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  1. I'm not sure if 8 votes is enough of a sample size to be representative of the Voyageurs, but at 35 points, Ashley Lawrence is the clear winner. Sinclair and Labbé tied for second/third with 9 points each.
  2. The only one I'm really solid on is Lawrence at #1. 1. Ashley Lawrence 2. Christine Sinclair 3. Jessie Fleming
  3. We can't very well only have a Men's player of the year, so I thought I'd start the Women's poll The deadline for submissions is 12:01 AM (Pacific) January 1st, New Years Day 2020. Submissions for PoY must have a first place, second place, and third place selection. A point system is used to calculate a players points total at the completion of polling. A player will receive 5 points for a 1st place selection, 3 points for a 2nd place selection, and 1 point for a 3rd place selection. The player with the highest final aggregate total will be declared the Voyageurs International Player of the Year. Only one submission per IP address. Additional submissions from the same IP address allowed entirely at the Administrators discretion. For a player to be eligible for the Voyageurs International Player of the Year the player must have been selected for international duty at the senior level in 2019 and be eligible to play for Canada, in accordance with FIFA laws & statutes
  4. Yeah Wade Miller. Sounds like the kits are new designs. And OneSoccer is still the sponsor for season two, from what I have heard.
  5. My assumption was that the lack of news about most of the team had to do with players waiting to see what other options they might have in January, so it's nice to see Rob being open about that. I don't know if it indicates that Valour is trying to be a pipeline so much as it represents the reality we are in right now, though I wouldn't mind if our plan is to develop players, much like Pacific. Wade told me on Monday that their objective is to put a winning team out on the pitch. I don't think those two things are mutually exclusive (and on limited budgets, developing young players is necessity), but we have lots of pieces to fill in before we can have any idea how things are going to look next season. I'm not always known for my patience, so AHHH. On another note, there will be a kit launch in January, in the Pinnacle club.
  6. It definitely was Attardo. At the time they said that I did the math using the numbers on the CPL site, and it checked out. I didn't look again at the end of the season to see where he stood though.
  7. On the most recent Young Gaffers podcast, they had an interview with Rob Friend and he said that the league originally said the kits would be in before Christmas, but now it's going to be cutting it too close to Christmas so they would be revealed in January. Seems it's not Valour's fault that they aren't in, but they probably should have learned their lesson from last season, and anticipated that jerseys would arrive later than promised. At least we've all come to understand that CPL timelines are just loose suggestions 😉
  8. I believe the Kings Head viewing will be in the lower area. They had a big screen down there last month, so it is probably still there. For Nicolinos, we will be in private room for sure, so start there. Nick is also going to have the game on in the lounge as well, though it will likely be busy over dinner.
  9. There is a second viewing party in Winnipeg, at The Kings Head - 120 King Street West
  10. Winnipeg Viewing will be at Nicolinos again (2077 Pembina Highway). We will likely be in the private room. https://www.nicolinosrestaurant.com/
  11. I'd be pretty happy if we could snag Jackson Farmer.
  12. The #CanPLtrophychallenge has been fun tonight Of course I had to share my own
  13. LBG is up for CanPL best XI CM. He is currently in second, but a long way off of Becker. If you want to vote, you can do it here:
  14. If anyone is coming to watch the game at Nicolinos today, we are going to have a collection bin for Winnipeg Harvest
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