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Ailton on Bayern and Schalke


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Ailton making headlines again with his commentary. Good that he is confident in Werder winning the title but Schalke must be having second thoughts about their decision to sign him. In response to comments from Bayern officials that Werder will choke he states, "That is the blabber of the weaker and 2nd placed, who being 6 points behind have no other option than the dirty business of trouble making. We still have a comfortable lead and have everything in our own hands." Even more interesting particularly considering the doubts he expressed last month over his transfer are his comments on Schalke. "Either they qualify directly for the UEFA Cup or not at all. I don't have any desire to play in the UI cup. The UI cup should be eliminated, no footballer likes this cup. My contract with Werder ends on June 30. It is also clear that I need four weeks vacation in Brazil. In addition, because of the German Cup final I am in training longer than the Schalke players. Then we will see what happens after that. (Ailton was known for showing up late for Werder's training camp after a non-approved over-extended vacation in Brazil which may have contributed to Werder not resigning him.)"

Ailton: Bayern sind Stänkerer - mit Schalke nicht im UI-Cup

Werder Bremens Torjäger Ailton sorgt erneut mit

Interviews für Wirbel. In einem bezeichnet der Fußballprofis Aussagen

von Bayern-Verantwortlichen als «schmutziges Geschäft der Stänkerei».

In einem anderen kündigte der brasilianische Stürmer an, nicht für

seinen zukünftigen Club Schalke 04 im UI-Cup spielen zu wollen.

«Entweder kommt Schalke direkt in den Uefa-Cup oder gar nicht. Auf

den UI-Cup habe ich keine Lust», wird Ailton in der am Mittwoch

erscheinenden «Sport Bild» zitiert. «Der UI-Cup gehört abgeschafft.

Kein Fußballer mag diesen Wettbewerb.»

«Mein Vertrag mit Werder läuft bis zum 30. Juni», sagte Ailton dem

Magazin. «Und klar ist auch, dass ich auf jeden Fall vier Wochen

Urlaub in Brasilien brauche. Außerdem trainiere ich durch das

Pokalfinale sowieso viel länger als die Schalker. Und mal sehen, was

dann noch so passiert.» Bei Werder kam der Stürmer mehrfach zu spät

aus seinem Heimaturlaub Brasilien zum Trainingsbeginn.

Der Brasilianer wehrt sich zudem gegen Bemerkungen von Bayern-

Verantwortlichen, wonach den Bremer Spielern angesichts des

schrumpfenden Vorsprungs die Nerven versagen könnten. In einem

Interview mit der «Welt» (Mittwoch-Ausgabe) sagte er: «Es ist das

Gejaule des Schwächeren und Zweitplatzierten, dem mit sechs Punkten

Rückstand nichts anderes bleibt als das schmutzige Geschäft der

Stänkerei. Wir haben immer noch einen komfortablen Vorsprung, wir

halten alles in unseren Händen.»

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(Sarcasm On) Man he sure sounds like a team oriented, hard worker (Sarcasm Off)

Maybe they (Schalke) should make him vacation in the Ruhr...He NEEDS his vacation and he IS training more than the other players...

what total garbage... a good example of the overpayed and overappreciated professional athete

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Well, even if he didn’t report to Schalke until the end of July (which would be EIGHT weeks vacation in Brazil – not bad considering they get a 6 week winter-break) he would only miss one round of the UI Cup! I hope Brazil invites him to play in the Copa America during his vacation (unlikely, I know) so we can see if he really has the desire to play international football (for free) or if he’s just full of crap! [8)]

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Whatever criticisms one can make of Ailton I think it would be a dream of his to play for Brazil and he would probably even turn down Qatar's money to do so if he thought it was possible. There seems to be a lot of politics in Brazil's squad selection although with their record one can not argue with success. Certainly Brazilians playing in Spain and Italy are favoured over those playing in Germany and the club one used to play with in Brazil is probably also a factor. The Brazilian coach may also be concerned with Ailton's attitude but then one could probably be concerned with the attitude of most of their players. Based on his play Ailton probably should have been selected for at least some friendlies long ago but has also probably realized that for whatever reason that is not going to happen hence the Qatar scheme.

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Well there may be some politics in Brazilian selection; but, who should not be selected if you bring in Ailton? With Ronaldo not being selected because of injuries, the press in Sao Paulo see this as the opportunity for Luis Fabiano that he deserves. And he is only 23. Then you have Kaka (more midfield), Ronaldinho, and Adriano. Most times when Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are in the side, neither Adriano nor Fabiano see the field.

The issue then for Brazil is to give strikers that will likely be called for major tournaments some playing time. That means giving Adriano and Fabiano some time.

On top of that you have Robinho (19?). The question then is: If you are responsible for the Brazilian National team, do you give a 30 year old at the top of his game a game to soothe his ego or do you give your future some experience?

And given the nature of the quotable Ailton, I wonder what he would say if he was called by Brazil and then, left on the sideline? I suspect that's what will happen with Alex of Cruzeiro in Hungary.

I guess my feeling is that Ailton's time is past for Brazil and he knows it.

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