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  1. The vast amount of goalkeepers is weird but part of me thinks the amount of players can play centre back is quite big too. Part of me feels like Herdman might go for a back three
  2. Borges has been a standout but Novak for forge has also been great and seemingly underappreciated
  3. For some reason it’s not allowing my debit, any one else with this problem?
  4. Fun game to watch but any new news on the TAM signings? We no Curtis is in South America and Manning is in Italy but what do we know in terms of Names or positions?
  5. South America is probably Menendez
  6. I think he's a wide (left maybe?) midfielder
  7. My first love game! I’m also bringing a friend who hasn’t been either so do any of you more experience folk have any tips to get the most out of the experience?
  8. hmmm, odd choice of those specific 3 teams...
  9. Heard that too, he said that we should see by the end of the month
  10. David is good so far but I can't help but feel that he'd do better in midfield, especially in the position Osorio is playing where he gets forward as well
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