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  1. I believe the Kings Head viewing will be in the lower area. They had a big screen down there last month, so it is probably still there. For Nicolinos, we will be in private room for sure, so start there. Nick is also going to have the game on in the lounge as well, though it will likely be busy over dinner.
  2. There is a second viewing party in Winnipeg, at The Kings Head - 120 King Street West
  3. Winnipeg Viewing will be at Nicolinos again (2077 Pembina Highway). We will likely be in the private room. https://www.nicolinosrestaurant.com/
  4. I'd be pretty happy if we could snag Jackson Farmer.
  5. The #CanPLtrophychallenge has been fun tonight Of course I had to share my own
  6. LBG is up for CanPL best XI CM. He is currently in second, but a long way off of Becker. If you want to vote, you can do it here:
  7. If anyone is coming to watch the game at Nicolinos today, we are going to have a collection bin for Winnipeg Harvest
  8. We posted the vote the day after that game where Attardo scored the two goals, and that likely influenced people. LBG was my vote, and most people I talked to voted for Bustos (who was my runner up) but lots of votes were submitted for Attardo. I think next year I would like to share the vote with our mailing list rather than posting it publicly, so that we can know the results reflect RRR members. I'm not saying they didn't this year, but we can't really know. It might be fun to do a vote here for player of the year, with the usual Voyageurs ranking system. Rather than start a new thread, if people want to tag me in the post, I can tally up the results at the end of day on Sunday. List your top 3 (3 points will go to first, 2 points to second and 1 point to third). I'm with you @Lofty (I added your vote to the tally). My top 3 are: 1. LBG 2. Bustos 3. Petrasso
  9. It was a lot of fun. I think all of the players came except the three that have already left Canada. Attardo was voted Player of the Year and LBG won goal of the year . I put some video up here http://www.redriverrising.ca/player-of-the-year-goal-of-the-year/
  10. We are having an end of season event at the Kings Head tonight (6:30 start). We will give out the RRR Player of the Year award and the Goal of the Year award at 7. Most of the team will be there, but they have to leave at 8:00 because they fly to Victoria early tomorrow. Kids are allowed at the Kings Head until 9:00 and all are welcome!
  11. It looks to me like tickets sold for tonight's game are about 3500. With a temperature around 1 at kick off, on a Wednesday night, I doubt we'll see much walk up traffic, and there will surely be no shows. Unfortunately, it's going to be a sparse crowd tonight. I expect 144 to have a good turnout however, so we'll be bringing the noise to see the season out in Winnipeg ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. You'd think it would be obvious, but apparently not to everyone...
  13. We have a goal of the year award on the RRR website. Itโ€™s closing soon so we can present it at the Kings Head on Thursday but itโ€™s still open if you want to vote http://www.redriverrising.ca/goal-of-the-year/?fbclid=IwAR3FB01lehJans2sO_P2iAxuMsxL2ug1LO2ElpPBXN3l7xAZj1T94fad7SI
  14. It's official. Valour cannot finish last in the Fall table or the combined table ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. Lots of NWSL players go to Australia to play in the W league during the off season, mostly to keep fit, but also to supplement the income. I've never noticed anyone seem too fatigued to play when they return, but sometimes the players that play year round seem a bit more injury prone. Considering Sacremento is heading there injured, hopefully they take care not to over do it in New Zealand, as well as when he returns.
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