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  1. That seems exorbitant for a guy with one season.
  2. He looks thrilled. What's with soccer players moping about in their official signing photos.
  3. Given he was fringe at Hearts, Bundesliga 3 is pretty decent.
  4. Raya has been sold to Brentford. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48894390
  5. Pedigree? That 18 months in Moldova? That year in tier two Colombia? The time he spent managing or coaching in international football? I certaintly never wanted him fired but let’s not mistake Saint Octavio’s hopscotch job experience for any sort of pedigree.
  6. So we are expecting to get a coach that’s a final package? That has nothing left to improve? Did we forget we’re Canada?
  7. I don't really see a problem with it. That's always the risk of buying seasons or buying early. I mean, you don't buy a season's ticket to a start up team in a start up league that plays in a 20,000 seat stadium because you think the a season's ticket is the most cost-effective purchase.
  8. What is that plate? Looks like something my grandparents would have gotten from the Franklin Mint.
  9. These types of flubs are why Milan, as much as he’s my favourite, has probably found his level if he’s pulling in 400 000 Euros a year in Serbia. Friendlies and experience would have taught Godinho that these type of situations are Borjan kryptonite. They’re both at fault.
  10. It is understandable that the circumstances around his hiring have upped the scrutiny and the stakes, and therefore Herdman will (and should) be judged more harshly than previous coaches in similar situations. But those circumstances have also contributed to a lack of proportionality in the response to his foibles and his mistakes. It's not as if he's the only manager to have made interesting personnel decisions, had favourites, played someone out of position, called up an unbalanced team, or blew their tactics in a match.
  11. While Pie and Bovril certainly isn't gospel, I've seen it mentioned inflated ego and bad attitude going back a few years You really can't go any lower than tier 2 without dropping out of full time soccer. CPL perhaps?
  12. Given his willingness to toot his own horn, I have a feeling he'd have done that by now were it to be in his best interest. Getting canned when he did for who he did has probably done more for his career than would having fulfilled his contract.
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