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  1. Yup. Might as well go back to having ethnic clubs. And that will look nice and lower league.
  2. I thought it sounded like he was doing well there - if so he’s likely staying on in Europe
  3. So he's released? Or still has a contract?
  4. It makes sense if after six years they're still losing money on each and every one of those 20 dates.
  5. Bad business decision? The opposite. OSEG only ran the Fury to get the original contract without a competition. These guys are about property development. The CFL is a toy. The other sports are an obligation. of course they knew this could happen ... they were probably banking on it! (And it sounds like they bailed before it was fully settled or all options exhausted?) If anything, OSEG made a great business decision staying in USL as the sanctioning issue gave them cover for getting out of a money losing venture - one that was never really part of their core plans anyway. This was their ticket out and they took it. How bad would it look for Their contract with the city if they just shut up shop for no reason other than for losing money? How bad would it have looked if they joined CanPL and bailed for year two?
  6. Exactly, and looking at the on air talent for the respective networks is a pretty good reminder of this. Ultimately, the comments are unprofessional and unbecoming and reinforce the idea of sports being a guy's domain. But if they're not coming from a professional news/sports outlet - it's just a podcast, right? - and they're not coming from the CanPL, then the people will have their say and the market will take its course.
  7. Meh it’s a short term schedule logjam - no sense coming back to play a bit part when he can play regularly with Killie.
  8. Love them The shield looks like minor soccer stuff No wait, more like employee of the month awards
  9. Well it is up to anyone to decide whether, when and where to feel disrespected, of course. But to equate the lack of French in our national soccer league to a lack of Chinese sort of proves that guy's point about anglophonism, no? French and Mandarin are not equivalent in Canada. I would certainly encourage the league to consider whether and how broadcasting in other languages could increase viewership and attendance, though I doubt it would help at this point in time.
  10. And that attitude line, above, is why the guy from the Quebec soccer associated called CanPL very "anglophone". Disrespect doesn't just occur when it is intended. I would certainly feel disrespected if I was approached by a "national" organization representing a "national" league wanting my participation, and not an iota of that content was presented in my language, which is one of the national languages. It screams "we'll care about you ... once you buy into what we're doing." Yeah, I'd be suspicious too. We can rationalize it away with costs and figures. We can dismiss it by lining it up with ideology. But either way, honestly, it was an amateur move. And with the MediaPro money, there is zero excuse.
  11. They let Caixinha spend four million on him? With Caixinha’s history and Eustsquio’s inexperience? That doesn’t sound right.
  12. Why can't it be a shoestring professional league with a developmental focus? Isn't that the most likely real world outcome?
  13. That was definitely an insightful article. Maybe I'm just desensitized after following the former Toronto Lynx, but I don't find some of the reported practices all that surprising or awful, minus the lack of health coverage and the ban on side coaching jobs - those are unreasonable. Those salaries are not that bad for this level. I think a lot of the complaints have to do with foreigners coming over and likely not realizing that even over in America, their abilities at the pro level are as marginal as they were in Europe - and the clubs willing to take them are similarly marginal. All of the foreigners on the Hartford sqaad, maybe minus Siem de Wit, are at best semi pro or amateur players before they arrived over here. How much did they make playing for Brackley Town? Was Middelfart BK set them up with meals and pay? Was the Thai second division quick with the MRIs? Lyngo didn't like that the club gave him the option to honour his contract or end it early? What's his problem? What did they expect?
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