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  1. The Valour graphic is really confusing to me. What is that formation?
  2. Some coaches have been really poor so far but who is gonna be the one out first? Bonus: Which coach will fave the longest tenure?
  3. This is getting depressing so let's lighten the mood: -18 year old Oliver Saundry signed a first team contract with Danish first division side sønderjyskE this summer - Joakim Milli (2000) plays for the u19 team of Lecce- who are in the Serie A this season. He made some bench appearances last season -The Emergence of the CPL has given a platform for promising talent like Triston Henry and Connor James. Carducci is back in the limelight as well - Dayne St. Clair is a first round draft pick that has found his way in the 18 a few times this season. Mannone's loan is done by December. -Crepeau will be hitting his prime in 2026 It's not all bad. We have some decent prospects. Partnering these guys with Busti,Breza and Desjardis makes us seem to be in a good position for the future
  4. I'd like to see us bring Bryan Wright i on loan personally. He'd do well in the system
  5. Quick question, If Jimenez scores just 1, and he and David both finish on 6, who gets the boot?
  6. I remember this guy, he was one of the first to claim Onar Gonzalez to tfc for what it's worth
  7. Put David at CAM like in Gent and Davies at Left Wing
  8. Kaye is a good sub. I’d like to see him start in the semifinals if we make it
  9. I’ll be honest I didn’t expect is to be doing this well
  10. I kinda see why Herdman wanted Davies at LB based in the way Kaye is playing
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