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  1. I don't even think Solomon is in the equation at this point. Adekugbe, Bassong and Miller all play at higher levels and are more familiar with the setup.
  2. Honestly If we want to play 3 at the back, we should lineup and attack in a similar way to Belgium. I really like Tifo footballs video on their tactics: TL;DR: Belgium lineup with a 343 using a flowing front three. Belgium also play their key playmaker ,KDB, as part of the Midfield two alongside Axel Witsel. That being said Canada's 343 would look more like this : GK: Borjan CBs: Cornelius, Hutch/Vitoria/Ferriera, Henry/James LM: Davies CMs: Estaquio,Arfield RM: ZBG LF: Hoilett RF: David ST: Cavallini Ideally that front three is fluid but with David just behind Cavallini and Hoilett being able to provide with in either side. Defensively, Canada won't be able to high press like Belgium as we can't rely on Cornelius and Henry the way they do for Vertonghen and Alderweireld. What Canada can do in this case is have the front thee press high while the rest of the team drops back. This is why I would have Hoilett over an extra midfielder, His pace and dynamic play is something this this team needs more then a body in Midfield. Davies can get forward in a way similar to Chadli or Carrasco.
  3. He was in Canada for 3.5 years. I don't think that's enough unless he has a Canadian ancestor
  4. I doubt he'll get another look but it's great to hear players saying stuff like this about the MNT
  5. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Millar 4. Tabla 5. Nelson 6. Bair 7. Shaffleburg 8.Bassong 9.Hojabrpour 10. Okello Honorable mention to Marshall-rutty, Yao and that Vancouver right back whose name I'll butcher because I can't say I know enough about them to rate them, but they seem like good prospects.
  6. But seriously Cornelious-Vitoria/Jakovic-Henry and this team is petty good
  7. Hopefully just until their defenders recover and then push someone like Raitala out wide
  8. He's always averaged a goal every 300-40o minutes wherever he played. Don't know if he'd be any better than Hoyle or Haber.
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