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  1. Anybody planning to go to the open practice in Portage la Prairie on Saturday? I was planning to get a good bike ride in that day so if the weather holds up, I'll probably ride my bike out.
  2. Yep. I'm pretty sure that was a Nike initiative. Curious how that all played out in the stadium. Anyone at BMO with feedback?
  3. God I (Truly) hope my husband says this about me
  4. This is what we got in 144. I guess they figure there is zero chance we jump 20 feet down to the pitch
  5. Oh wow. Your section got a much harsher notice. Ours was in black ink and didn't mention the police. We think the smoke that was tossed on the pitch last Saturday game from one or two sections over from 144. What section are you guys again?
  6. If anyone in Winnipeg is looking for somewhere to watch the game tomorrow, we will be at Nicolinos (4-2077 Pembina Highway)
  7. Never going to happen, but that is the dream
  8. I just noticed this. Attendance might be a bit scary tonight. The bizarre thing is, section 101 had only 4 tickets left two days ago, and now almost every seat is available. That seems like a lot of seats to hold back, unless they were restricting the cheap seats hoping people would buy in the middle first?
  9. @Winnipeg Fury does this mean your conflict is resolved too?
  10. The empty seats in the stands lined up pretty closely to the unsold seats I was seeing online on Friday night, so I agree with you. I think tickets sold and bums in seats were probably pretty close in Winnipeg yesterday.
  11. I've done a really rough tally on Ticketmaster, of the Valour tickets sold so far for Thursday and it looks to be somewhere between 4800 to 5200 depending on how many are actually sold in that youth club section. I'm reasonably optimistic that we should have at least 5000.
  12. I'm going to Edmonton for June 1 and back to Hamilton for July 20 (but that doesn't count since I've already been there). I'll probably only get 4 of 7 this year but who knows. The other 3 next year for sure though.
  13. The previous games have been up quickly, but they tweeted out that they were having some technical difficulty this weekend and the two games not posted yet would be up tomorrow
  14. Name tags would be great. If you didn't approach me, I wouldn't have met you. I was more easily identifiable being a woman, and wearing a Red River Rising scarf.
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