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  1. I feel like Davies it’s probably already the most Decorated player to ever play for Canada but who would second be?
  2. They don't if you were eligible for the country you want to switch too at the time of your cap I believe. Auro's only hope is having a Canadian grandparent.
  3. Are we in favor of Davies at LB now? I swear this changes ever other day. I personally Would rather see Davies running at Yedlin than see Pulisic running at Davies. Even at the expense of another forward
  4. Apparently Rennes hadn’t lost at home to Lille in the last ten matches before this game. Our boy Jo us already starting to break streaks!
  5. Good. He needs a change of scenery
  6. Kinda Quiet on the Forge front. I think we need a large presence to make up for edgar at the back and possibly an RB. If I wannna be picky I'd love a natural right winger at the club too for depth.
  7. Not even gonna try to format this 4-2-3-1/ 4-4-1-1: Borjan Laryea-Vitoria-Cornelius-Adekugbe Estaquio-Kaye Arfield-David-Davies Larin/Cav
  8. The race between Bustos, Garcia and Ongaro is gonna be interesting. I reckon Bustos vs Bekker for Assists is gonna be intense too.
  9. Surely between Lihadji, Yacizi and Araujo one of them has to be better than Ikone
  10. Forge are at the very least losing Edgar, so it seems like it would be a good fit
  11. A front four with two of Cabrea, Rivero and Ulbricht as well as Wallace/Telfer on the left and Hernandez on the right seems like the scariest attack on paper that we've seen in CanPL. holy crap Edit: Apparently Ulbricht is a right winger. In my eyes either he competes with Hernandez or Hernandez plays a 10 role. Still equally scary
  12. even if it let him switch, do we really need him? We definetly have enough depth upfront with Cav, Larin and possibly Akinola. And I'd rather give minutes to the younger guys on the right like Buchanan and Corbeanu
  13. What happened to Wassey? he was a key part in getting Paberborn promoted from the 3.Liga and then for some reason he seemingly got exiled from the team. Anyone with more knowledge know why?
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