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  1. It's possible, but it's also strange he was dropped completely, six months into a two-year contract when being the team's leader in assists. Something's weird.
  2. Agreed - how many times can you play the same six teams in one season?
  3. Crazy that Ricketts has more goals than Bunbury in fewer games.
  4. It absolutely is proximity bias - particularly given that we are used to seeing Canadian teams that are strong in defense rather than offense. Again, that's what's been said every time. And strength compared to past teams is irrelevant - it's strength compared to opponents that counts.
  5. Said every Canadian soccer fan about every new generation of talent.
  6. Yeah there was some blow back about him being pictured at an Orange march.
  7. Amazing! it got better! This thread made my day.
  8. This is the most Canadian soccer Canadian soccer post ever.
  9. Yup. I get that Herdman is always going to garner opposition due coaching the women and his role in replacing Octavio - and his flop against Haiti doesn't help - but critiques like those about social media and celebrations are childish digs and nothing more. I am willing to grant, however, that there is a newer set of fans that see scoring six or seven against a Cuba as the bare minimum of what we should be doing, and don't remember the years we spent squeaking out games like this or scoring less than six goals in all of WCQ.
  10. It's interesting because if I have the lineup right, Suriname is playing with a largely domestic squad. I would expect these results with an overseas team full of guys on lower league Dutch teams.
  11. That guy was a Toronto Lynx legend.
  12. This is a nice development for him. I hope he has a nice international career, giving him something to look back on when he's retired and working a normal job.
  13. All sorts of negative comments on him on the messageboards, pointing to dressing room and off-field trouble being the reason for his release. Hopefully its baloney or he sorts it out.
  14. I liked seeing a strong statement from the Battalion. It could have waited until after the appeal maybe, but they didn't jump to any conclusions - the guy's been suspended so it was appropriate.
  15. I don't know that Gasparotto is "lucky" to have gotten out. I think he ran out of suitors and they opened the door for him.
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