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  1. Tyson not returning has nothing to do with him having a bad attitude, or not wanting to be back up. He 100% wanted to play for Valour this year, but he is injured.
  2. That is interesting. I guess that would put a wrench in my thinking, unless he already has his A license. I'm 99% confident that he isn't coming back to play for Valour, even though he is here in Winnipeg. Hopefully they don't leave us hanging too long, but it is always fun trying to guess what might happen!
  3. The away survey results are in, and I posted the results on the RRR website: https://www.redriverrising.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/2020-Away-Survey-Results-.pdf The July 18th Edmonton away was the most popular away day, but there was strong interest for 3 of the 4 Alberta away games. At least one person expressed an interest in travelling to each away day, so hopefully we'll have someone at most of the games. We will target the July 18th Edmonton game as the main away day, but like last year, we will have Facebook events with away section details for every game, and we'll post the away section details on our website for those not on Facebook. For those that can't make July 18th, it looks like there could be a small group traveling for the May 22nd Cavalry game and the June 28th Edmonton game. Since most people indicated that they would at least consider a bus trip to Edmonton, I will start gathering pricing options and will do another survey to gauge interest once prices are known. It might be hard to beat the price of some of those cheap flights to Edmonton, but maybe if the Corona virus keeps progressing, a small bus full of people we at least sort of know will be preferable to a plane full of strangers πŸ˜‰.
  4. I don't have any special knowledge, but I'm betting that Paolucci is going to be named as the coach for FC Manitoba.
  5. I don't believe for a minute that Waters was actually the 13th draft pick. That draft was very clearly not live, and I personally believe he was our first pick but they reordered it out of some kind of misguided dramatic effect. I'm looking forward to see what he can do this season πŸ˜€
  6. Yep. All teams are getting new home kits as well this year.
  7. June 28th is the day after my birthday πŸ˜€. We are hoping to plan one group trip and I put together a survey if anyone is interested in adding their two cents https://forms.gle/11nu8oBGYG8bBpto8 I've definitely got my eye on the June 28th game, but it will be good to get a sense of what everyone else wants
  8. Nope. You've just the full circle panic, which is a survival mechanism in Canadian soccer. It's allowed 😏
  9. Rob says the Fairbanks rumour is not true
  10. I'm not sure if 8 votes is enough of a sample size to be representative of the Voyageurs, but at 35 points, Ashley Lawrence is the clear winner. Sinclair and LabbΓ© tied for second/third with 9 points each.
  11. The only one I'm really solid on is Lawrence at #1. 1. Ashley Lawrence 2. Christine Sinclair 3. Jessie Fleming
  12. We can't very well only have a Men's player of the year, so I thought I'd start the Women's poll The deadline for submissions is 12:01 AM (Pacific) January 1st, New Years Day 2020. Submissions for PoY must have a first place, second place, and third place selection. A point system is used to calculate a players points total at the completion of polling. A player will receive 5 points for a 1st place selection, 3 points for a 2nd place selection, and 1 point for a 3rd place selection. The player with the highest final aggregate total will be declared the Voyageurs International Player of the Year. Only one submission per IP address. Additional submissions from the same IP address allowed entirely at the Administrators discretion. For a player to be eligible for the Voyageurs International Player of the Year the player must have been selected for international duty at the senior level in 2019 and be eligible to play for Canada, in accordance with FIFA laws & statutes
  13. Yeah Wade Miller. Sounds like the kits are new designs. And OneSoccer is still the sponsor for season two, from what I have heard.
  14. My assumption was that the lack of news about most of the team had to do with players waiting to see what other options they might have in January, so it's nice to see Rob being open about that. I don't know if it indicates that Valour is trying to be a pipeline so much as it represents the reality we are in right now, though I wouldn't mind if our plan is to develop players, much like Pacific. Wade told me on Monday that their objective is to put a winning team out on the pitch. I don't think those two things are mutually exclusive (and on limited budgets, developing young players is necessity), but we have lots of pieces to fill in before we can have any idea how things are going to look next season. I'm not always known for my patience, so AHHH. On another note, there will be a kit launch in January, in the Pinnacle club.
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