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Sepp Blatter brainstorm


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Just read on BBC Sports Blatter's going to propose to FIFA the notion of limiting 1st tier domestic leagues to 16 teams maximum. Effectively producing a 30 game domestic league schedule.

Apparently the idea is to allow a reduction in the number of games the players have to play at the top flight due to the various cup competitions, national team commitments, and so on. Seems like Sepp has developed a concearn for player's health. Overworked, stressed out, footballers have caught the man's eye and he feels he has a solution.

Very nice.

Don't know how well this'll fly in the British Isles. Actually I do. It won't.

Maybe I'm a cynic, (okay, I am a cynic) but it just sounds like a scheme to open up more international dates to me.

"Minority of one"

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Well, it seems to me that the clubs are the ones putting infinite stress on a player's playing season; European Cups, 36-38 league matches, 6-8 domestic cup matches and sometimes even an additional 6-7 matches in another cup.

Then when a player gets called to the national team, the club complains the player is playing too many matches...

All this to say that I don't blame the International matches for over-working players. I blame the clubs. And before you point it out, I'll just say that I'm aware the clubs pay the salaries.

But really, if the players are more relaxed and play better football, wouldn't that make up (in, say, ratings) for the 5-6 games that would be cut from the schedule (which would mean about 3 home dates?).

Even after writing all I just wrote, though, I agree with you that it won't fly. The clubs are just too greedy.

Mimglow, Ottawa


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Blatter plan dismissed by UEFA chief executive Aigner :ARTICLE

NYON, Switzerland, July 10 (Reuters) - A proposal by FIFA president Sepp Blatter to limit domestic leagues to 16 clubs was described on Thursday as "unrealistic" by UEFA chief executive Gerhard Aigner.

Blatter stated on Wednesday that clubs should be limited to playing 30 league games per season and said he would raise the idea at FIFA's congress in Doha, Qatar, in October.

Aigner, speaking after a meeting of UEFA's executive committee in Nyon, Switzerland, said they had already discussed, and dismissed, the idea.


"This is an initiative we thought of ourselves some years ago but things have changed so much since then it has never been practical to do anything about it," Aigner told reporters.

"These sort of comments are unrealistic unless they are applied all over Europe and of course include a reduction in the amount of international games.

"Unless all that is done it is simply unrealistic."

Blatter has been trying to reduce the number of games on the international calendar after complaints by a number of national associations.

He said that a reduction in the number of domestic games must also be made to avoid the increasing problem of player exhaustion and club-versus-country conflicts.

"The ideal number of clubs in the top division is 16 giving 30 league matches a season," said Blatter on Wednesday.

"I have spoken to many club presidents and the presidents of national associations and we will have it on the agenda at Doha."

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