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Would anyone like to contribute to a newsletter?

Former Champ

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The newsleter would be about Soccer from a fan point of view, but maybe a fan with a few questions. We could talk about the history of the national team with little informational tidbits, explain the qualifying process, explain the role of the fan (Chants and songs), introduce the Voyaguers and this website to people (like me) who didn't know about us, maybe even try to explain offside.

We could hand the newsletters out before the games in Edmonton, Van Kong and the Mystery Spot.

We would have a lot of freedom to do almost anything, but first and foremost we should be trying to encourage National team support. We could even endeavour to make a newsletter for the very young, with a colouring/puzzle page & such.

Don't be shy about chatting. I am interested in all feedback



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Wow!!! if anyone wanted to contribute a comic, that would be hella cool! (Craig Forrest doused in urine? (****ing ****ers))

The format is pretty simple. I've done this kind of marketing thing before. You pretend you are a legitimate infomation source to promote your agenda. It's not really evil, just business.

On the front a Banner Headline lakes up about 20% of the top of the Page. Then there would be 3 equal sized columns, holding 3 to 5 features with at least one graphic or picture.

The back would have the same 3 columns without a banner. availing room for 4 - 9 features including stuff like qualifying information, Canada's lineup, AND COMICS!!!

For example...

I just read "The Miracle of Castel di Sangro" and it was the best soccer book I ever read. Joe McGinniss has the same passion for soccer that I have, so a 15-35 word passage from the book describing the love soccer deserves, with a small plug to appease lawyers could fill up 10% of the back page.


A different letter aimed at kids under 12 could also be effective, and even easier (one whole side could be a colouring poster.)

This kind of stuff is really easy, I just need a little help filling up space. Are there any other geeks like me out there with Pro-Canadian statistics and tidbits? (not timbits, but those are good to)

Eventually I will come up with something myself, but help from others would make it better. Send me yur ideas.

Room for 5-10, 50 to 200 word pieces, with One 500 word piece semms about right. About a third of the space can be filler with stats and raw info.

We could make 1 issue per qualifying round. I'll take whatever we have to Swanguard on Aug 18th.




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I'd just like to add -- and CC, I know you may not be familiar with this -- I was really impressed by the Welsh supporters' zine that some of us received after contributing some info to its editor. It wasn't a slick, professional kind of publication, but there's something special in a printed fanzine that you just don't get from the Internet.

I mean, even the Northboys can manage it. How bloody hard can it be? :D

Allez les Rouges,


P.S. This is one of those projects that I'm hoping others will take on. I've got a few too many irons on the fire these days so I won't be able to contribute -- much as I want to! -- for a while... we can talk in the fall!

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