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  1. i agree. I see this situation as a good bounce for us. I like we get to play Haiti too after the 2nd half of the 2019 Gold Cup...
  2. the goal at 1:09 is hilarious.. I have never seen a sequence like that hahhah
  3. I think Davies name is pretty prevalent at this point, lot of my non-soccer fan friends know the name and know he is one of the best players on one of the biggest clubs in the world. I agree with people who think by end of 2020 he will be one of the biggest names in Canada.
  4. 100% a front runner, I would say the favourite especially based on circumstances. The 2 leading goal scorers in NHL were both non- Canadians and the leading points guy was German. I honestly don't know who would have a chance even with a great playoff run by a basketball or hockey player. You can argue he has been the best bundelisga player in 2020.
  5. Even when the pandemic is done with, Sportsnet and TSN need to broadcast his games still on the main channell, not just on sportsnet world. The best athlete in the country is a soccer player and need to broadcast him!
  6. Alphonso Davies is the best Canadian athlete in the world. Every game he is making big plays, like never an off game. Special player.
  7. I selfishly want him to transfer to EPL because thats the league I follow, but wouldn't mind signing with Bayern and build that chemistry with Davies. His likely move should be interesting to watch!
  8. Thank you everyone! My prediction is 2-1 Canada! David x2 tonight I have a good feeling about #20 tonight...
  9. Hey guys little late to the hype for tonight's game but looking forward to the boys taking out the U.S. again! I'm also late to figuring out where the game is shown? It is only on onesoccer correct? Or is TSN/sportsnet showing it? Thanks!
  10. Wasn't that long ago that Gold cup games would end in 0-0 or Canada getting shut out... Not anymore!
  11. I still remember when we use to beg and plea for Will Johnson to rejoin the national team because he was one of our top Midfielders..
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