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  1. Yup - playing in empty stadiums is viable for leagues kept afloat by TV deals. But if your revenue is dependent on match day, which the CanPL likely is, playing in empty stadiums is worse than not playing at all.
  2. Yeah I think a slow build to normalcy could be potentially devastating. If restrictions are lifted carte blanche this spring or early summer then the CanPL will likely be fine. But if restrictions are eased on some activities but not others; with sports being eliminated for the summer....watch out.
  3. I’m skeptics that the leagues make a big difference in attendance in the Ottawa to CanPL or Wolfpack context. How much does a fan here care if it’s d2 rugby vs d1 rugby when it’s the only rugby here?
  4. Maybe the reason someone sees the need for an exclusive support group is ... because there is a not insignificant proportion of moronic homers in the crowd (as evidenced by this thread)?
  5. Awh that's so cute. You're bothered by the language!
  6. Proper jersey - last year’s was very houseleague
  7. Why would Tissot have cancelled his Calgary contract before actually signing with Ottawa?
  8. In a world where players come and go, it's interesting to see someone come and stay. Rollins isn't suggesting his kids are going to be internationals - he is using them as an example of how settled Bradley is in Canada.
  9. The number is likely debateable and regardless it's probably not the club that's coughing it up.
  10. I mean, transfermarkt values are second only to Football Manager for randomness but I digress. I just wonder how much money a third division Chilean side can have laying around to throw at a completely speculative purchase...or if this is his or some other agent fronting some money and finding a club that will provide a facade for a fee. Admittedly speculative on my part..
  11. Is this like that second tier Montevideo club that exists only to farm out players to Europe? Six figure fee from a third tier Chilean side? Are they counting the decimal places? What a career risk. Sketcheyyyyyyy Edited: I meant Deportivo Maldonado
  12. I doubt he plays for England given his poor track record in its lower leagues. Nigeria will cap almost anyone once or twice though.
  13. And that's the crux of my thinking - all this kerfuffle over increasing the salary cap is about helping work around the (strangely) negative emotions some have re: the perception of the Can PL as largely semi-pro. We've had a successful first season. Why all the fuss? Ideally, league wages would be living wages or at least make up a significant component of a player's annual income. Once a league generates enough revenues, a union will help ensure those dollars are shared more equitably and sustainably among the players. In the interim, a union will help raise the salary floor and provide benefits, etc. Advocate for a cap increase if you want a high quality import or want to bring a guy like Simeon Jackson home or want Kyle Bekker to buy a semi on the Mountain. But advocating for a cap increase to support the mid/low-range guys is about emotion, not economics or soccer outcomes. And it won't help. There is nothing wrong with a league being semi-pro or having a semi-pro component. Outside the big five, the AHL, and AAA MiLB, pay to play is what keeps sports leagues alive.
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