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  1. Great Analysis. I know each window we will talk about how important the upcoming window each is but this one is huge for a few reasons. First, Jamaica is in a quick slide after only getting 1 of 9 points and if we can take 3 on the road at an empty stadium (don't believe it'll be for the public yet) we can put them in a hole so deep players like Antonio might not bother playing in the last few windows especially with West Ham looking very strong this year. Second, Panama is massive because they are off to a good start and like mentioned above very strong at home. We know what happens to Canada end of qualifying cycles when we need results in hostile environments....
  2. Can we give this guy some absolute credit for these 3 games? He was amazing all three games. Absolutely love his grit, heart and made some great plays all week including a great ball to Hutch for the first goal. Well done, Richie!
  3. Thinking the same thing. This guy is a proud Canadian and always plays his heart for us and loves sharing and liking posts of other Canada teammates. Dumb post but the fact people assumed the worse is not fair to Phonzie.
  4. This is a new ERA for Canada soccer. This is not like the other WCQ cycles. This is a team that is built differently mentally and more talented. I agree not underestimate opponents but you can be confident and not underestimate at same time.
  5. I feel like we are not as confident as we should be on this thread. Without Davies I still think we are way better on paper. We have the home crowd, yes there will be a lot of El Salvador fans but if we have a crowd similar to last Thursday, they won't be noticeable. We need to start out WAY better then last home game. We need to play better and create more chances. I have 2-0 Canada goals by Larin and David. I felt David played his best soccer last year when Lille needed 3 points down the stretch, expect a big game from 20!
  6. I gotta feeling there will be more El Salvadorans then Hondurans but I was at game last week and as long as the fellas are playing well the Canada crowd was quite loud. Especially in second half. With regards to the game. We need a big game from Buchanen now that Davies is out. I think we start Hoillet on the other side, I have felt he has played well so far in the first two games. The best player in the game tomorrow will be David. I got a great feeling David is going to play like the elite player we think he will be. Go Canada!
  7. It's crazy minus our draw to Honduras how well the games have gone for Canada's favour. Mexico going 2-0 including a late winner against Jamaica is huge, I think we all knew they had 1 of the 3 guaranteed spots. Jamaica 0-2 is good because I felt they were the team we would be fighting with. Then ofcourse all the draws are amazing as it minimizes the amount of points for teams per game obviously. Heres to 2 draws and a Mexico win on Wednesday in the other 3 games!
  8. Must Win. 5 points in the first 3 games would be huge. Need Davies healthy and Buchanen needs to start. He is to good a player to play as poorly as he did against Honduras. Looked great last night.
  9. Yeah I got a feeling Tim will spend a solid time tomorrow talking about it probably interviewing some of the Canadian soccer media and previewing the game and Octo. I always respected how much Tim cares about Canada sports in general. I remember how passionate he was when the men's basketball team lost to Cze Republic last month despite being heavy favourites. Then today he had a few of the players and media talk about the women hockey championship. If Canada Soccer is going to continue to grow (and us doing well in the OCTO will help) we need the mainstream sports media personalities to help! Well done Tim!
  10. It's 1 am and I'm ready to run through a brick wall right now. This was a great feature! This got me so pumped up for tomorrow. Lets gooooooo
  11. 5 years ago we would be on cloud nine for a Canadian to be playing for a top Turkish club like Fenerbache. Now we are getting spoiled with all our talent and thinking 3rd place teams in a decent European league isn't good enough. I guess its a great problem to have 😅
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