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  1. I guess this confirms that we still have two spots left
  2. I believe we had 3 open roster spots heading into this window, so we could sign 2 more without losing anyone. It's my understanding that Golubar doesn't count toward our roster spots since he is out for the season.
  3. I like what I heard here, and I'm willing to give this signing the benefit of the doubt. Especially considering he indicates a couple of times that more signings are coming.
  4. I'm not great with tactics, so I don't have much to add. I like your line up, but I'd swap out Janssens and put Farago in. I just think he has a better ability to command the back line.
  5. I remember early on in the season, in one of Gale's press conferences, he made a comment about certain players sitting out if they weren't going to play in the system they were being asked to play. I can't remember if he specifically said it was Hoyle, or if I just assumed it was, but Hoyle definitely sat out that week, and that comment stuck with me as Hoyle continued to see limited playing time. If there wasn't a good fit, it's best we moved on.
  6. You are right. Initially it looks like tickets are $20.98 but when you click in, it does show that that is for youth tickets. That makes more sense.
  7. Valour prices for our next home game appear to be reduced. I believe single game tickets for the pinnacle club seating used to be around $59, but they are currently $49 (which is still $10 higher than the season ticket holder price) but tickets in 104 & 105 are currently cheaper than season ticket holder prices ( $25/game for season tickets vs $21 on ticketmaster). I think it was smart to reduce the pinnacle club seats, and I probably would have reduced them even more, but they are charging the same price for 144, (which are the worst seats in the house) as they are for 105, which are quite good seats. I know we are bringing the atmosphere, but If I bought seasons in 104 or 105, I'd be pissed.
  8. I'm with you Doug. Some Edmonton supporters were calling to fire Paulus 5 games in and now they love him. Sacking a manager after 9 games would be a mistake. We need to give a manager time to work things out.
  9. I I haven't noticed that they have released the block of seats that they normally hold back, so we will probably see more seats available in the 'regular' seating area later in the week. That doesn't bode well for opening up a sections across the way, but who knows? Maybe walk up sales will be strong on Canada Day, and they will decide to open it.
  10. Looks to me like ticket sales are just sub 5500 right now, so if the weather is good, walk up sales would easily take us over 6000, but if the rain forecast holds up, probably not. Fingers crossed we get good weather 🤞
  11. I have Friday off and there are no World Cup games, so maybe I'll pop by 😉
  12. I think it's a good sign the extra blue dots have already shown up. They usually don't release them until the day of, and this might be a sign that tickets are selling better for this game than for recent games. I think what we see right now is a true reflection of what is sold/available and it looks like around 1200 left. I expect Thursday to be over 6000
  13. I like this as well. My biggest issue with the move was that attendance would suffer for a Monday night game two days after a Saturday game. This should soften that impact.
  14. Welp this is what is in our ticket manager accounts so.... they pretty much rescheduled on the worst possible date.
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