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  1. Would’ve loved to have a winger replace hoilett even if it is just to sit on the bench,.
  2. Ti be fair Miller has been playing LB for Orlando lately
  3. Did he play upfront or wide?
  4. to be honest there are a few player son good form who could be brought to the setup, Bair, Cordova , Akindele and Fraser come to mind. Then there are the dual national talent tat would be ideal to have in the pool; Milli, Gutierrez, Bassong and Amuz would all be great to have on board Finally, there are a few CPL players who are playing great in positions the MT needs depth in: Abzi, Samuel, Langwa and Zator stand out but at this point I'm really reaching
  5. how many players can we bring?
  6. Boy do I have some news for you...
  7. The Valour graphic is really confusing to me. What is that formation?
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