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  1. He's always averaged a goal every 300-40o minutes wherever he played. Don't know if he'd be any better than Hoyle or Haber.
  2. From what transferrmarkt says this is meh: - His team in 9th out of 16 teams - Our guy has only seen 45 minutes of football despite them being in match day 14 - The team feeds to other teams in the same league, one guy did go to Granada in Spain a few years ago though
  3. He averaged a goal every 203 minutes across Spring and Fall. for reference Gattas had 217
  4. fair enough but the others seem reasonable
  5. I know you didn't put all of them but I still think there are a few more potential ones: - Malyk Hamilton (Jamaica) - Mathew Baldisimo (Philippines) - Ali Mussse (Somalia) - Prince Amanda (Tanzania) - David Doe (Liberia)
  6. cruz azul doesn't even show him on the bench on their twitter
  7. Honestly if you think about it there’s so many better options for youth level. Maybe I’m harsh on olivieri but I’m not convinced at all by him. Honestly we should have someone like Martin Nash who had success at PDL and CPL level. Bernier, Dasovic and Isacco all also come to mind
  8. We mocked herdsman after Haiti but fair play, he got it all right tonight right down to the last detail
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