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  1. I agree. He's already accustomed to playing in hostile environments playing in Mexico and Portugal. Also, he strikes me as future captaincy material too based on play and his interviews.
  2. Davies officially caps off a great 2020 with another title. Hopefully he can bring his winning ways to the WCQ this summer! Congrats Alphonso!
  3. Good point. During his struggles I was shocked how often he was in the starting 11. Glad it paid off for David and the manager!
  4. hes on fireeeeeee.. you can see he got his swagger back!
  5. nice to see after the goal how happy they are for him after the big goal. I hope this turns it around for him. He looked very good today.
  6. I disagree. As long as Jamal plays at the level he is playing right now and the Nuggets win the championship I don't think you can argue with Murray or Davies winning it. Murray is having a historic playoff run and if he can win the championship being down 3-1 twice then beating Lebron it'll likely be him. That being said the odds are very slim Nuggets win it and Davies will likely win the Lou Marsh.
  7. 19 years old and big part of a champions league title? still find it hard to believe a talent like this is Canadian! Congrats Alphonso!
  8. Anyone watch the feature of him on sportscentre? i highly recommend watching it if you can find it. Hearing his story makes me want to root for him even more (if that's possible). Crazy at his age how much character he already has!
  9. Well said. I'm optimistic at the rate Davies and David going we are going to become the elite CONCACAF country I believe they will become.
  10. super excited for this opportunity for alphonso vs one of the best of all time! I can't wait for the raving reviews after this game good luck phonzie!
  11. i agree. I see this situation as a good bounce for us. I like we get to play Haiti too after the 2nd half of the 2019 Gold Cup...
  12. the goal at 1:09 is hilarious.. I have never seen a sequence like that hahhah
  13. I think Davies name is pretty prevalent at this point, lot of my non-soccer fan friends know the name and know he is one of the best players on one of the biggest clubs in the world. I agree with people who think by end of 2020 he will be one of the biggest names in Canada.
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