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  1. It's confusing language but it seems like he was born in London, On which would make him eligible if it holds up
  2. Looking at him play I think if we ever play a back 3, ZBG could slot in at RCB and do a very good job there despite his height
  3. What ever happened to Lucas Bijker? I remember hearing he was also possibly eligible for Canada a few years back but nothing came of it. This season he's the starting leftback for Mechelen in the Belgium first tier and i'm pretty sure he would be a good addition to the program.
  4. So I googled the kid and apparently he's a left-footed centerback who is also eligible for England and Nigeria😬
  5. It's the same guy from before, he's the only one talking about Fredi to Canada AFAIK
  6. I really feel bad for Cavallini. It would be impressive if he could get 5 goals a season in this setup.
  7. So where are we as to Phonzie's position in the NT? Left-wing? Wingback? leftback in a narrow formation?
  8. Chung is pretty young and has some experience in Germany doesn't he? maybe it's him
  9. For me it's: 1. Vitoria (scored 12 missed 0) 2. David (scored 3, missed zero) 3. Hutchinson (scored 2 missed 0) 4. Arfield (scored 6 missed 3, hasn't scored in over a decade) 5. Cav (scored 5, missed 4) Honestly it is pretty bad either way. these stats don't include shootouts though cause I couldn't find those
  10. For me Dejan is competing with Henry, James and Vitoria for a spot next to Cornelius. as impressive as he's been it's definitely tough competition for a 35 year old. I doubt he starts but I wouldn't mind seeing him given the oppurtunity to fight for it.
  11. I read somewhere that York might also lose out on their Dm Brian Lopez so maybe they bring in Wilson for depth this season?
  12. I think Johnson is just too expensive for any club to want to take a chance on him. I can see him going to Scandinavia or staying vacant or a while before budging on salary and going to CPL for a year or two. Happy for Tissot though, he'll do great in the CPL
  13. I always find it interesting that in the 3 appearances he made for Canada, all against decent opposition (45 vs South Korea, 45 vs Scotland and 90 vs Jamaica), he never conceded a goal. When he wasn't playing those first two games, the other keeper conceded on both occasions. I know it means nothing due to sample size but thought it was interesting.
  14. IIRC there was a rumor of a six-figure offer for Okello from Wolfsburg that TFC rejected
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