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  1. That's right. They say it is for everyone.
  2. I think we were making similar posts at the exact same time
  3. For those looking to watch in Winnipeg, I removed the Kings Head because Valour is showing the game in the Pinnacle Club. For anyone not going to the Valour game, the Kings Head will show it, but all of the regulars who normally come out are planning to stay and watch after the Valour Game.
  4. I didn't want to take off the Fable because they've been promoting it as a Voyageurs viewing. But I added Dublin to the list. Did you mean Dublin Calling? That's what I put on there but I just noticed your post says Dublin Crossing. If it should be crossing, I can change it up.
  5. I'm just replying into this to bump it back onto the main page, in case anyone is looking for a viewing spot today
  6. They haven't promoted it yet, but Valour says they are showing the game in the Pinnacle Club (in stadium) immediately following the Valour game, with former Fury players in attendance. I suspect that is where most people will watch.
  7. You will only see the links if you are logged in to a an account with an active membership for this year.
  8. Confirmed Viewings: Toronto - Elephant & Castle - 3:30 pm ET Toronto - Garden Bar & Bodega 3:30 pm ET Winnipeg - The Grove 2:30 pm CT Vancouver - Fable Diner Bar 12:30 pm PT
  9. I added additional locations in Montreal & Toronto to the post at the top.
  10. I'm glad you caught that. I uploaded the wrong version of the graphic. The location is Fable Dinner & Bar, and I've changed the graphic above.
  11. Here are the viewing parties for Saturday's game. Additional Locations: Montreal - The Burgundy Lion Toronto - Elephant & Castle Toronto -The Craft Brasserie (Space Limited- Make Reservation) Toronto - Drums N Flats - 1980 Avenue Rd
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