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  1. "The Complete 90" https://thecomplete90.com/ https://northerntribune.ca/forge-fc-giuliano-frano/ "Couldn't come to terms" says the "about" page. Weird thing to put in an about page.
  2. I thought he left to do coaching full time? Can appreciate that CPL may not have been paying the bills at age 27
  3. I guess they don't have 15-year long debates on their messageboards about the impact of travel costs to national league viability, eh? Joking aside, I've always wondered how they pay salaries with attendances they have. I once read that you can watch two games for 10$, and the league draws 100,000 spectators total, all teams, all games combined ... many teams sharing one of two or three stadiums ... and yet their league is full of foreigners. People will go anywhere to play soccer.
  4. I have no knowledge of his situation, but it's easy to make mistakes. I can imagine feeling a lot of pressure if you're just an average family and you have a kid with some potential and you're in a place that's not necessarily a hotbed of pro sport. Where do you go for advice? How do you create opportunities? What is the right path? How do you not waste the talent? How do you protect yourself? Maybe the Attardos are soccer savvy but I can see how this situation could have come to pass. I've always banged the "this is sketchy" drum with regard to Attardo signing in in Chile and now Cyprus, but if he's truly playing over there maybe it's a mistake that can be overcome.
  5. I really like him but does Borjan have the skills to jump from the Serbian league to something like Serie A? Isn't a top half team in Belgium or Holland or Switzerland more likely?
  6. Just gets sketchier and sketchier
  7. He’ll get a look from Bulgaria soon enough, and it wouldn’t be a bad choice for him - regular EU/WCQ qualifying exposure without leaving the continent, with a decent chance of making The Euros.
  8. Likely to be the backup to Alex Carins, I think? Though might be a chance to scoop up the job if there are injuries. Noticed this in other signing photos, the weird British style to do up all the buttons on a polo.
  9. It’s all moot because he couldn’t rock that pencil moustache in MLS anyway.
  10. He can’t be demanding much if he’s willing to trial with Stanley
  11. Anyone know what the salaries are like at Lille?
  12. Always wonder what "sold" really means in situs like this. I don't blame him though, he's getting on in years and the only place he's ever really had a good run has been in tier two Finland or Guatemala.
  13. Who the heck wants to wear a jersey with a squiggly green line and a bunch of place names? Who wants to sport a map of York Region? Who wants a jersey that says East Gwillimbury over your kidney? This club just keeps getting better.
  14. I'm not sure relocating to Canada would be worth the subsistence-level payday and substantial injury risk for most in that list.
  15. They do. So did Watford: 13th, 17th, 14th, 11th, down. Dyche will leave at some point. Leeds are one of those teams modern fans of English get all excited about, probably because they have lower league street cred (like Man City did for the sub-generation before them), and they also had a nice little Cool Britannia moment again in the 90s, but looking beyond the Isles it would be a very middling move at best. And Bielsa gives people the tingles though world class is certainly a stretch. But I get the appeal for EPL fans...a half step up from Gent, a shirt their friends might recognize, and to a "sexy" sleeping giant as opposed to the boring ones like Forest and Villa or a move to a place like Lille or Leverkusen, which many can't place or pronounce.
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