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  1. A front four with two of Cabrea, Rivero and Ulbricht as well as Wallace/Telfer on the left and Hernandez on the right seems like the scariest attack on paper that we've seen in CanPL. holy crap Edit: Apparently Ulbricht is a right winger. In my eyes either he competes with Hernandez or Hernandez plays a 10 role. Still equally scary
  2. even if it let him switch, do we really need him? We definetly have enough depth upfront with Cav, Larin and possibly Akinola. And I'd rather give minutes to the younger guys on the right like Buchanan and Corbeanu
  3. What happened to Wassey? he was a key part in getting Paberborn promoted from the 3.Liga and then for some reason he seemingly got exiled from the team. Anyone with more knowledge know why?
  4. Lucas Dias / 2003/ Sporting CP U23 springs to mind
  5. Just as a heads up, It's actually Kevin Silva (US youth player, what a surprise) not Matt. Otherwise though thank you so much for these.
  6. Which countries still have open markets? Would love to see more Canadians move. Also, Does any /Championship team play 3Atb? seems like he looks best as a RCB
  7. Maybe they have some sort of relationship with TFC given that Romeo is also there
  8. Gallardo is definitely not the worst (Kantari springs to mind) But he is a TAM player in a league where other Tam players include the likes of Matuidi, Gaitan and Bradley
  9. There was a Liverpool u23 player - Brooks Lennon- who went straight to MLS when his contract expired. Since 2017 he's had over 100 appearances across 2 teams in MLS. imo a lot of PL2 players end up at a decent level so we shouldn't take something away from Theo (or Liam) because they still are class players
  10. It's confusing language but it seems like he was born in London, On which would make him eligible if it holds up
  11. Looking at him play I think if we ever play a back 3, ZBG could slot in at RCB and do a very good job there despite his height
  12. Damn, would've been a great addition
  13. What ever happened to Lucas Bijker? I remember hearing he was also possibly eligible for Canada a few years back but nothing came of it. This season he's the starting leftback for Mechelen in the Belgium first tier and i'm pretty sure he would be a good addition to the program.
  14. So I googled the kid and apparently he's a left-footed centerback who is also eligible for England and Nigeria😬
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