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  1. Yeah but let's not overdo it. Young kid gets minutes at the end of a lost cause season with lots of injuries. Ceratinly hope he pans out but pro and semi-pro leagues are littered with guys that got a sniff as a kid
  2. Not to sound unsupportive, but going from the essentially part-time League of Ireland to Ekstraklasa seemed like a big jump at the time, IMHO.
  3. Yeah but Octavio plays futbol and that makes people weak in the knees.
  4. Parameters of the request aside, I don’t think a multi-year career in the Serie Cs is anything to put down - we’ve regularly celebrated (and called up) guys from iffy European second tiers, like Scotland or Denmark or Belgium or Norway, plus the English third and fourth and fifth divisions. Will agree though that it’s interesting how Nats we’ve had in tier two England and Germany but so few in tier two Italy -ditto Spain (Hume, Kevin De Serpa) or France besides Dasovic’s one year stint.
  5. Meant USL Though I’d take a loan to the CSL just to snap up some of those retro 1980s jerseys!
  6. Would Tabla even take a loan to Can PL or CSL? I feel like he might turn that down.
  7. Placentino had a good five or six years. Corazzin had the opportunity to go to Serie B after the Gold Cup win but turned it down. Brescia I believe.
  8. Why wouldn’t we have sat him vs Haiti and played him vs US and then have his cards wiped in the playoffs?
  9. We all need to have wear similar fake moustaches for his next home game
  10. The Leamington Laser. I'm sure there are better nicknames we can come up wiht.
  11. Fox sports or Fox national?
  12. Agreed. I've always found where players end up to be fascinating. For that cohort, I would assume the odd coach but mainly salt of the earth accountants and insurance salesmen and tradespeople, with many involved in the game in some volunteer capacity.
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