long for the first goal when Mike Pavicic gave the ball away to John Nusum about 25 yards in front of his own net. From there the ball was fed to a wide open Gerba who slotted in his first goal of the match.

2 minutes later Conrad Smith had a good chance from about 18 yards out, but just blasted it wide over the Lynx net.

The ‘Stangs got on the board in the 15th minute when Jamie Auvigne played a great through ball from just outside the right hand corner of the 18 yard box onto the feet of Conrad Smith, who had blown by a Lynx defender, and struck the ball well into the back of the net.

In the 18th minute Lutz palmed the ball over the cross-bar from a well placed header to keep the score even.

The Lynx second goal came on the 23 minute mark, when the Mustangs defense parted, allowing Gerba to run onto the ball and place it past the out-stretched legs of Lutz Pfannenstiel.

One minute later it was hand-bags at ten paces, when there was pushing and elbowing in Calgary’s 18 yard box. One player from each side was sent off with straight red cards, Holdt for Calgary and Faria for the Lynx.

29th minute. Goal!! Off of a corner from the left side, Mesut Mert played a beautifully flighted ball onto to the far post, Geert Brusselers jumped well to head the ball into the top right corner.

In the 40th minute the Lynx Nusum was in on goal, but Lutz was there to make a finger-tip save and inch it over the top left corner.

In the 42nd minute Geert Brusselers made a great pass to Conrad Smith, but his shot also sailed over the cross-bar.

On 45 minutes Gerba got another great header on net, but Lutz was on hand again to get his hand on the ball and play it over the bar for a corner.

HT: 2 – 2

In the 50th minute the Lynx got their 3rd goal when Munthali ran down the left flank past a porrous ‘Stangs defence and played a nice ball through to Charles Sbeke who placed the ball into the open goal.

73rd minute. The Lynx almost got their 4th goal when Charles Sbeke turned with the ball in the ‘Stangs box, but fired the ball just over the cross-bar.

The game was almost tied-up in the 90th minute when Jordan Gillespie beat 2 defenders down the left hand side of the pitch and fed the ball to an on-rushing Zuniga, who just missed getting a touch on it with his out-stretched foot.

Final: Lynx 3 – 2 Mustangs

Goals: Lynx Gerba,(8,23) Sbeke (49)

Mustangs, Smith (15) Brusselers (29)

Line ups: Lynx

G Bryhoom Hancock

D Joe Mattacchione

D Shawn Farja

M Edgar Bartolomeu

M Rumda Munthali

M David Diplacido

F John Nusum

D Tyler Hughes

D Josue Mayard

M Darren Baxter

F Ali Gerba

Subs: Sbeke on for Nusum

Blois on for Hughes

Dodds on for Baxter All on45 Minutes

Hansor on for Diplacido (56)

Steele on for Gerba (63)


G Lutz Pfannenstiel

D Angelo Sestito

D Mike Pavicic

D Jamie Auvigne

M Mesut Mert

M Geert Brusselers

M Steffen Holdt

M Jordan Gillespie

M Nik Reyes

F Conrad Smith

Subs: Raad on for Mert (53)

Jesic on for Otta (58)

Peszneker on for Pavicic (68)

Zuniga on for Smith (72)

Cards: Brusselers, Yellow (8)

Pavicic, Yellow ( 17)

Munthali , Yellow (23)

Holdt, Red (25)

Faria, Red (25)

Baxter,Yellow (30)

Dodds, Yellow (81)

Mattacchione, Yellow (85)

Att: 1753

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quote:Originally posted by Polish_LYNX_Fan

6 pts after monday and teh lynx will be back in the hun for the V-CUP the IMPACT will loose to the whitecaps and beat Edmonton FC :) and the lynx will beat the whitecaps and FC and win teh cup :)

If that happens then Montreal would win. If Montreal win either of their two remaining matches then they would have 17 points. The most Toronto can get is 16. Toronto can still win but you have not given a correct scenario.
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From The Calgary Sun:

Mon, July 26, 2004

Lynx claw to victory

'Stangs add one more to skid


For once, it was beautiful weather for the Calgary Mustangs -- but the result was still the same. As fans used umbrellas to shield the sun instead of rain, the visiting Toronto Lynx clawed its way to a 3-2 victory over the 'Stangs at McMahon Stadium in a very entertaining soccer game.

Lynx striker Ali Gerba did most of the damage, scoring two goals and bumping his season total to 11.

The Mustangs twice rallied from one-goal deficits but Charles Gbeke tallied the winner at the 49-minute mark, extending Calgary's losing streak to six games.

