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  1. I'm very surprised by that. I feel like I've gotten a good idea of how they handle the tickets, and they usually release all available tickets on Ticketmaster the night before. Every game the seats I count as being 'sold' in TicketMaster the night before line up to be 200-500 less than the announced attendance, which makes sense with walk up sales added in. On Sunday night I was seeing about 4000 tickets sold, so I was expecting 4200 to 4500 announced. Very bizare.
  2. We are having a tailgate (and our Trench Games) on Monday: Soccer Complex Lot (211 Chancellor Matheson) 11:30 am (Tailgate start) 12:15 pm (Trench Games start) GAMES: 1. Table Kick 2. Goal Celebration (give us your best!) 3. Mystery Drink Competition 4. Grenade Toss We will also have kids versions of some of these events if you want to participate in the games, start practicing your goal celebration now! If competing is not your thing, we also need spectators to cheer (or jeer) the competitors. Tailgate etiquette: Drinking alcohol is allowed, but it must be in a cup. Barbeques are also allowed. I forgot to add that some of us are also doing a potluck.
  3. That wasn't Petrasso's first non penalty goal. He lobbed it into the empty net in that York game a few weeks ago. The point stands though, that he doesn't score many in the run of play. I think he is more important for what he creates all over the pitch. That goal that Musse scored in Edmonton back in the Spring season was all Petrasso. I probably could have put that ball in the net, and I'm terrible . As an aside, attendance is looking like it will not be very good tonight. I'm seeing 800-1000 less tickets sold than I have seen for any game before. We are likely to be in the 4000's, and 4500 might be optimistic. This forecast is probably not going to help with walk up sales.
  4. While they haven’t made an official announcement about the extra games, they seem to have it posted on the CPL page. They used to have the first 3 games listed, with an August end date. Now they list a 3 game suspension with September 3 as the end date. https://canpl.ca/discipline-2019-season/
  5. As Baldisimo walked off, you could see Gonzalez say something to him with a finger wag, and then give him a shove off the pitch. It looks like Gonzalez thought he had done something wrong, so perhaps he did say something dumb to the ref.
  6. I heard it was a just a decision to rest him.
  7. Based on what I'm seeing in Ticketmaster, compared to what I've seen in advance of previous games, it looks to me like Valour ticketed attendance today and on Monday will likely be around 5000. I'm predicting actual bums in seats to be higher on Monday though. This city is empty this weekend, and I'm seeing lots of regulars saying they can't make it today.
  8. Muse came out to Nicolinos to watch the game with us today. He thinks he will be back in 1- 1.5 weeks
  9. I'm expecting more games to come based on this paragraph: "Murrell received a 3-match ban for his red card, as is standard by Canada Soccer’s disciplinary proceedings. Further action could be taken by Canada Soccer if deemed appropriate by their disciplinary committee."
  10. There was also an over the top kerfuffle back in May when we played Forge. I seem to recall a fight over the ball on the sideline, that resulted in what looked like a headlock by Murell to a Forge player (maybe Kadell Thomas?).
  11. Nope. I found it hilarious when she called him "my friend' in the pre-game show.
  12. Based on what I was counting on Ticketmaster this morning, I was expecting around 5000. The capacity in the sections you see is about 7000, so it looked about right to me. The Trench was full, and most of the middle had good representation, but the section beside us and the 2-3 on the other end were a bit sparse.
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