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  1. Maybe living in London, playing in the Prem, and the extra 15 000 UKP per week?
  2. Twardek just went from Ireland to Poland so with some luck, first team minutes, and scouting it might be a good or better bet - particularly at CanPL salaries. Plus, it's Ireland. What an adventure.
  3. Didn't realize The Briar Patch was still kicking. Blast from the past. Good article, although calling Marcus Haber a Can PL star is a bit generous. I think player/union messaging could use some more focus. I don't think the idea of Canadian soccer players in an upstart home-grown league having to get an offseason job or claim offseason EI is going to really rouse the support of the general public, offseason EI is the norm in a number of fields and it all seems the price to pay for living the dream. Ditto hardcore fans, as 40/42 week contracts are the norm in many semi-pro league
  4. Surprising to see former Football League team like Barnet losing by such a large margin to a barely semi-pro team that was defunct just ten years ago, but I guess that's why they're second from bottom. Saved by no relegation this year. English football may not always be the most beautiful but what a pyramid they have.
  5. They fired Tindall for Woodgate? Ouch.
  6. Depends where he saw his career going. If he thought he was in Mexico for the long-haul, Canada may have made more sense ... exposure to the Portuguese set up and coaches and scouts in Mexico would have been much lower than if playing in Europe.
  7. Is there really more to this than papers assuming Everton want to foist a Turkish player on one of the big Turkish three, and picking the guy in return with the most goals?
  8. Warschewski from the same club as Julian Ulbricht at York.
  9. And that is reinforced by guys like Viti going back for part of the European season. If a player can pull in 30-40k here, with housing and another 30-40k in Europe, depending how much of the season he can squeeze in - that's a more reasonable living.
  10. It all depends on what fans want out of this league. For a person that just wants to watch some local soccer, or follow from afar ... they don't have much of a stake in the player pay issue - because, ultimately, the level of play and player stability and long-term development is secondary to the emotion of seeing their team play players nominally representing Halifax or Winnipeg or Victoria rather than Flint or Des Moines or Charlotte. Is a fan OK with a Canadianized-USL or PDL experience then the salaries etc don't really matter. For a fan that wants this league to foster talent fo
  11. That makes sense. I hadn't realized those low-end contracts were truly FT. That's like the old days of Football Manager when you could manage a lower league team and sign guys for peanuts like 175 Euros a week on "full time contracts" - I always thought this was a glitch, I didn't realize this was for real!
  12. Do bottom-end CanPL contracts actually try to stop players from having other non-soccer jobs? I can't imagine this would be the case. Despite their early rhetoric about building a living-wage FT league that feeds the Nats, yeah that's a nice line but I'm sorta surprised people bought it. The dollars and cents (COVID or not) of a league like this doesn't add up to having too many guys in the 40k-50k range, particularly in the early years of the league - that's what's likely needed to keep players like Carreiro or Gasparotto in the game. Other than the odd guy like Bekker (it'd be interest
  13. Admittedly I’m late to this but - wrong or not - I don’t get Rollins’s alarm. Who realistically expected the salaries to be any higher? Who thought this league would sustain topped-out players like Carreiro into their mid 20s? I don’t understand the surprise.
  14. He has a kid, I think he mentioned that on the recent podcast, no?
  15. Well I guess this wasn’t the be example in the end. I think maybe he jumped on board because I typed this and he came to his senses.
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