"We're still in a building process but for myself, I get a little tired of repeating that. It's the truth but it doesn't mean that you can't get a result," said Mustangs captain Geert Brusselers, who scored his first goal of the season.

"We need to break through that losing game. We have to finally get a result in and make it happen for ourselves.

"Toronto is not better than us and yet they walk out with three points and that means we have to defend better and score better, period."

It's the same theme that's haunted the 2-14-2 club all season.

The Lynx scored first as Gerba finished off a two-on-one in the ninth minute after John Nusum grabbed a turnover by Calgary's Mike Pavicic.

Then, after badly missing an open shot from 18 yards, Calgary's Conrad Smith atoned for the terrible shot, converting a beautiful cross from Jamie Auvigne in the 15th minute and tying the game 1-1.

But Toronto quickly went ahead again, with the slick Gerba netting his second of the game just nine minutes after Smith's goal.

Then Calgary midfielder Steffen Holdt and Toronto midfielder Shawn Faria got into a bit of a scuffle and were given red cards, meaning each club had to play with 10 men in the 40C temperature at field level.

The Mustangs got fired up after that, as Brusselers nicely headed in a corner kick -- top right shelf, by Mesut Mert and Calgary tied it 2-2, claiming the momentum heading into halftime.

But Gbeke's goal stole the Mustangs' thunder, while the heat and Lynx defence did the rest as Calgary couldn't score again, despite generating a couple of premium opportunities.

Second-half substitute Damir Jesic, who was wide open outside the box, took a pass but blasted the ball miles over the net.

Then, in the final minute, Jordan Gillespie made a cross through the Toronto crease but it was just inches too far for a streaking Nick Zuniga, who only had to get a foot on it for a goal.

The 'Stangs won't have to wait long to try and snap their six-game skid when the 11-7-0 Portland Timbers visit McMahon Stadium Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

From the Calgary Herald:

Mustangs locate net, but can't find a victory

Murray Rauw

Calgary Herald

Monday, July 26, 2004

He's been scoring at a pace similar to that of the entire Calgary Mustangs lineup. Ali Gerba matched them again Sunday.

Gerba, who hails from Cameroon, was enjoying the heat when he scored his 11th and 12th goals of the season, leading the Toronto Lynx to a 3-2 victory over the Mustangs in front of just under 1,000 fans at McMahon Stadium.

Gerba is now second among A-League goals scorers, three behind the league leader, Alan Gordon of Portland. The Mustangs have scored 16 goals as a team. It was Gerba's third goal in two games against Calgary this season.

"We came today with intention to win and that's my job -- to finish," shrugged Gerba.

The early portion of the game was a shootout by soccer standards. Both of Gerba's goals came early in the game, which featured two goals by each team in the first 30 minutes.

The decisive score came early in the second half when Charles Gbeke converted a pass after Rumba Munthali had done all the work and moved inside the box.

The loss was Calgary's sixth in a row.

The Mustangs have gone seven straight without their last victory, which came June 18 against Vancouver.

They are 2-13-3 and in need of a re-evaluation.

Calgary goal scorers in the first half were Conrad Smith, who notched his fifth, and captain Geert Brusselers. Brusselers converted a corner kick from Mesut Mert and scored his first goal of the season.

Calgary coach Thomas Niendorf couldn't criticize the effort from his players, but the long string of losses is beyond frustrating.

"We put the necessary physical effort into this game," said Niendorf. "We didn't panic, we got some quality shooting opportunities -- even in the last minute of injury time. We just missed by inches.

"That is the story of the season. We made too many mistakes defensively and we didn't have enough quality in the finishing area."

Scoring goals has been a major problem. The Mustangs had hoped it would be rectified with the addition of Walter Otta, but he was muzzled by the Lynx and gradually wore down in the heat. He was replaced late in the game.

The Mustangs lack a player with the killer instinct Gerba shows.

"He's a goal scorer, he anticipates well, reacts quickly and it pays off for him in the penalty area," said Toronto coach Duncan Wilde.

The Mustangs will try again on Wednesday when the Portland Timbers are at McMahon Stadium.

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All of the pictures were taken from the East side of the stadium, where all of the fans are. Nobody sits on the West side.

It was BLOODY HOT in the stands yesterday. I can only imagine how hot it was at field level.

We may not have filled the stands, but it was a very vocal crowd and the drum corps sounded quite good (if i do say so myself).

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Just a thought, would it be possible for the guy taking photographs to go over to the other side of the stadium and snap a picture or 2 of the side with the fans? Or how about going to a seat closest to the field turning around and snapping a shot of the stands with fans in them. Action shots are nice but it's always good to snap a few of the fans

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