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  1. He doesn’t currently have options. He has one option because he said no to us. I’m not going drop someone who would die to play for us because Tomori wants to play in a World Cup. Agree to disagree I guess
  2. Tomori is someone who wished us good luck and made a decision to never play for us again but is ‘eligible’ because of some strange loophole. I’m sorry but no, I don’t want us to drop someone who hypothetically helped get us to the next stage for Tomori. Good luck to him, maybe we’ll see him next cycle
  3. So I’m going to preface my ratings with I was at the game and I might not have had the clearest mind. I haven’t looked at anyone else’s thoughts yet so I could be way off. Borjan - 8 - I thought he played a great game and didn’t really put a foot wrong. One spilled ball but otherwise solid. I think he probably put to bed the discussion of Crepeau being our starter. You can also see how much this means to him, guy is a leader and looks like he would die for the boys. 0% chance he isn’t my guy for the rest of the Octagon. Johnston - 8 - I thought he was the best of our back line. So composed and relaxed back there snuffing out attacks. Great at 1v1s! Turning into one of my favourite players for the nats. Vitoria - 7- Solid game, no real complaints, some good clearances. I felt his distribution maybe could have been a bit better but I won’t knock him too much. Miller - 5 - Maybe I’m biased because I would’ve preferred Scott play but I didn’t think he was at his best. Got beat too many times for my liking and I felt like his passing wasn’t at his best last night. Buchanan - 4 - I love Tajon but it never felt like he really got going. We switched him to the left and it felt like that killed our attack. I feel like he’s best as an attacker and going forward I feel like he should fill the role as a super sub running straight at tired legs. Davies - 7 - Easily our most dangerous attacker. I spent the entire game wishing he got on the ball more. Was looking so good the first 20 mins but personally I feel like he’s wasted a bit as a LWB and I would prefer he play as a winger Eustaquio - 6 - I don’t think he really played badly but I expected a little more of his dominance that I’m used to. I feel like it’s hard to see what he’s good at watching live so I won’t harp on him too much. Atiba - 5 - I don’t know what to say… I absolutely love him but he didn’t look the same as I’m used to Atiba looking. He didn’t play badly but he was just there. Didn’t feel like he made runs into the box or made any key passes, maybe I’m being harsh because it’s Atiba but I just expected more. I was looking to see Kaye all night and felt he could have made a difference. Richie - 7 - I thought he was the best of our midfield 3. Looked dangerous going forward and was feisty as always. I prefer him on the right getting to run at guys but he played solid in the midfield, easy to forget that’s his more natural position. Larin -5 - I’m not sure if I’m the only one but I feel like he’s never looked that good for us. I’m glad he scored the penalty but he never really looked like he got going. I know he’s a bit of a poacher but I just expected more. David - 6 - Again, I expected a bit more. Thought he made some nice runs and did a good job tracking back. Felt the effort was there but I just didn’t see the creativity and calmness I expect of him Herdman - 3 - I’m as big of a Herdman guy as you can get but I feel like he got it all wrong. Overthought it, the switching of the wingbacks when Davies was looking dangerous, only making two subs. I’m no manager but it just seemed like I didn’t agree with his decisions The Voyageurs - 10 - Absolute pleasure with you guys. Wish I could be there next week. Showing up to work with no voice will certainly be a fun explanation
  4. I mean someone clearly caused this by their posts in this thread. Definitely didn’t knock on wood when posting
  5. The only difference I can find is that New Caledonia is considered a special collectivity of France, while the CONCACAF nations are considered overseas departments. What this means is that New Caledonia has their own citizenship (in addition to French) and can pass their own laws. Whereas Guadeloupe et al have the exact same status as regions in France.
  6. Yeah I don’t know what Canadians can do to let Haitians into America. Doesn’t seem like our fault
  7. Totally agree on Tajon. I feel like he has such a swagger and confidence that we don’t often see out of our players. Has me super excited for his future. Sky is the limit imo
  8. Yeah I needed a trigger warning for this segment. That game will haunt me forever. I was 16 and skipped school to watch it. Didn’t even get punished when I told my parents what happened, the game was punishment enough
  9. I feel like we are used to pounding minnows right now. We’ve forgotten an away win in CONCACAF is a beautiful thing that we historically have not gotten
  10. That’s what Kaye does best there. Don’t understand the hate some of you have for him
  11. Maybe it’s just me but I like having Canadian guys commentating Canadian games. They seem more passionate and yeah maybe you can tell they’re as much fans as they are commentators but I don’t care I love it
  12. I mean it’s possible he just feels Canadian and would accept a call up. It’s not always about playing for the best team
  13. If 12 miles is legit that is insane. The guy would’ve ran over 19 km in 90 minutes, I feel like that has to be close to the most ever in a match
  14. I would rather a guy like Tajon go to a team like Sporting over a team in England. Sporting will actually care about his development and give him time to adjust if he does have issues adapting. He’d be thrown to the wolves in England and while I think he would succeed, if he doesn’t have the best of starts he could get glued to bench
  15. I would argue he’s very far away from accomplishing that. I can also say if St. Clair signs with a Premier League side to be their starter, he’ll be our number 1
  16. Anyone know how long it takes for the replays to be posted? Wondering if it’s worth it to avoid having the result spoiled
  17. I know it's not the strongest side but this is a different Cyle Larin then we've seen in a Canada shirt in the past
  18. They are yeah. Not sure how long it takes for them to available but replays are on OneSoccer
  19. I feel like I'm gonna sound like a broken record at this point. On paper means absolutely NOTHING in CONCACAF. How many times have we looked better on 'paper' and not gotten results against central american sides? The US looked pretty good on paper last cycle and how did that work out? I don't know about you guys but I'm never sleeping on a CA side
  20. They had him on the DM list. Patrice Bernier was a guest helping with that list. Worth a listen tbh
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