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  1. Yeah I jsut don't see why Ferreira would play for us now after declining so many times. He obviously values playing for Portgual more than us. And I don't see how jetting around and playing in North and Central America helps him given his career is sort of on the brink from injury.
  2. Didn't see that one coming. He was never really a starter for Caley Thistle.
  3. I thought Vitoria was having a strong season but he seemed to lose his spot part way through?
  4. You really shouldnt bother yourself with super flu. A few weeks back he was spouting stats about 40% herd immunity from a” friend in the know”. His only interest is getting league back up and running for his entertainment with whatever emotional rationale fits at the time of posting. With a mindset like that, it’s not going to be changed on a message board. Just accept and ignore. (edited to note the best Accidental autocorrect in that first line!)
  5. So you do give a **** about his politics then.
  6. Agreed. Egypt should advance from that group but after that it's a tossup. Though they missed the groups of death in Group G - Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia. Ugh!
  7. If they pay 25 million Euros? Then yeah, I'd say they probably want to play him.
  8. Lengthy podcast interview with Hume in Undr the Cosh where he speaks about his club moves https://audioboom.com/posts/7608301-iain-hume-absolute-warrior
  9. I generally detest picking on verbal flubs because they're so easy to make in the heat of the moment, but Minneanapolis sure was funny because I'm sure that's how every three year old Minnesotan says it.
  10. The same way that Baltimore and Baltimore County are two different places. (THE WIRE!)
  11. York 9 was always the stupidest logo with the stupidest name with the stupidest baloney backstory in the stupidest location with the least hope of success. As someone that's always counted themselves a York 9 hater first, Forge fan second all I can do is hope that the rebrand continues this history of stupidity and comes up with something equally stupid.
  12. Bulgaria hasn't made a world cup in a while but with an expanded Euro they have a chance for that.
  13. That's an easy explanation. It's a upstart minor league in what is a niche spectator sport in this country (we're not talking kiddy soccer here, TSN doesn't care about those participation rates!) If you have limited TV space and ad selling ability, you don't risk it on something that a) you don't know the interest and b) you know is going to be minimal. Did big media cover the first game of our national basketball league a few years back? There is no argument about why TSN doesn't cover it when it draws flies for free on youtube. TSN will show it once it makes them money on ad sales.
  14. TSN isnt “playing politics” when the demand is in the hundreds. They’re just running a business. They’ll cover it when Enough viewers give them a reason to
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