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  1. cruz azul doesn't even show him on the bench on their twitter
  2. Honestly if you think about it there’s so many better options for youth level. Maybe I’m harsh on olivieri but I’m not convinced at all by him. Honestly we should have someone like Martin Nash who had success at PDL and CPL level. Bernier, Dasovic and Isacco all also come to mind
  3. We mocked herdsman after Haiti but fair play, he got it all right tonight right down to the last detail
  4. For me the chart goes: -Lareya - Cordova - Godinho -ZBG - Grant -Chung -Doner
  5. Would’ve loved to have a winger replace hoilett even if it is just to sit on the bench,.
  6. Ti be fair Miller has been playing LB for Orlando lately
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