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Whitecaps in Canada "B" team


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Canadian team

head coach Frank Yallop says he’s considering five Whitecaps for July exhibition games against Hearts of Scotland and Millwall of England.

Canada plays Hearts on July 12 and Millwall on July 14 at Swangard. Valente, Corazzin, striker Davide Xausa, midfielder Martin Nash and defender Kevin Harmse are the White-

caps that Yallop is considering.

Other friendly matches involving the touring U.K. teams are July 11, when Millwall plays the Vancouver Metro League all-stars at Coquitlam Town Centre Stadium; July 14, when Hearts meets the Pacific Coast Soccer League all-stars at Victoria’s Royal

Athletic Park, and July 17, when Hearts plays Millwall at Swangard.

Canada opens a six-game CONCACAF semi-final World Cup qualifying series against Guatemala Aug. 18 at Swangard.

From Dan Stinson Vancouver Sun

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Franks is really hurt, thats why he's not included. He wasn't even on the bench for the last game, they had Trevor "Nobby" Stiles as the backup keeper. Had Franks not been injured he'd be greatly considered, not because he's outplayed the other you mention (though having seen Sutton play against the Caps, I've noticed he sees very little action which would greatly improve any keepers record and stats) but because they wouldn't have to fly a keeper across the country for what isn't a real international match.

Too bad these games come at a busy time in the Caps schedule. The WHitecaps play games on July 9, July 10, July 13th, and July 16th. Sandwich another 2 games for 5 Whitecaps players on the 12th and 14th and thats a recipy for disaster. We might even be forced to dress Fonseca! :(

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