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    • Careful. You've got guys here insisting that we should have 30 teams across 2 divisions. I think 12 stable CanPL teams, in addition to the 3 MLS sides and, eventually supported by 4 semi-pro, L1O-style leagues below is the Canadian soccer ideal space.
    • I personally think 16 is too big for Canada and will dilute the level too much unless they increase the number of foreigners to ensure competition for spots. Also, not sure there are really 16 locations in Canada that can sustain the attendances required. 
    • Clubs and managers want to know players, could be for a later moment in time. 
    • Godinho played the last 12 minutes for Zwickau, winning 1-2 at Dynamo Dresden. 
    • That's a heavily biased view of Canada's options IMO
    • "ahead of other options" and you make that judgement based on his current club form no? By that same logic, if Canada had to play a competitive game tomorrow, everything else the same (i.e. quality of play in respective league, playing time, etc..) I start the player playing in a senior pro club and getting minutes/scoring, and not the promising guy who is still in a youth team, regardless how long said player has been with the program.
    • I don't get why ya'll place so much stock on what a website for an American league publishes, specially when its specifically targeted towards an audience of American soccer fans... Like what else do you expect them to do?
    • Yeah, but that's what I mean about being miles ahead of other options. Arfield was an EPL midfielder in the prime of his career at that point and we didn't have much else that could compare. In circumstances like that (or Cristante if that had worked out or any other top 4 league "gift" that a player's Canadian lineage might get for us some day) for sure you would bring them in right away (and not play 6 CB's all over the field like Floro did in those games against Mexico) but I don't think we can say right now that Buchanan is at mid-table EPL team starter level. If he does match Dempsey's trajectory and goes to the EPL for sure, but I'd like to think he would have been brought in for some camps long before that happens (assuming it does, which would be great).
    • I mean just want to throw this out there... Arfield did debut for Canada in a WCQ game against Mexico after only spending a few days training with the team... 
    • There also something to be said about the fact of playing in a senior team and not a youth one. It's not the same. Even if the quality were the same, it will always be more demanding to be playing for a team that's actively competing in a first division league, there's more at stake.
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