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Abandoned matches question...

Rocket Robin

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I don't know the rules about abandoning a match and the game not counting in the standings if less than 2/3s of the game is played.

I watched a CPSL game on Thursday where one team had a 2-0 lead but the game was called at halftime because of a thunderstorm and never was restarted. Eventually the game will be replayed starting over at 0-0.

What happens to the records of this game? Does the guy who scored the two goals keep the record? What if it was his 100th goal? Can the goalie keep a shutout record going? Do any Yellow cards carry over?

Does this rule vary from league to league?


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Not certain but I believe under FIFA laws if a match is abandoned, it needs to be replayed. I seem to remember something about that during my refereeing days (10 years ago). But there may be some league variations on that rule.

It has to do with the fact that a game must consist of two equal halves.

As for thunderstorms, it has as much to do with insurance liability as the laws of the game. In any case, the referee is responsible for officiating a safe game for the players. All outdoor sports handle it in roughly the same way.

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Law 7 of the FIFA/IFAB Laws of the game simply states (along with other rules of duration of matches):

"An abandoned match is replayed unless the competition rules provide otherwise."


Thus, unless the league, compeition or tournament has its own rules (which is practical given the varing circumstances, especially tournaments that have to move things along), the match must start from zero minutes again and the previous time is ruled irrelevant. If a match is "replayed" (in this manner of the term), it is as if the original match never occurred, so the match should have no effect on records or statitstics (as unfair as that may be). An example of the possible unfairness of the records aspect can be seen in this example:


"Ian Rush holds the record for most FA Cup goals in modern football (44), but do the statistics include the six goals Denis Law scored in Manchester City's fourth round tie v Luton that was abandoned at 6-2 because of the waterlogged pitch in January 1961?

Goals don't count in abandoned matches that are re-staged, so Denis Law's career total in the FA Cup was 41, second to Ian Rush."

An example of variaitions: the World Cup 2004 Compeition Regulations have many rules that relate to abandoned matches.


-If a preliminary round match is abandoned due to problems such as weather or accident, no the fault of the host, then the match has to be replayed the next day from scratch, unless the two teams agree.

(IV, A., Art7, 16. : at page 14) This happened earlier this month in Homs, Syria, where the qualifying match on June 9 between Syria and Tajikistan had to be abandoned at 72' (Syria leading 3-1 then) due to "electricity failures". It was replayed the next day from scratch, a full 90'+, the result then being 2-1 for Syria . See the news releases at: http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/040610/1/1i08.html



. The score and the goals are not to be considered in either the table or the records (in fact the records of FIFA no longer show the results of the June 9 match) and will live on only in unofficial press stories.

-If any match, preliminary or finals, is abandoned as a result of the actions of a "guilty" team, then the match is considered won by a score of 3-0 by the non-guilty team unless they were leading by a greater margin, in which cast the greater margin applies. This has important effects on the group tables.

-During the finals in Germany, the Organizing Committee has complete discretion to deal with the matter if a match is abandoned due to weather or non-fault reasons (V, B., Art. 11, 11).

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Guest Jeffery S.

I think there must be an option to start from where you left off. I am thinking about a Spanish Cup match, think it was Deportivo-Valencia, played in heavy rain in Madrid. The game was started from the point of it being called in the early 2nd half, think it was a few days later. Deportivo's first Spanish Cup and the first Depor title since they had risen to the top in the early 90s. Maybe was around 96? Too lazy to check the data.

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Thanks for the answers.

I wonder if the visitors could ask for a forfeit if Chief HitAHomer or any other mascot started a rain dance? (oops wrong sport).

Looks like someone seeing rain in the horizon could get in a free tackle from behind on Wayne Rooney and the Red card would not carry over to the next game or even the eventual replay.

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quote:Originally posted by Canuck Oranje

Whether red cards carry over is a different matter..

Yes, it is. They do carry over.

The culmulative effect of carry-overs is not dealt with, either in the Laws of the Game or (usually) in the Competition/League regulations (for instance, for the World Cup 2004 Competition Regulations, there are no such provisions). The carry-over effect is dealt with in the Disciplinary Codes of each organization responsible for the particular competition. Therefore, they can vary from league to league, association to association, confederation tournament to confederation tournament.

For all FIFA competitions, including WCQ's, the FIFA Disciplinary Code applies (carry-overs in Articles 18, 19, 20, 37, 38 39):


Abandoned matches in FIFA competitions are expressly dealt with:

Yellows: Yellows are not carried over if the matches are abandoned and replayed, but are if they are not replayed (Art. 18, Sect. 5)

Reds: Red cards are carried over even if given in an abandoned or suspended match. (Art. 19, Sect. 4). If the match from which an expulsion by red cards or culmulative yellows applies is abandoned or suspended, then the match does not count for the serving of the expulsion, unless the serving or expulsion is as a result of a guilty team and the the expulsed player or other individual is not on the guilty team (Art. 20, Sect. 4).

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