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  1. Imagine hearing this 5 years ago. Crazy! Also all 5 are top players on their respective teams.
  2. Absolutely Larin has to take the opportunity to get his big pay day because sports are so unpredictable, fluke injuries happen more often then you think. That being said, I can't comprehend the great improvement Larin has made over the years as a goal scoring machine. I still remember the 2017 Gold Cup and how poor he looked and everyone pissed he started over Cavalini after joining the team late. Strikers like this are so important in national teams, especially us who never had a goal scorer like him so early on his career (now we have 2 with David). I really hope he makes the jump to EP
  3. well said. Another year in Ligue 1 and likely have same production as he has 2nd half the season and Top 4 Teams will be jumping all over for his service!
  4. wow i thought he was certainly out the rest of the year and summer with canada in jeopardy.... this is great news
  5. So cool watching one of the biggest names in the sport showing respect to Davies.
  6. I 1000% agree. It makes too much sense and i believe if they make that swap it would make sense for both clubs
  7. Great result. Love to see Larin pot 3 goals today, I hope he becomes the striker that we rely on in big games. Also, love watching how Davies was 10 times better then the opponent. Looked like a guy how they would in youth if they played against kids 4 or 5 years younger ahahhah
  9. I agree. He's already accustomed to playing in hostile environments playing in Mexico and Portugal. Also, he strikes me as future captaincy material too based on play and his interviews.
  10. Davies officially caps off a great 2020 with another title. Hopefully he can bring his winning ways to the WCQ this summer! Congrats Alphonso!
  11. Good point. During his struggles I was shocked how often he was in the starting 11. Glad it paid off for David and the manager!
  12. hes on fireeeeeee.. you can see he got his swagger back!
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