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  1. Can we put him in a time machine please? So impressive that he continues to play at an elite level at his age
  2. I don't believe we thought he filed his paperwork, just verbally committed. Corbeanu I believe has filed the paperwork
  3. Supposedly already filed his one time switch. So he's ours
  4. Lille spent way too much money on him to give up already. As long as they keep getting results he’ll still get chances (might be off the bench at this point though
  5. They do, it's about 100 metres away. Laurier does not and removing it would leave K-W without much for rubber tracks, with the closest in Cambridge. Would anger a lot of people
  6. He's playing with so much confidence and looks AMAZING right now. Love to see it
  7. Not surprised that Marmoush and Kadioglu are not interested, would be incredibly surprised if they were. Happy to have Corbeanu and Yankov on board, both are promising players! Ferreira can f*** off in my opinion. I wish we would stop collectively holding our breath that he is the saviour of our defence
  8. Scott participated in some training this week but isn't good to go for their game this weekend. https://www.ssv-jahn.de/alle-neuigkeiten/news-im-detail/noch-eine-schippe-drauflegen/
  9. Midjylland is one of the ‘advanced stats’ soccer teams. I’ve always just assumed there is a reason they value him and keep him around. Why would a top Danish team sign a guy out of a random Hungarian team? Not sure what it is but obviously there is something there if they signed him and sporadically give him minutes. We’re kind of joking but I think he’s a good CB and deserves to be included in most squads
  10. So Scott is currently out with adductor issues and won't feature in their season opener tomorrow. I don't believe he featured in any of their friendlies either (most likely due to the same issues) https://www.ssv-jahn.de/alle-neuigkeiten/news-im-detail/einen-extra-schub-motivation/
  11. I hate to rag on the guy but I feel like a player who can't make the eleven on a team that got relegated in Belgium, probably isn't good enough for MLS
  12. Farsi is such a talented player and I hadn't even heard of him until a week ago
  13. Nobody out here is calling them a minnow. Most people are saying we shouldn't s*it ourselves in fear over an influx of 30+ year olds that have never played together. I haven't seen anybody guarantee a win but we are optimistic that we should be able to handle Suriname
  14. A coupe more Zalgiris - Richie Ennin Begin 1st Round Europa League Qualifying 27 August vs Paide Linnameeskond from Estonia Sumgayit FK - Adam Hemati Begin 1st Round Europa League Qualifying 27 August vs KF Shkendija from North Macedonia
  15. We need wins against Suriname, Bermuda, and Haiti to get in to the final round of CONCACAF qualifying. Pretty sure we would have killed for that in any other cycle.
  16. We can't be scared of Bermuda and Suriname ffs. It's probably a better thing we play decent teams in that round than just beat up on minnows anyway
  17. Has been playing as the AM in Ross County's very narrow 4231, where all the members of the '3' rotate and interchange. Paton does appear to be the outlet, receiving lots of balls in between the lines. Probably should have had an assist in the first half. Overall a good performance for Harry and looks to be a key player for Ross County this year.
  18. I feel like this performance just frustrates me. Finally one of the young TFC guys is given an opportunity to succeed and he currently reps the US...
  19. You seem to be ignoring the connection someone has to a country. This isn't club football where a guy is solely going to pick which team to play for based on where he'll have success. Let's be real the guy has almost no connection to Canada. I would also argue not a lot of Turkish people would pass up the opportunity to play for the Turkish squad to play for Canada. The chance to help Turkey or the Netherlands get to a world cup might be more important to him than playing for a country in a world cup that he has no emotional connection to. I also have the unpopular opinion in that I
  20. That is definitely not the only reason a player might pick which nation to play for. I would imagine he feels a much stronger connection to both Turkey and the Netherlands. I see almost a zero percent chance that he ever suits up for us. Even if he isn't good enough for either country, do we even need him at that point?
  21. From what I’ve seen of Bassong at Cercle Brugge, he hasn’t looked fantastic, just invisible, because he doesn’t play (on a pretty bad team too). if we are playing with a traditional LB it’s Sam all day for me
  22. Ummmmm no David is not as good as it gets as a target striker because that is not a role he plays... Also, what do you mean especially Cavallini? The guy is easily our best target man, he's scored against Mexico, the US, Haiti. Not to mention he's had a pretty good club career so far. Automatic starter in my opinion.
  23. You guys? Why are you here?
  24. I’m not a big fan of him coming in. I’d rather have that spot go to a guy who’s always dreamed of playing for the NT, rather than some guy who wishes he could play for Israel
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