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  1. Thank you everyone! My prediction is 2-1 Canada! David x2 tonight I have a good feeling about #20 tonight...
  2. Hey guys little late to the hype for tonight's game but looking forward to the boys taking out the U.S. again! I'm also late to figuring out where the game is shown? It is only on onesoccer correct? Or is TSN/sportsnet showing it? Thanks!
  3. Wasn't that long ago that Gold cup games would end in 0-0 or Canada getting shut out... Not anymore!
  4. I still remember when we use to beg and plea for Will Johnson to rejoin the national team because he was one of our top Midfielders..
  5. Crazy how much he is progressing.. probably my favourite player on the team atm, the sky is the limit.. looking forward to seeing where he goes next in his club career!
  6. Kind of confused by our strategy going into this. I get it's a long tourney and need to rest guys throughout but considering how weak Cuba is couldn't we have rested our top guys for that game? If he wanted to not show off our top guys and keep them caught off guard why sub in Arfield, Osorio and David in the second half when already down 2-0. Either not sub them in or rest our guys vs Cuba. Weird game plan imo.
  7. I agree based on how weak cuba is, I am extremly confident we would have got 3 points vs cuba with our B team..
  8. Was hoping this would be the game, guess i was wrong lol
  9. 2-1 Canada (Larin and Cavallini) Big game from Larin and Borjan
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